Jane Cook- February 2015- back home

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Jane Cook- February 2015- back home

Post by LaurenM » Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:51 pm

"What's yer brother up to?"

Ma Cook was at the stove, back turned to little Jane. The child peeked out the kitchen window to see.

"Got his nose in a book like always, ma."

"He got his back covered?"

Jane checked out the window again.

"Naw. He's just settin' out there hunched over his book."

Ma Cook sighed.

"Better go an' teach him."

Jane made a face to her ma's back.

"He ain't never gonna learn. It's just gonna piss him off."

Ma didn't turn from the stove.

"Lettim git pissed. Boy's gotta learn...less ah gotta teach you t' teach."

Ma Cook's head barely turned, maybe a degree or two. The handle of the spoon came into view.

"No, ma. Ah'll go teach Beau his lessons!"

Jane scurried out of the kitchen as Ma Cook threw a handful of dried weeds and dirt into the pot. Not half a minute later, Beau's voice could be heard through the window.

"Damnit Jane!!"

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Re: Jane Cook- February 2015- back home

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