Annie - In Too Deep (Length)

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Annie - In Too Deep (Length)

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It was fine. She was fine. Everyone was friendly, in their huge sharp loud fast terrifying way. They just wanted to teach her what she was, and how to use her gifts, and she just needed to keep up, somehow, because here, surrounded by these new (and did she mention, terrifying?) people, she was certain that if she didn't learn to swim REALLY FUCKING FAST she was going to drown.

Or, be eaten. Or stabbed. She was going to FIGURATIVELY drown. But maybe actually literally die.

So she tried very hard to get down to the business of Keeping Up, even though she was not at all sure what she needed to learn, or what was going to happen once they decided she had learned it - or worse, when she FAILED.

They taught her many things; some of which she already knew, some of which were true, some of which she disagreed with, some she knew to be abjectly false (but these people were Terrifying and she didn't think it would be polite to bring it up).

And these Terrifying Rat Monsters were her people, because (as she discovered after the strange events that led to her spontaneously turning into a rodent at the playhouse) SHE was also a Terrifying Rat Monster, because her father had been a Terrifying Rat Monster. And Terrifying Rat Monsters weren't supposed to be terrified of other Terrifying Rat Monsters, which was all well and good in theory, but was not at all that simple in practice.

She was a Moon Mouse. An Arcadian Rat. A terrified, In-Too-Deep girl with an uncontrolled sarcastic streak, younger than she looked, older than she acted, but also a Munchmausen Ratkin. A warrior of Gaia. Destroyer of the Weaver (but not ALL weavers, because weavers make clothes, and Half Dome was cold, and she definitely didn't want to have to run around naked all the time. Just the Capital Double U Weaver) and the Wyrm (but only wyrms with Ys and not worms with Os).

She was also in WAAAAY over her head, surrounded by people she didn't understand (and who, frankly, rarely understood her), being asked to do things she'd never done before, and increasingly certain that she wouldn't be able to Keep Up forever.

So when a very respectful kinfolk came to ask the colony for a Fae Expert, she positively leapt at the chance. She knew SOMEthing about fairies, and SOMEthing was better than NOthing when the majority of the rats around her didn't even BELIEVE in fairies, and anyway Munchmausen were called Arcadian Rats for a reason; surely she could figure out whatever she didn't already know.

The others laughed at her when she said she wanted to go with him. They didn't try to stop her, or even dissuade her - it was just deeply funny that their new, skittish, slightly "off" homid pup was insisting that she was an expert on all things Fae. But she had the right Aspect, and the kinfolk making the request seemed surprisingly tolerant of the idea - she was good enough for what he needed, hopefully, and an agreement was reached.

The introductions went fine (Annie was as good a name as any to use today, she decided), and soon they were on their to... wherever the fae were supposed to be?

She asked him where, SPECIFICALLY, they were headed, then frowned at his answer. "Quarry Creek? Where's that?"
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Re: Annie - In Too Deep (Length)

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