The Perilous Predicament of Pierre Beauregard. Vol. 4. The Mourning Mail

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The Perilous Predicament of Pierre Beauregard. Vol. 4. The Mourning Mail

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Good day readers and welcome to the fourth adventure of Pierre Beauregard. I hope you enjoy this fanciful tale based on our little town of Quarry Creek but please keep in mind that this story is complete fiction and nothing more, though this edition is close to my heart for obvious reasons.

Thank you,
Dr. Annette Bellthorne.

Today was not like any other day. It was cold, gloomy and had been drizzling with rain all week making the ground soft and damp this morning. Pierre leaned against the door frame after he had made fresh batch of coffee for his fellows in town who would pass by, free of charge today of course, it was the day after Sybil's wake. It was a hard time for Quarry Creek as they lost some who had an impact on everyone here, especially Ephraim. Ephraim and Sybil were longtime friends Pierre knew but everyone has lost someone and some point and that it was a fact of life everywhere, including Quarry Creek. Pierre, taking another sip of coffee, hoped Ephraim wouldn’t be too hard on himself during his grieving period. A moment later Lela’s petite form appeared around the corner of Ms. Lottie’s. Caught by surprise Pierre jumped a little, “Oh! Lela, ah, good morning.” Lela glanced up at him,
“Morning Pierre, sure, but nothing good about it.” She looked around a bit and Pierre though she could see tears sat the corners of her eyes, Lela was also very close with Sybil, the three of them all lived at the Post Office with a few others and that group is very close. Pierre straightened,
“Right, my condolences. Care for a cup of coffee Lela?” He gestured toward the entrance of Lottie’s.
Lela shook her head, “Not right now, I am actually looking for Ephraim, have you seen him?”
Pierre looked up thoughtfully and pondered seeing the town’s postman, “No I do not think I have, he would be making is daily rounds about this time, wouldn’t he?”
Lela nodded, “Heh yea, he would be on any other day, but he wasn’t in the Post Office when I woke up.” She lifts a bag that seemed full but wasn’t too heavy. “And he didn’t take any mail with him.” She opens the top and the mail bag was brimming with unopened letters.
Pierre’s eyes widened, “Oh dear. That all just came in today?” He asked.
Lela laughed, “Ha! No this is from the last few weeks. You think people in Quarry Creek get this much mail? Ephraim hasn’t touched it for a while.”
Pierre nodded in realization. “Well where would he normally be if not a work?”
Lela eyed him suspiciously, “He isn’t doing anything normal lately, I have no idea where he would be.” She stated. Pierre nodded and looking down at the bag of mail he said,
“Well, maybe we can lighten his load by finishing some of his route and see him along the way?”
Lela rolled her eyes and sighed, “Ek gad, you just want another weird side job under your belt don’t you?” Pierre chuckled a bit and shrugged. “Ugh, fine. Let’s go.” And she started off down the road, Pierre in quick pursuit.

The odd pair made their way through town seeing who’s name they would pull out first, Lela reached in and grabbed a letter, “Says this is for the Mayor.” She held it above her head passing to the letter Pierre and almost smacking him in the face, he grabbed it quickly from her hand.
“Ah yes, Mr. Oakhurst. He would be at the Inn,” They walk down the path and Lela finds a handful of letters for others staying at the Inn including a small package for Rose Bailey. “Oh, looks like someone is getting a present.” Pierre chimed as they knocked on the Inn door, Ms. Rose Bailey opened it soon after.
“Oh, hello there, what can I do for you this morning?” She stood with the door wide open, the two could see Mayor Oakhurst in the back, playing cards with someone the Inn’s customers.
“We have some mail for you and the Mayor, Ms. Bailey.” Pierre said politely.
“Yea, and some other junk for people staying here too.” Lela added, Pierre eyeing her hesitantly.
“Why thank you very much,” Rose gently took the pile from them, “I didn’t know you worked at the Post Office Lela.”
“I don’t” Lela replied.
The all stood in silence a moment staring at each other before Pierre finally coughed lightly,
“We are helping Ephraim out during these tough times.”
Rose’s eyes softened even more, “Oh yes, my condolences Lela. Sybil was such a big help to the town, she will be missed deeply.” Lela looked away and nodded in thanks as silence filled the air again, Pierre bid Rose farewell and he and Lela began their journey again with the sounds of disappointment as they could hear the Inn’s customers lose their game to the Mayor’s delight.

