That dream again...

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That dream again...

Post by JodyM » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:13 pm

Beau watched his body fall away. It was bad, twisting and writhing as it fell. The top of one shoulder and the opposite hip each had large wounds, flesh bubbling up out of them, twitching as his body kept flopping on the ground. In almost the same moment, his sister was standing over him, swinging wildly at the darkness around them. She wasn’t really connecting with anything, but she was swinging hard with that sword, both hands gripping the handle even though one of them was covered in blood. Her blood, something else’s blood, his own blood, Beau wasn’t exactly sure; it was covering most of her arm though.

He watched, pretty calmly considering the circumstances. He took note of the wounds in his body at his sister’s feet. Beau knew has wasn’t a doctor, but those didn’t look like the kind of wounds a body got better from. He casually noted that even though he was looking down, he didn’t have feet; well, his body did, but not the him that was doing the looking. He watched his sister’s face twist and scream in anger, but she wasn’t making any sound. The only sound he could hear was a constant, rolling thunder.

Light shot out of the dark, a sick blue-white flash, like the vine of a thorn bush grabbing you while you run through a forest. It touched her in one arm, which jumped away from the sword and flailed around a second before the light jumped down out of her fingertips and into the ground. She screamed again, still silent, and swung the sword with the other hand hard into the darkness. Beau couldn’t see if it hit anything; he was focused on her fingers; they had the same kind of bubbling flesh that was on his own wounds. It was sure strange that light could make your body burst like that, he thought.

Another sound cut through the thunder, quiet but insistent and steady, like a distant drum. As he watched Jane step back over him, her arm dripping blood and the other hanging at her side, still twitching, he saw something new. Her sword, that stupid thing, was on fire. Not like a stick that had been pulled from a hearth, but the metal was glowing, and the air around it wavered like the air in the forge. Flames licked along it, up the blade and out through Jane’s fingers. No, those little flames were coming from his sister’s fingers, coming out of her hand to heat the sword.

Beau forgot for a second what was going on, and when that lash of blue-white light jumped out of the darkness, he swatted it away like a gnat. And it leapt away and buried itself in the dirt not far away. Beau didn’t think about it though; he was watching the flames on Jane’s hand, and watching them up her arm. They didn’t seem to bother her much, as they leapt and danced their way up to her shoulder, her head, and down her other arm. The blood and wounds closed up as they went, and her other arm gripped the sword once more. Beau was glad she was feeling better, and as he smiled, she smiled too, and lunged out into the dark, only a faint glow of flames and a white hot sword, slowly fading with distance.


Beau started awake; a tree branch was pressing into his back, making him uncomfortable. The bark was rough against his skin, calling him to wakefulness all at once. It was cold and foggy, and the stream was making the only noise he could hear. The damp dirt that clung to the bare skin of his feet was thick. As he climbed down the tree to stand and stretch, he wondered how he’d gotten up there; he’d gone to bed inside the hotel. He worked the muscles around a bit before heading back, brushing himself off as he went. It was sometime after midnight, he guessed, so he tried to be quiet as he walked back to town.

“Third time this damn summer I wake up out in the dirt, half nekkid.” He mumbled quietly. “Damn lucky I haven’t drowned or broke my fool neck walking around in my sleep.”

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Re: That dream again...

Post by Patricia » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:14 pm

Repeat. Not counted for xp.

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