Jan-16 P2) Change - Moira

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Jan-16 P2) Change - Moira

Post by Margot » Sun Jan 05, 2020 7:36 pm

Moira bit her thumb and slipped a few drops of blood into the shifter's mug and waited. They still followed her around, and hung off every word she said, that didn't change. Neither did their incessant pining and unfiltered adoration for the Society member sitting a few yards away.

Damnit. Double-Damnit.

It was worth a try. To free a pet from an unscrupulous owner. To find out if she could break bonds and create them as others could. To practice her poor slight-of-hand skills. Nope.

Moira had worked towards that spell, that miracle of sorcery, for years. Her kind had certain expectations of her, and she’d come out.. wrong. Weak. She was disappointed, but only just. Maybe the magic had worked in some way. There were other ways to make and break bonds, and Moira still had her magic, and she had time. She’d figure out exactly what that man.. that deity.. had changed in her and she would use it.

The fellow at the table that watched her bite her thumb and wipe it into the glass blinked at her. She returned the look mildly, and walked out of the cafe and into the sunlight. Damnit. She really was bad at this.

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Re: Jan-16 P2) Change - Moira

Post by Patricia » Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:26 pm


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