Legacy (October 2017 Part 2)

Legacy (October 2017 Part 2)

Postby MaxisG » Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:27 pm

October 2017 part 2) Descendants - How do you plan to influence the next generation? What legacy do you intend to leave behind?

Asmund watched as Ben talked about his life and experiences to the others in the smithy, Ben explaining to them his past in order to explain who he was and his take on the War of Rage. Asmund though back along his own past, the scores of his descendants and their own journey's through their lives. He couldn't remember everything about them, he could no longer remember every detail of their lives....but when you had been around, not alive, but around as long as Asmund had been, that was to be expected. They are all a part of my legacy, I will continue to protect them as long as I am able...Ben is my current legacy..and I will continue to protect him and this town. I will keep protecting my descendants and my legacy.
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Re: Legacy (October 2017 Part 2)

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