Jane Cook-October 2017 Part 1) Ancestors

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Jane Cook-October 2017 Part 1) Ancestors

Post by LaurenM » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:16 pm

But what if…

Jane was just fixing her shawl over her shoulders when Kayle poked his head in the hotel door.

"Jane, they said you'd wanna know your brother's ma is here."

But what if…

Jane froze, trying to make any part of that make sense.

"MY ma?"

"Well yeah, assumin' you an' Beau's got the same ma."

Jane's fingers started to work again. She finished buttoning her shawl and grabbed her hittin' stick.

But what if…

Things happened in her peripheral, but they barely registered. Bastion was walking with her. Maybe others. "We thought you shouldn't make this walk alone." Let them walk with her. Key them fall behind. That didn't matter.

Jane reached the doors of town hall just as too many people were leaving. She shoved her way through the crowd and found the rough leather hat, the set shoulders. The hair.

But what if…

"You goddamned nightmare wearing ma's face! Git the fuck outta here!"

She moved to face this imposter. Jane knew that look she got back, and hated seeing it here and now.

Anger pulsed white in Jane's vision. This was the feeling of finding ma torn up at the field edge. This was Egan's experiment. This wasn't some wolf spirit, though. This was human. This was Jane's own human fury boiling inside of her. Some tiny part of her noted the difference.

The specifics faded from memory almost as soon as they had passed. This figure was claiming that she hadn't died, then that if we buried her, she must be dead but returned through The Cycle. Then, the worst, claimed she was an ancestor spirit.

But what if…

Jane found herself outside at some point, but she barely remembered leaving the warmth of town hall. She was crying. Fuck! She was the fuckin' strong one! What the fuck was she crying for, anyway?

Because she wanted it to be true, and knew it couldn't be. Because what if it was real and this was her only chance? Aaron said it couldn't be. Bastion said it couldn't be. She wanted it so bad though, and being teased with it this way was almost too much.

She went back inside more things were said, but just more of the same. Ma took her leave. Beau was crying. Jane was still crying. Everyone had pity in their eyes. These nightmare memories were hard on everyone. They pretended they understood.

But what if...

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Re: Jane Cook-October 2017 Part 1) Ancestors

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