Rulebook S6R released!

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Rulebook S6R released!

Post by Ginger » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:11 pm

The two big overhauls are Rank & Renown, and Becoming Something Else. Most of the rest is general cleanup, clarifications, and patches.


Some general cleanup in introduction.

Systems & General
- Clarified that a second lock tag will be provided only for both sides of one door, and no other purpose.
- Becoming Something Else and Character Sheet Changes have been simplified and clarified.
- Trapping is no longer coming soon.
- Human Aura merit clarified.
- Several instances of Shared Strength: Claws now includes Claws or Tentacles.
- All instances of Aggravated Damage now have an associated attack type.

- 0-level Faith ritual now correctly named Patron’s Blessing
- Granting’s Shared Strength has new cost/duration

Vampires & Ghouls
- Daimonion moved from player rulebook to ST only.
- Sense Blood renamed Blood Sense - not a sensory power

- Castigate Repair Soul is now self or other

Shifters & Kinfolk
- Rank and Renown have been overhauled and simplified. Tools are pending.
- Iron Riders Gun Breach is now 3G for 60 seconds of shots
- Shifters can now purchase one innate gift per level per innate tree-set, regardless of rank. (Players who have earned high rank powers the hard way will be compensated. Details pending)

Gaian Spirits
- Shape Object has been added to the Powers list where it belongs.

- Assorted formatting cleanup
- Clarified if your glamour pool is full, receiving an enchanted object has no effect.
- Dreamshape Breach is Mental or Status only
- Wayfare Teleport is self-only
- Beastly Form now comes with Caws

- Aura Sight is now Sense Aura, where it belongs
- Beast Form comes with Augment
- Sense Blood has been renamed Blood Sense, it is not a sensory power
- Bypass has been clarified to maximum 3
- Clairvoyance is cast on yourself
- Combat Healing no longer costs to activate, only per heal
- Enchant Object has been updated and clarified
- Frozen Form does not provide immunity to Revert Form
- Healing Storm has been updated
- Healing Touch requires Touch
- Incorporeal Body has been renamed Shadow Body
- Rationalize has been clarified
- Resist Toxin has been renamed Toxin Resistance, it is not a resist power
- Revert Form has been clarified as removing Frozen Form
- Shape Object has been added to the Powers list where it belongs
- Soul Walk has been updated and clarified
- Steal Health is a physical
- Sustenance has been added to the powers list where it belongs
- Toxicity has been clarified and updated

Special thanks to Chris B and Ralph, without whom this would not have been finalized.

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