Letter sent to Greece with a care package (November 2019 pt 2)

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Letter sent to Greece with a care package (November 2019 pt 2)

Post by Carlotta » Sun Nov 10, 2019 10:14 pm

My Dearest Alexandria,

Firstly and most importantly - I miss you terribly. I hope you are well.
Your teachers send word that you are doing fine - but I know that their assessment will be clinical at best. Please write me to let me know from your perspective how things are going for you there.

There is an author in town who has written a series of penny dreadfuls about Pierre. In such books she has featured the House and even myself by name. Because of that, the old troupe has found me again after all these years. No, they didn't come to visit - they haven't forgiven me for your Grandmere after all. They have, however, sent me a fledgeling in need of training. She is a Singer, but a young one - and she never worked back stage as you did for all those years so she is finding the transition from audience to performer to be difficult at times - forgetting that her new role comes with costumes that protect her from more harm than her old clothes. It is odd to have to train her in all the things you already knew upon your own transition to the stage. And of course, like us all in the House, she is a broken thing. Not as broken as the old troupe believes, but that is because they still consider themselves pacifists and any of us who raise our hands or voices in violence to be monsters. This young Singer has a streak of darkness in her - her hands have glistened red and her heart has survived the cold of betrayal. She is not the innocent Hero they wished her to be - but she is not the Lady MacBeth that they paint her as either. Perhaps that is harsh - is not her, but I who they see with hands so spotted. Still, that is why they sent her to me - because they fear her shadow and rather than reclaim her voice, they sent her to me.

I admit, that the absence of you is made all the more acute by her arrival. I don't spoil her nearly as completely as I did you - but I do call her Niece. She has a suitor/lover who is cousin to Warren - a most interesting gunsmith. I think you would like him. He would have been a capable Artist if he had not devoted so much of his life to hunting. Fear not, his hunting days are over and now he courts your Cousin with open eyes and a full heart. Frankly, I approve of the match and have told both of them as much.

Interestingly enough, there is another Cousin of Warren's newly arrived in town who you would find interesting as well. He is an Independant sort, which I didn't know was a trait possible in that family. As if that was not enough, he speaks Our dialect well enough to have worked for the Society at one point. Just a supposition on my part, but so far it tracks. Better than all that, however, the man is intelligent and interesting to talk with. He blushes when I flirt with him - but only when he can tell that I truly mean it - and he's not half bad in bed. Though, I think I unnerved him when I was gentle and tender and not at all rough and tumble. Why does no one ever expect that of me? I still don't understand it. I know, I know - you've tried to explain it to me before but it remains a mystery to my comprehension.

Mynos has a cousin staying with us as well. A fascinating creature of a man - one who understands death and dying on a level hard to find outside of Raph's branch. He sleeps here, eats here, protects the House in his own way... and yet I am hard pressed to fully call him family. I think it is because he shies away so much from combat of any sort. He reminds me too much of the old troupe in that respect and so my own broken heart keeps waiting for him to turn on me as they did any time we did what actually needed to be done. I can only imagine how you and he would clash if you were here.

I still miss Killian and there is still no sign of him. Though, I am glad he was not here to see Ephraim and Lela turn against the town. I know how hard he had worked to keep that from happening and I don't want to imagine how despondent the whole thing would have made him.

I'm worried about Vienna. She's been gone so long now - longer than any of her other trips - and when she left, she was almost discordant in her grief and guilt from Sybil dying on her front porch. Have the choir sing a prayer of peace for her please? And one for Arturo as well - he is so lonely and lost and despondent with her gone. It's not a healthy separation for either of them. I do still maintain that if Vienna were to find actual self-confidence and happiness that she might become at least a little less insufferable to be around.

I hope that this is all enough 'news from home' like you requested in your previous and far too short letter.
Your turn.

Your section leader tells me that you're still having difficulty with the lower part of the Istrian scale. Find yourself a copy of Haydn's String Quartet in F minor, Op. 20 - it's not fully Istrian, but it is terribly close and should help you find a break through. As for the Greek Lydian tonos, you will have to train your ear to differentiate double sharps before that mode will ever sound right to you. Try taking old standard favorites and playing them on your guitar with the standard fingering after you've tuned the instrument up by two and a half steps. That should help train you to hear the music through the odd key - and after that, you'll be able to pick up the double sharps.

Also, the Choir director wrote to me about your horrible temper? Have you been talking back in rehearsals? I TOLD you not to do that! They're not me my darling, they won't understand your need to yell off your frustration before you get back to the work. I know you hate it, but I swear by all that is harmonious, the breathing technique I taught you CAN help. And isn't it better than the alternative? I hate to think of you with your ears bleeding from the Director's punishment - so please stop making her do that! Remember what I told you before you left - she is your Elder and therefore she is always right and you are always wrong - until you earn yourself your first solo. THAN she will always be right and you will be right when it comes to your solo but wrong about everything else. When you take your holidays you can let out your beautiful soul to breathe again and remember who you really are - but until then, keep your head down and your notes clear and in key.

I've sent a care package along with this. New boots, oil for your armor, a new whet stone, a warm blanket and thick socks for the upcoming winter, some gold to get you by, some new guitar picks and sheet music of all the latest saloon songs so that you can trade with your fellow students in the coin I know is valued most at that school.

Write me. Please. I miss you more than even song can express.

I love you more than life itself,

P.S. - Red & her old man showed up in town! Such a small world. I think 'shocked' would be an understatement of their reaction to the state of me these days.
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Re: Letter sent to Greece with a care package (November 2019 pt 2)

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