May 2018 pt. 1) Craft - Lyra

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May 2018 pt. 1) Craft - Lyra

Post by Lyra » Fri Jan 10, 2020 9:34 pm


Lyra sat cross-legged on the floor of the Mercantile, the area around her strewn with bottles, bowls, and bundles of herbs. She sniffed the concoction warming in a dish over a fat candle, trying to discern the missing ingredient. Cinnamon and ginger, suspended in honey... Aha. A touch of wild basil and a scrap of willow bark to bring it all together. She nodded to herself, then turned to pick up the mortar and pestle next to her. Coffee beans, turmeric, a touch of ginseng for that extra something. Disgusting, but it did the trick. This too went into a dish to warm.

Lyra settled back to lean against the foot of one of the Mercantile’s sumptuous couches and sighed contentedly. It felt good to *create*, contrary to how many in town viewed her. A few minutes passed, then she leaned forward once more to strain her potions through a rough cloth. She dabbed a small sample of the first on her tongue, frowning in concentration. Something still wasn’t quite right, but she’d figure that out later. More importantly, the awful coffee concoction.... she grimaced in disgust. Perfect. This one would do.

She carefully poured the foul brew into a jar, blew out the candles, then set about packing her tools back into the box from which they came. The potions would age for another week before being portioned out into vials and set out for sale. As she tucked the box back into its shelf, Lyra smiled to herself, pleased with having secured a relatively steady income. All that survival training was paying off, though very much not how she expected.

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Re: May 2018 pt. 1) Craft - Lyra

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