A few hours pass and the two have passed off mail to nearly everybody, the bad dwindling in weight. “Alright,” Pierre chided, “Who’s next?” Lela plunges her hand into the bag and pulls out a letter to Wile Stanley.
“Eh, guess we’re going to the Bar.” Lela says and leads the way to The Otherside. They get there and open the door to the mostly empty space; morning is not the busiest time for the bar it would seem. They find Wile and Moira behind the bar cleaning glasses for the rush they most likely expected that evening.
“Sorry we’re closed now-” Moira started but cut off upon seeing Lela and Pierre, “Oh morning you two, what can we do your ya?” She put the glasses down as they let themselves in.
“We have some mail for Wile actually,” Wile stood up and took the letter from Lela’s outstretched hand.
“Ah Thanks, I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time.” He goes back to his seat and sits leaning back to open his letter, “Where’s Ephraim? Isn’t this his route?” Pierre nods and goes to speak but heard Lela’s voice first, “Usually yes, but we’re helping him out. He’s having a hard time… Have you seen him?”
Wile nods and looks up to think, “Think I saw him in the woods earlier, might still be out there.” Lela looked up at Pierre, her eyes almost hopeful. “Wish you luck in finding him, he has been lost lately.” Lela didn’t reply. “Hope you’re doing okay too Lela, Sybil was friends of most of town and we all miss her, it will be a hard one to get passed that’s for sure.”
“That’s for sure alright.” Lela agreed, “We better get going.” As the two turned to leave they see Father Cillian walk in, “Oh good morning again Father.” Pierre greeted, “Didn’t think we would see you so soon.”
Father Cillian nodded, “Neither did I, but I think there has been a mix up.” Lela end Pierre shared a skeptical glance, “Oh?” Pierre pondered. Father Cillian showed the open box they had delivered to him earlier that day to find it opened and full of soft red silk and many colorful Garter Belts. Pierre smiled lightly as Lela began to giggle, “Are those Garters Father?”
Father Cillian blushed, “I Believe so and they are most definitely not mine nor the churches.”
“Then who-” Pierre started but was cut off by Killian Fontaine popping his head in.
“Lela, Pierre this is not my package, oh!” He stepped in upon seeing the box Father Cillian had and promptly swapped it with the unwrapped bibles he was holding. “There they are!” He pulled a single garter out and began examining it in the light while the others stared at him in silence. Finally, Killian noticed and said, “What, you thought me ordering Bibles was more believable?” and promptly walked out pulling one of the garters over his bicep in the process. Lela and Pierre started to laugh as well everyone else soon after.

After delivering all but one letter they headed into the woods to search for Ephraim. Lela had grown tense upon entering the woods, worry evident in all her features.
“We’ll find him Lela, it’ll be alright” Pierre said as reassuring as he could sound. Lela nodded, holding her arms close as if cold, “Yea yea, I know. It’s just hard being out here, we used to come out here to talk and hunt together.” Her eyes distant as if remembering and old scene. Pierre understood, “I know it’s hard to lose someone, it’s not meant to be easy but Sybil wouldn-” They fell silent when they spotted Ephraim standing along a cliffside looking down and stared at the lonely postman gazing out at the cavern. Lela stepped forward, “Ephraim, what are you doing?” Ephraim turned a bit to regard her, his eyes red and his face tired looking. “We always came out here and looked to the distance. It’s such a long way down.”
Lela stepped closer, “Ephraim, I was so worried about you. Why did you run off?”
Ephraim shrugged, moving to stare forward again, “It’s too hard to be there now that she.” He trailed off, looking deeper into the distance.
“Yea I know it is, but leaving without saying anything doesn’t lessen the worry in others during this tough time.”
“She left without saying anything, one moment she was just… gone”
Lela took a deep breath, “Yea well, it’s not like she planned it Ephraim.” Anger tinged the end of her sentence but it did not seem to affect Ephraim.
“Well,” Ephraim started, “What if you could, you know, plan it.”
At those words Lela rushed forward and grabbed Ephraim by the arm and spun him to face her, pushing him slightly where he teetered on the edge a bit.
“Don’t. You. Dare.” She emphasized each word. “You think this is what Sybil would have wanted? For you to come here, alone and follow her into the afterlife? You think she wanted you to self-destruct and ignore your friends? Leave them all behind, leave me behind? What would I do after losing both of you?” Lela was yelling at this point tears streaming down her face as Ephraim stared wide eyed at her. “I have been wandering around all day doing your job to help you cope while grieving just as much and here you are, out here all alone making a plan to leave too?” She hit him on the chest making his foot slip, Pierre flinched forward unsure what to make of the scene as Ephraim stumbled and regained his balance as Lela continues, “If Sybil were here she would tell you how melodramatic you were being and how you should be back at the Office with me and Annette, making sure we are all there for each other. Not having you throw your life away like this!” She took a few deep sobbing breaths, and Ephraim raise his arms slightly and surrounded her with them turning it into a large Hug. Softer now but still fierce, Lela continues. “Sybil was my friend too and I miss her so much, and I am here for you but I need you here for me too. She would want that, she would want us to stick together.” The last word broke and she fell into Ephraim crying harder now into his coat as he stood there and hugged her on the edge.
After a moment, Ephraim said, “I’m sorry.” Lela looked up at him, “I didn’t mean to hurt you I just miss her so much.”
Lela began, “We all miss her, the woods will miss her, the town will miss her, and we will miss her, but we will miss her together.” She hugged him deeply, wiping her wet face on his jacket, “We still have each other and we will get through this, losing people is never easy, but it’s not meant to be easy. You cannot forget a person in a day, but we can choose to remember them for a lifetime” At that Ephraim smiled as one tear ran down his cheek, and the stood there holding each other.
Pierre watched as the close friends grieved and remembered not only a great woman, but a great friend at that.


In Memory of Sybil Boyer,
Gone but never forgotten.

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Re: The Perilous Predicament of Pierre Beauregard. Vol. 4. The Mourning Mail

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