May 2019 Engagement (Riley POV)

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May 2019 Engagement (Riley POV)

Post by Bishop » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:38 pm

Staring at the book with red eyes and blurred vision Riley let out a sigh. "I'll finish it tomorrow I can totally stop reading any time I want to." Mustering up every ounce of his will Riley closed the book he was holding and turned to leave the library. Another open book caught his eye. "I didn't say anything about this book. Who needs to sleep anyways right?"
He'd been awake for two days now and had hardly eaten either. He didn't realize how difficult it would be to solve this puzzle book Da Vinci had wrote, or how many other books he'd need to read to get himself there. The reads were worth it though. Da Vinci was an interesting person and Riley now knew much more about him than he ever intended. He also recognized a handful of Italian words now that he'd been translating books from Italian for the past few weeks.
Luckily for Riley the book he grabbed was in English he speed read it and closed it. Taking a deep breath Riley closed his eyes and began wandering out of the Library blind. He'd done this enough times now that he only bumped into one table with enough force to leave a bruise this time. He'd definitely finish the book and get back to Quarry Creek tomorrow...

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Re: May 2019 Engagement (Riley POV)

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