Jane Cook - August 2017- wild animals

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Jane Cook - August 2017- wild animals

Post by LaurenM » Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:19 pm

This one's for you, mama.

Jane's thigh muscles bunched, then released as she sprang naked from the underbrush. Her body was coated in drying mud (she had finally figured out that scrubbing wouldn't cover her human scent).

The young deer was drinking at the creekside, a bit downstream from town.

This had been her daily battle all summer, starting with small prey and working her way up to this, which she considered to be her final test.

The yearling startled just too late, and Jane landed on its back, shrieking like a wild thing which, ultimately, was the point of all of this. She wrapped her legs around its midsection and arms around its neck as it reared and kicked in panic. Once she was sure her legs were braced, she released her arms, grabbed the young deer by its nose and the back of its head, and twisted. There was a gratifying snap, and the deer fell limp.

Jane raised both fists in victory.

"Ah'm yer child's child, Gaia. I got warrior blood in mah blood. Ah know ah ain't what ye call True, but ah think ah get it now."

She dropped her arms and placed one hand on the deer's broken neck.

"Thanks fer the lesson, friend. Sorry ya had to teach it the hard way. Don't you worry none, though. I ain't gonna waste ya."

Hoisting the deer over her shoulders, Jane whistled for Beau, and went off to find her clothes.

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Re: Jane Cook - August 2017- wild animals

Post by Patricia » Wed Sep 18, 2019 5:23 pm

+xp for game 6.1

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