The Wisdom of Leto's Slumber and Grins With Sunshine, Length (Alex)

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The Wisdom of Leto's Slumber and Grins With Sunshine, Length (Alex)

Post by Victoria » Thu Apr 04, 2019 12:25 am

The Battle of Troy had nothing on the wars waged between the Swift twins from either side of the dinner table.

It would all start in the morning when Alex and Isaac would first catch the smell of cut rosemary coming from the back yard. A few minutes later they would hear the familiar sound of their father's light steps heading into the kitchen.

Ever since Alex and Isaac had changed their parents had been spending more time together. The adults knew the family would have to part ways soon, the twins hadn't quite acknowledged it yet. If a few days their father, Brandon, would take Isaac to the Sept of the Western Eye while their mother, Demetria, would journey with Alex all the way to the Sept of Artemis. Gaia only knew how long it would be until they all saw one another again.

Mother and Father had always enjoyed cooking together. Mom liked preparing large meals for the family, Dad liked fetching all the little odds and ends she needed throughout the day. Any self respecting Greek woman knows how to cook for her family, trueborn or not. Any self respecting Corax can find a spice grinder in a hurricane.

Isaac rolled out of bed and trotted downstairs, still clumsy in his Lupus form. Alex bit down her laugh as his tail pulled his haunches a little too far from side to side. Truthfully, she was just as bad.

As the day drew on the smells started to fill the house. Roasting meat and garlic, toasting paprika and oregano. It was early afternoon before the holy grail, the proverbial Helen was revealed. Mom started painstakingly rolling out phyllo dough while dad chopped walnuts and pistachios en masse.

Homemade baklava was the stuff of legends in the Swift house and the twins started circling for the advantage the moment it was revealed. Looking back on it always made Alex smile. The pair of twelve year olds really did more getting under foot in their attempts at "helping" but their parents enjoyed them. Father would caw out his laughter at his children's antics until they were summarily banned from the kitchen. Then it just became a race to set the table, weed the garden, hang up the laundry, anything that could secure their position as 'the good one'. Sabotage was not unheard of either.

Of course it always came down to an argument in the end. The last time they had a proper family dinner their mother was having none of it.

"Aleksandra, Isakkious, no squabbling tonight. You will regret it in the future."

"We wouldn't be fighting if Isaac wasn't being stubborn."

"I did more work! I should get the last piece!"


"You spilled a bag of flower!"

"Because you tripped me!"

"You can't prove that."

"Yes I can!"

"No you can't."

"Both of you..."

"Dad has Truth of Gaia."

"That's dad proving it, not you."

Dad, for his part, was just watching with a quiet smile; waiting for his children to loose track of him as they argued. He smirked at his wife across the table, she smirked back.

"So there is something to prove!" Isaac said, jumping out of his seat.

"No!" Alex said, jumping back.

There was a flurry of black feathers in the room, some sort of movement too fast for either of them to track followed by total, stunned stillness. The twins stared at one another, blinking. A moment later their eyes darted down to the plate which once held the object of their contention, now empty. Slowly, a pecking sound above them started to sink in. They both looked up, spying a large black raven perched on the crossbeam picking at the last piece of baklava.

They both cried out an indignant, "Dad!"


Demetria chuckled, "I believe that's Raven for 'Listen to your mother.' " She said as Brandon took up half the confection in one of his talons and fluttered gracelessly down into his wife's shoulder. She took up her half of the object lesson with a smirk and bit into it.

The twins looked at one another, each with bashful smiles at how ridiculous they were being. Isaac held out his hand across the table first and Alex took it warmly. They looked over, surprised when their mother's free hand closed around theirs.

"No matter what happens, my children, you must never forget the other. Moon and Sun, Wisdom and Honor, Vengeance and Mercy, Sister and Brother, Blood and Blood. You are stronger together. Promise us you will never forget that."

Alex looked at her brother, the anxiety from the changes which had been lurking just ahead starting to seep in.

She nodded.

Isaac nodded.

Their father fluttered off, returning with a pair of chains caught in his beak. He dropped one necklace in each child's hand, one in the shape of a sun and the other a moon. They locked together.

Since that day Alex had never taken her's off.

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Re: The Wisdom of Leto's Slumber and Grins With Sunshine, Length (Alex)

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