"Railroad Spikes" LTC February 2018 part 2) The Railroad

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"Railroad Spikes" LTC February 2018 part 2) The Railroad

Post by MrsBelgrave » Mon Apr 08, 2019 3:16 pm

As she stood out under the hot sun and rose her hammer once more, she couldn't help but think that when she had agreed to five years of indentured servitude in exchange for transportation to America, this was not what she had pictured.

Someday it would all be worth it though.

As she listened to the rhythmic sound of of hammers hitting metal, and stared out along the tracks, she couldn't help but daydream a bit, about all the places these would one day go. Daydream about the kind of people who would ride on them and where they would travel and what new lives they might lead. Daydream about one day traveling them herself, all over the place with no one to stop her or hold her back.

Someday though, she would take them and find something she loved more, something that would make her give up that freedom to travel if only to keep him safe.

As they were released for the day and she traveled home, sweaty, tired, and covered in dirt she couldn't help but think about just how long a project like this would take, and wonder just how far they would take it. That was a lot of metal, and a lot of time...

Someday, she would also find great irony in how many iron spikes she drove into the ground that year.
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Re: "Railroad Spikes" LTC February 2018 part 2) The Railroad

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