October 2015) - Campfire Tales - Cillian

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October 2015) - Campfire Tales - Cillian

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The life of a Priest's ward was not always a stationary one. The emerald hills of his home had lulled him to sleep many nights upon the ancient roads, as Cillian had need to reach folk more rural than even his tiny parish. Ireland was a world of secret dales and insular hamlets, though the island was small, it hid secrets with the best of them. Only one who called that land home could travel its roads and find its people who preferred to remain unfound. The Good Father had sent him with supplies for them, and the trip would take many days.

Crackling firelight warmed hands and hearts, built just off the road as the sun began to sink behind the hills. Birds trilled evening songs in the forests beyond.

He didn't see anyone approach, didn't hear them over the peace of the fading light, but suddenly there they stood, casting a shadow over his camp. The light in their smile made up for it.

"May I share ye fire?"

How could he say no to a smile like that? Cillian didn't remember answering aloud, but he must have, for they took a seat with an easy grace. A beautifully carved lyre was pulled from their simple canvas bag. Should it have fit in there? The music that came a moment later was beautiful and sad, as any travelling song ought to be as the day retired to bed. They sang a tale of parting, of remembering a home one had never known, a journey of impossible stakes and a sureness of heart.

Cillian couldn't recite it back if a knife was to his throat — Nevertheless, it stayed in his heart like it had been graved there.

Little did he know they had meant Arcadia.

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Re: October 2015) - Campfire Tales - Cillian

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