Uptime Calls 6.1

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Uptime Calls 6.1

Post by Ginger » Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:10 pm

(apologies for the delay, I thought I had posted these weeks ago!)

CONFIRMED uptime calls:

Thieving Talons: If the source power is "no cost", your cost per use is 1+0

Fascination: Requires action (conversation or entertainment) in order to hold the target's attention

Teleport: Location must be set when power is acquired, and must be an actual in-game location. "ST camp" is not a valid location.*

Watcher Sight: Watchers can see other Watchers

Conceal: You cannot conceal a container with anything in it. You cannot activate a concealed item, you must unconceal it first. Fetishes of Replenish [energy] do not function while concealed.

* ST camp may be the physical representation of an ST location, such as "mook spawn site". It should not be used by PCs.

CLARIFICATION / CHANGE of an Uptime call:

Cardboard Palace: Ritual requires the caster to enter the palace after their guests; everyone un-melds when the caster does. This is not how the ritual was used in-game, but this is the intended use.

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