May 2016 part 2) - Healing - Sebastien

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May 2016 part 2) - Healing - Sebastien

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Loneliness and abandonment were not rational things. It did not matter what good reason anyone had for leaving their loved ones, it did not matter how much they wanted to accept those reasons, the whole carved into their hearts would weep whether they willed it or not. This was a lesson Sebastien had learned at a young age. It was a rage he had carried before his gifts from Luna had ever been granted. It was a bitterness that sat on the back of his tongue before the blood of his enemies ever did.

It was something he had dealt with, or so he told himself. It had gone in stages. Numbness that erased the funeral from his memory, rage that kept him up all night, sorrow that he drowned in drink, bargaining by caring for the other children his parents had left behind. The silence only made it worse. The way his father would focus on the business and leave the house to him. The way his other father was gone the same day his mother passed, and how he could speak to nigh no one about that loss.


The papers said it had been Consumption.

Eventually, though, the grief had done what all grief does. It had shifted, Sebastien had dealt with it, moved on and embraced being the figure his siblings could look up to, embrace the legacy his mother had left behind. Eventually, the wound closed. Finally, he could think about his mother without weeping. Finally, he accepted that the Spirit that had helped raise him like a father had been bound to her, and that was okay. All things had their time.

And then Père returned.

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Re: May 2016 part 2) - Healing - Sebastien

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