Changeling: Chimerical Social

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Changeling: Chimerical Social

Post by Rydath » Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:07 pm

Ritual: Chimerical Social
Prerequisites: Rituals level 3, Any Seelie Art
Ritual Components: Decorations including a seasonal floral component, a centerpiece, paper
Cost: 10 Glamour per hour, split among the lead ritualist and any assistants
Purpose: To allow Changelings to have discreet umbral gatherings while in their Kith form
Expected Casting time: 10 Minutes.
Decorate a cabin or similar sized area in a manner appropriate to the season, holiday, or special event. The decorations must include some floral component. For at least 10 minutes during the decoration process, music must play, songs must be sung, or stories must be told.

You may put a white mesh over any food or decorations you wish to exist exclusively in the umbra during the event.

Choose a centerpiece not in the umbra, and attach to it a sheet of paper with the following text:
"Chimerical Social
Creation Time:
Effect: For the duration of this ritual, each Changeling in this room may enter the Umbra at no cost. Additionally, so long as they remain in the Umbra, Changelings may enter Kith form at no cost. If the Changeling who has used these effects leaves this room, they immediately return to the Realm and revert out of their Kith form."

For each hour the ritual is intended to last, 10 Glamour must be spent. This Glamour must be split between the ritualist and any number of Changelings who are assisting in decoration.

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