November 2019 part 2) Letters

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November 2019 part 2) Letters

Post by Rydath » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:43 am

My Dearest Miss Vienna,
I miss you terribly. My life has grown dull without the sharpness of your wit. It is dark without the light of your eyes. Cold without the warmth of your charm. Discordant without your voice. Crude without your refinement.

Since you’ve left, the Camel Club members have reduced significantly, while the Sable Solicitors have greatly multiplied. They seem to be behaved, but I’ve not the manpower to keep a close eye. My lack of social subtlety and modern graces are catching up with me.

Most recently, death nearly took everyone in town. I was both furious and terrified with unsure frustration. But then all were spared, and for a moment I was thrilled by the excitement. How soon that thrill has expired. It all pales in comparison to the rush of one moment with you.

In truth, I attempted a visit to you some months ago, but I became unfortunately lost along the way. I was diverted into the distraction of a war surrounding the Ottoman empire. It was exciting for a while, until the sides and motivations became convoluted. At that point I felt obliged to withdraw and return to the States. It wasn’t a complete wash, for along the way, I found a young man likewise looking for an escape. He seems to be getting along well.

If this letter has more luck finding you then I did, I just want you to know that I love you. This town is small, uncouth, and does not deserve you. But it was, and certainly would be again, improved by every moment with you. Should you feel compelled, any response you might choose to send would brighten my world tremendously. Until then, stay safe, happy, and warm in the knowledge that you are adored.

Sincerely, A.B.

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Re: November 2019 part 2) Letters

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