The Gift (May 2018 part 1)

The Gift (May 2018 part 1)

Postby MaxisG » Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:30 pm

May 2018 part 1) Your Craft - many of us are smiths, or artists, or leaders; what is it about your craft that makes it part of your identity?

Very few people in this town knew of him or who Joshua really was. Nobody knew his past and thats the way he preferred it. Yes, he had been a doctor, that had been his craft, but he didn't go by the title anymore. He had given that title up and would never claim to be a suregon anymore. But as simple as that would seem, it doesn't mean that his past as a healer, a doctor and a surgeon didn't still effect him. He had come by that path by his wanting to help people....his skills as a healer, his need and his want to help people didn't go way just because he no longer claimed or accepted that title. It would forever be a part of who Joshua was...his wish to help others and to use his skills, his art, and even his money that he earned to help others of the nearby towns stay healthy. No he wouldn't claim the title, but when somebody was in need and he could help, he would supply the medicines, he would patch them up and make sure they were healthy. It was just a part of who he was.
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Re: The Gift (May 2018 part 1)

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