Smile and Nod - June 2016 - Detachment

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Smile and Nod - June 2016 - Detachment

Post by Abigail » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:16 pm

The Nether was terrifying but welcoming in its own way. I was flattered that someone of such power would open their home to me. The Danse Macabre had lowered my inhibitions in maybe a less than optimal fashion but showed me how much happier I might be if I weren’t constantly afraid of offending or causing harm. Now the compass jerked from one direction to another as unseen forces swayed its hand.

Fangs. The boy had them. I tried to focus on eye-contact and avoid looking, the way one might act if a woman with ample bosom were showing off her clevage, but my eyes kept drifting back. I’ve seen blood wizards feed before. No, blood wizards sounded childish, Vampire. The word was vampire.

The vampire boy had fangs. Is that normal? Everyone was acting as if it were, so I guess I’d better do the same. Growing up one of the strongest lessons I’ve learned, to a fault even, was the importance of manners. Yet I couldn’t help thinking, I’ve seen vampires feed before. The look of ecstasy on the face of the woman being fed from was burned into my memory. Was this the equivalent of walking around town with an obvious erection?

Nope, definitely shouldn’t look. That would be rude. Definitely shouldn’t ask. Could be wrong, but worst case I’m right. Am I overthinking? Yes. Am I sexualizing something that shouldn’t be sexual? Maybe. I mean eating is its own indulgence not sexual in nature. What does that say about me that I think that way?

The boy vampire took his turn giving directions, moving invisible forces to shift the compass needle, hopefully taking us in the direction we needed to go. ‘Smile and nod Abigail,’ I told myself. He doesn’t seem to be a threat after all. I’d speak up if there were an actual threat right? Or would I just stand there smiling and nodding afraid to be impolite? That’s what it all boils down to doesn’t it at this point, threat and not a threat. But I’ve been so anxious lately that my mind sees the slightest social interaction as a threat, but instead of acting on it I freeze. It’s a numbness almost, like I can’t say anything besides certain banal responses. But inside my heart and mind race.

But. Just remember Abigail, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Smile and nod Abigail. Smile and nod.

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Re: Smile and Nod - June 2016 - Detachment

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