Changeling Errata

Changeling Errata

Postby Ginger » Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:06 pm

This information was given to Changelings duringt check in for February game:

Enchant Object clarification wrote:You may have only one ungifted enchanted object at a time, you may not store up enchanted objects. Enchantment cards gifted to another changeling must be destroyed immediately; if their energy pool is full there is no effect.

Pooka Beastly form merit wrote:Add “+ plus claws” to the end, as follows:
Beastly Form - 4 point merit, Pooka only - As a Pooka, your animal form is a dangerous or monstrous animal. Instead of Animal Form you have Beast Form + Claws.

Pooka Kith flaw wrote:Replace current text entirely with the following:
Must spend a willpower in order to provide a truthful response to a question.
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