Sept. '19 part 1 (Frustration) - With Your Name On It - Lyra

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Sept. '19 part 1 (Frustration) - With Your Name On It - Lyra

Post by Lyra » Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:59 am


Lyra sat perched in the boughs of a bay tree by the river’s edge, angrily hacking a length of wood into a sharpened rod. She’d come to Quarry Creek looking for home. She’d made something of a place for herself, but nearly had it taken away. Again. Nearly had what she was sworn to protect destroyed. Again. Nearly lost everything. Again. Again and again and again.

Lyra roughly yanked a trio of falcon feathers from her belt pouch, managing to focus long enough to trim them into trapezoidal shapes. A few notches cut and a brush of adhesive later, the feathers were secured around the base of the rod. The faces of several townsfolk swam into her mind’s eye, and she heard them calling the man who nearly took everything from her “friend.”

Lyra tried to gather herself, then set about securing a triangular bit of worked stone at the opposite end of the rod from the feathers. As she was shaving down the wooden rod to properly balance it for flight, the knife skittered across the wood, slashing across the wood, mangling the fletching, and biting into Lyra’s hand. She clamped her jaw down on her arm to stifle a scream borne more out of annoyance than pain. Lyra growled angrily to herself, then set about repairing the damage and carving a series of seven letters into the object in her hands. They let the bastard walk, but next time, Lyra would literally have an arrow with his name on it.

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Re: Sept. '19 part 1 (Frustration) - With Your Name On It - Lyra

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