Stone and Sun - Cale (September 2016; Dawn)

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Stone and Sun - Cale (September 2016; Dawn)

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Four walls hewn of stone. Floor and ceiling only different in which way he fell when the world lurched. Silhouettes in forbidden doorways, just as steely and cold and vicious as the surfaces themselves. The only light he knew came in blinding coronas around faceless shapes. Glinted off needles. Shone upon fangs. Glared from overhead when blood soaked his-- soaked Champ’s jaws and claws cracked bone with the ease of brittle sticks.

He always woke to darkness and cold stone. He always woke to silence or shouting. He always dragged his nails upon the





One blue eye cracked open in question only to press shut with a hiss of discomfort. That wasn’t darkness. That was blinding. The door was open, the Keepers were... silent. Silent enough that he could hear sounds he’d forgotten long ago. The names for each one came in an awestruck procession. Birdsong. Wind. Water.

Open came his eye again, this time blinking quickly to shoo away the light. It was wrong, it wasn’t... sickly. Light in the lanterns was ghastly. This was warm. How was it warm? How was the-- why was the ground warm, too?

“... What?”

How long had it been since he’d asked a question aloud? How long since anything but curses came from bared teeth? Questions so many in number that they spilled from split lips as he pulled himself up.

No walls. The floor was dirt, the ceiling was... weird. No doorway, no shadow come to poke and prod and subdue. Just the warm light and the hollow haven around him.

How long since curiosity pulled at the back of his neck and tingled at bruised fingertips?

Forward and out came the battered boy, squinting in the light which peered between the bars.

No. Not bars.


And beyond, something so achingly familiar. He could not stand, but if he could, would he even have had the strength in the wake of tragic nostalgia? The word did not come. Recognition tarried in the haze of chaotic remembrance.

There was a shape beside him. It breathed. It waited. It wasn’t a threat. How did he know that?

“Bastion?” A name. A question. Hushed. Rough. He expected no answer. He never did. He expected a blast of pain, but he-- he needed to ask. He needed to slake the strange hunger gnawing at the back of his mind. “What is that?”

His eyes remained on the shining slats before him, yet he was all too aware of the change at his shoulder. It drew a growl to bubble at the base of his throat, but that, too, fell away under wonder. Leaves rustled beneath the shape, now smaller, now more familiar, as Champ’s rescuer came to level with him.

“It’s the sun, Cale. It’s dawn.”

The sun. That was the sun. It was dawn. That meant he’d survived.

He’d survived. He won.

He won.

Just one leaves.

“Are you feeling any better?”

Bastion’s voice drew Cale’s eyes away from the sun, the dawn, the victory, the new day, as the first tears fell over a tremulous smile. No teeth. No fangs. Birdsong. Wind. Water. Dirt. Leaves. He won. He won.

“Yeah... Ain’t felt so good in a long time.”

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Re: Stone and Sun - Cale (September 2016; Dawn)

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