Tinkering and putting (May 2018 part 1) Your Craft)

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Tinkering and putting (May 2018 part 1) Your Craft)

Post by ClaytonMorgan » Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:17 pm

Clayton sat in front of his desk in silence. The curtains were all down, leaving only the fireplace and the lamp on his desk as the only means of bringing light in. He sighed and picked up the gun. He stared at it for a while before moved the gun close up to the side of his head. Slowly, he cocked the hammer back, closing his eyes tightly, each individual click of the gears resonated against his head before the hammer was fully pulled back. Once the hammer locked into place. He slowly exhaled as he opened his eyes and smiled, "There you are..."

He turned the light up on his lantern and gently put the hammer back, placing the gun on the table in front of him and reached for his kit. After some work, the gun was disassembled and he already was at work fixing the offending part. He hummed to himself tunelessly as he checked the internal mechanisms for any other irregularities. Finding none, he began reassembling the gun. The commission wasn't much, but it was work, and better than his income via the silver mine. It was enough to tide him over until his new prospect was able to come to fruition.

Ever since he went on his own, Clayton enjoyed working on guns. One or two members of his old pack used to always harp on them as an example of how the Weaver captured the Wyrm and drove it mad. But Clayton couldn't see it that way. While yes, it was a creation of sciences and technologies, most often firearms were precision engineered creations that were undoubtedly Weaver in nature. The device was fueled by an explosion, which fired an object out with the intent to destroy or cause harm, clear influence by the Wyrm. Of course those two had a say. But the Wyld lives in all things. While the Weaver holds control over science and engineered creations, there always was a little madness in some of the best inventions. The first firearms were as much works of art and creativity as any other. Clayton enjoyed working on guns because he firmly believed that somewhere in them, a small amount of the Wyld lived inside of them. Not a significant amount, but with the sheer amount of creativity he had seen in smiths, he had faith that it was there.

It was, he knew, foolish to assume that the Weaver wasn't quick to define and acquire the movements of the Wyld within its own devices. But he enjoyed seeing the little victories. Each time he pulled a gun apart, he saw new and interesting things. Each time, he saw a battle where the Weaver had lost to the Wyrm and Weaver. It was a microcosm of the universe, and it showed him the dangers of the world that was coming. It helped keep him aware of the road he walked alone, but also to treasure the small victories.

He loaded the gun and went outside to the target range he had set up. He pulled the hammer back, pleased by how it felt now that the parts had been replaced, and fired. All reports, the weapon worked well. He put his mark on it and readied it for sale. He idly remembered someone asking if his weapons had a name. He smiled and looked to the weapon, noting that none of his weapons had any names. Not until they earned it through deed and acquisition of a spirit. One day, he hoped, his weapons would have a name. He hoped the first spirit to agree to it would be a Wyld spirit. Sure, it seemed a bit inhospitable, but with enough care, even the harshest soil can be made fertile.

Up until recently, he didn't have much in the way of a garden, only the occasional shop to work on maintaining his weaponry. Idly, he looked at his tools and considered how to bring the Wyld to it, less to trap it into an item, and more to encourage it to try messing with science a bit more. The Weaver wouldn't like it, but really, what did the Weaver know about liking anything?

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Re: Tinkering and putting (May 2018 part 1) Your Craft)

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