A Living Nightmare (July 2018)

A Living Nightmare (July 2018)

Postby MaxisG » Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:28 pm

July 2018 Nightmares - they can be all to real, and often find a way to creep into your waking hours as well.

Joshua's life now is about escape....escape from the waking nightmare that had been his life for the last couple years. Drinking, seeking peace and quiet of nature and his mining, working in solitude with only the occasional visit to town for solitude...it was all about escaping from the waking nightmare that his life had become. The voices, the voices that came more often when in town and visiting other people...it always seemed that the more people he was around, the mores the voices came and the more varied they were...constantly plaguing him...constantly annoying him....the voices....that had no actual source. Nobody else could hear them, people never responded to these voices, except for the other voices which also had no source. Sometimes his mind liked to fabricate things...fabricate that other people were responding to the voices also, but that couldn't be because they were all in his head. And then as times went on his delusions...hallucinations, whatever you wanted to call them....got worse. Over the last year or two, he even sometimes saw things, impossible things that he knew couldn't be there. Beasts, creatures that can't exist, people seeming to do things that are impossible for them to do...just parts of his problem, his fractured mind. The only escape was the peace and quiet, helping to calm and relax him...because only with relaxation...by escaping into the quiet and solitude of his claim...by drinking...could he shut out the nightmares of his delusions.
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Re: A Living Nightmare (July 2018)

Postby Patricia » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:41 pm

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