Waking up as Egan (length)

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Waking up as Egan (length)

Post by Chris » Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:07 pm

Egan was not, by any sense of the phrase, a morning person. Unfortunately, Quarry Creek didn’t seem to care about that fact in the slightest.

As usual, he’d been up well past midnight the night before. It seemed to him like the forces of the Wyrm took particular sadistic glee in making trouble at absurd hours of the night.

But, as usual, he wasn’t going to be able to sleep much past dawn. It wasn’t even like Egan could blame anyone. His own body was at fault.

The first thing pulling him from the sweet, deep, dark embrace of sleep was the sour dry sensation in his mouth informing him urgently that his body was thirsty.

But as his brain struggled up out of the depths, he became aware of other all too familiar sensations all fighting for his attention.

After thirst, ironically, came the fact that he urgently needed to pee. He was barely conscious enough to appreciate that irony, and to shift slightly in his bunk when the next sensation hit him like a Fenrir Ahroun.

He was sore. Sore from head to toe. Sore in muscles he didn’t know he had. And that was truly impressive to him, even in his groggy state. Egan often woke up sore in muscles he didn’t know he had, but there could only be so many muscles right? Surely eventually he would stop discovering new and unfortunate places to be sore. Right? Please?

And to top it all off, he was ravenously hungry. Gut cramping lay hungry.

By the time Egan was conscious of being hungry, he was also awake enough to have lost all hope of returning to sleep. Even if he could instantly address all of the sensations screaming for his attention, he would never fall back asleep. And none of these sensation was going to get any better unless he did something about them.

Luckily for Egan, he was a quick learner. It had not taken many mornings like this for him to start preparing for them in advance.

Before even sitting up, he reached into his headboard for the pre-poured double shot of Liquid Sleep he kept ready for just such occasions. He downed the entire cup in a single gulp.

Next, sit up.

Next he opened his eyes and located the tankard of water he kept by the bedside. First mouthful, swish and swallow. Second mouthful, grab the willowbark from the bedside and wash it down.

Now for two, better make it three handfuls of nuts before another gulp of water.

Then, the hard part. He had to stand up if he was going to hobble his way to the loo and get his bladder to stop shouting at him.

With that accomplished, he sat back down on the bed and rested his head in his hands. Slowly and carefully he sipped water and munched on food while he waited for the willowbark and Liquid Sleep to kick in.

Preparation and practice made mornings more manageable, but Egan would have traded a great many things not to need so many morning precautions.

Eventually, the caffeine and pain relief did kick in. And by then he’d eaten enough food for most people’s normal breakfast, and emptied the enormous tankard of water.

He was still sore, but at least things were manageable. Slowly, he dressed and organized himself for the day, checking his assorted pockets and loading his belt.

This was another morning where he was awake before Delphine, so he hobbled his way over the the serving counter in the restaurant section of the building, and set to making coffee.

After all, in an hour or so folks would come trickling in for their morning coffee and breakfast.

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Re: Waking up as Egan (length)

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