Apr 19) Spring - Margot

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Apr 19) Spring - Margot

Post by Margot » Sun Jan 05, 2020 7:43 pm

Next to the mountain of long fur, it sat waiting. It was a tiny thing. A sort of green. Round. Margot watched it with one eye open. It'd jumped. She'd heard it. Her eye flew open at the light 'tap' sound echoing in her cave. She hadn't meant to close her eyes, but she was too tired to move. And now, it'd grown a..nub. A leg. It had crept imperceptibly closer to her huge, unblinking eye. Tap. It'd grown another leg, but this one darker and spindlier than the other. It sat there in front of her. TAP. It'd taken hold of a small rock. It was Wielding a small rock. She blinked. It stood upright now, one leg under it, the other kicked up in the air. It'd grown... a wing. fragile looking, but thin and sharp. It fluttered as a breeze went through. TAP. The little rock had fallen from its grip. Its head had taken shape and it was leaning in towards her, featureless. The mound of fur moved as she heaved a big breath. Her eyes closed of their own accord. When they opened again it was touching her nose.

Light pouring in the cave painted it in a bright light. Neither she nor it moved, and the only evidence of time passing were the dust motes floating through the column of sunlight.

She snuffed at it with curiosity. It swayed wildly, first away then back again with a bop on her nose that left it dusted yellow. She sneezed and it fell, its little pile of soil scattered. Margot stood slowly, and with a paw scooped the bit of soil back into its pile. Once the flower was safely settled upright again, Margot shook the dust from her fur and left the mountain to its fate.

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Re: Apr 19) Spring - Margot

Post by Patricia » Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:26 pm


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