Trouble, August 2015 (Christina)

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Trouble, August 2015 (Christina)

Post by Victoria » Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:27 pm

One of the last things Christina was expecting walking into Town Hall was a curt rendition of her name followed by the clicking of heels.

Someone's upset with me...

She's coming this way...

... She's very pretty...

Oh! It's Abygail!

Not her finest moment.


Three days later Christina was sitting in the church, running her rosary through her fingers. Fingers that were fraying around the edges, bleeding into the rest of the darkness in the room.

It wasn't fair. She had turned around for a few years and Abygail had gone from being a girl to a woman.

And no one warned her! Why hadn't Jean warned her?

The ghoul she remembered had flourished into a young, but thriving cannite. Beautiful, sharp, witty, steel wrapped in silk. If she survived long enough she would become quite the Ventrue to contend with. Her yearning for the front lines would eventually subside, she would find a town to call her own and likely settle into a resolute archbishop.

But for now this young Queen of Night chomping at the bit to cut her teeth was her problem.

She was born to be a Unifier. It was a high transgression for a Priest to sway a cannite from their path, but Fontaine had been a Unifier and almost become a wight in this town. Christina could use her friend's advice. Lord only knew how long it would be before she could get it.

She was sharp, but needed to be tempered. That's why she was here. A full member of the Sword of Caine, a member of The Knights of Enlightenment, as of her first Vaulderie. There was no walking back from that. She would learn or she would fall, and Christina would make sure she would not fall. If she was not tested she would be weak, and Christina would not allow weakness to fester. Even if it would hurt for a time.

She hated the idea of hurting Abby.

But most of all, her ambition would eventually run contrary to Christina's word. Perhaps not in Quarry Creek, but someday. Tyrants often asked too much of their knights, even the knights who had cared for them and protected them when they were young.

But there was nothing for it. The allure of Christina's pride in her friend and her affections were too much. All things the Children of Caine touched would wither and become ash, especially love. Some of that love would be the whispers of the vinicculum, but that didn't matter.

She chuckled as she set her Rosary down.

Abygail Eden, you will be the death of me.

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Re: Trouble, August 2015 (Christina)

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