Changeling: Ravage for Glamour

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Changeling: Ravage for Glamour

Post by Rydath » Tue Oct 08, 2019 4:52 pm

Ritual: Ravage for Glamour
Prerequisites: Rituals level 2, Any Shadow Art
Ritual Components: An object that represents the targets dreams
Cost: Gain 4 disbelief. Only usable once per game.
Purpose: To quickly extract Glamour from a person
Expected Casting time: 2 Minutes
You must spend at least 1 minute either creating or preparing an object that represents your intended target's dreams. Examples may be a story, poem, piece of art, or love letter created by or for the target. It might be a souvenir from a place they want to go, or from a home they can't return to. It could be a trinket symbolizing trust, love, or friendship between the target and yourself. Once this object has been prepared, you have until the end of the game to use it to Ravage the target and complete this ritual.

To complete this ritual, take the object to the intended target, and spend some time reminding them about what dreams it represents. Then, abruptly demonstrate the insignificance of the object by destroying it, discarding it, or throwing it on the ground and spitting at it. Tell them everything about it is a lie, a joke, or completely meaningless. These actions must take a combined total of at least 1 minute.

Once this has been done, you gain 4 disbelief and use the call 'Persistent Dispassionate' against the target. If the target does not resist, they suffer the Dispassionate effect for 24 hours. Also if they do not resist, you may instantly refill your entire Glamour pool, but you may not use this Glamour gained to remove any disbelief. This ritual may only be used once per game.

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