Here we part (September 2017) Being Alone)

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Here we part (September 2017) Being Alone)

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"Alright, Francis, you brought me out here for a reason. What's the plan?" Virgil slumped down behind a boulder, keeping his voice low.

Francis nodded towards the farm, "There's one of us in there being slowly tortured to death."

The slits of Virgil's eyes narrowed as the ears on the top of his head turned back, "How?"

Francis turned to face the farm, "Banality. Slavery. Currently, someone's undergoing the chrysalis in there, and well... We don't last well under those circumstances."

Virgil rolled his eyes while Francis' back was against him, "So you brought me in due to my expertise in locks."

Francis' grin widened, as he turned and clapped Virgil on the shoulder, "I brought you in due to your expertise in locks. You want in?"

Virgil gritted his teeth and glared at Francis, "I don't have any rules saying I should help you in this, so no."

Francis barked out a quick laugh before his eyes widened and he covered his mouth. Virgil's glare got a bit more intense as he patted Francis' hand, "It's fine, they probably didn't hear you. Now come on you blue bastard, we've got a slave to rescue."

Several hours later, the two moved through the darkness. The Troll was competent enough at moving quietly, but his Pooka companion was putting him to shame. As they neared the slave pen, Virgil held up his hand. Francis whispered, "What's going on?"

Virgil whispered back, "Oh, just felt like stopping, enjoying the stars, you know? Oh, by the way, something's weird about this place. Like, they have enough to buy slaves, but god damn, they don't have enough to maintain other appearances?"

Francis smiled, "Easier pickings then. Come on, you're worrying over nothing."

Despite his protests, Francis moved towards the quarters. Virgil held back a sigh as he began picking the lock. Shortly after, the door was unlocked and they were slowly opening it. The two moved inside and Francis gave a quick scan of the room. Virgil twitched slightly, as an odd, yet familiar feeling came to him. He shook the feeling away as he helped unlock the few slaves that were in the quarters. Francis pointed the route out to everyone and they began to ran. He looked to Virgil, whispering, "She's not here. There's nowhere else she can-"

He let out a brief yelp of pain. Virgil's eyes widened as behind him was the Changeling they were there to rescue. She looked gaunt and had several lash marks around her. Francis was about to yell out in pain when she drove the blade into his shoulder. Francis was unable to make any noise, and Virgil knew from the gleam what the blade was made of.

Virgil whispered, "We're here to save you."

She let out a laugh. As she laughed, she continued to drive the dagger into Francis' shoulder. Virgil took a step towards the two of them and she stopped laughing, "Stop!"

Virgil held still, "What do you want?"

She smiled, "Is he a friend?"

Virgil winced, and said "No."

Her eyes widened, "Does he mean me harm?"

Virgil willed himself to tell the truth, "He brought me with him to save you. You're surrounded by... well, this. We're trying to rescue you."

She twitched lightly, Francis let out a brief gasp of pain. Blood was already running down his shirt and Virgil was trying to think fast, "Please... He's trying to help you. We're trying to help you."

She looked at Francis, then at Virgil, "Do you trust him?"

Virgil willed himself to respond, "Yes."

She paused, sniffing the air, "You smell of shadows... Why are you with Seelie?"

Virgil looked to Francis, who pulled himself from the pain and let out a surprised, "What?"

Trying to ignore Francis' reaction, Virgil began talking, "He's useful to me. Easier to have my cover going. Thanks for ruining my cover, by the way. He's just some Troll I've been coning. Means nothing to me." In the back of his mind, a part of Virgil was horrified at how easy the words came out, how he didn't have to expend the effort he normally did when telling the truth.

She smiled, "Good. Thank you Shadow man. You live."

Virgil relaxed as she pulled the blade out of Francis. Francis looked at Virgil with a pained expression that clearly wasn't entirely due to the cold iron. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, the woman drove her dagger into Francis' neck. The woman pulled the dagger out and said, "Not a problem anymore! Thank you Shadow man." She smiled a wicked grin and vanished.

Virgil ran to Francis, holding him in his arms, he tried to stem the blood flowing with anything he could, "Come on, Francis. You'll be fine. Just get you to a freehold. Few days tops..." His voice was beginning to shake as he felt Francis' breathing fade, "Come on... Not like this, Francis. You and I have many lives to give. Just survive this long enough to die of an infection or something and we'll meet in the next life. Come on Francis!"

Virgil wasn't aware at the amount of tears running down his face as he tried to help Francis. The sound of a dog barking caused his ears to twitch. Out of instinct, Virgil started running. He never had the opportunity to bury his friend.

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Re: Here we part (September 2017) Being Alone)

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