January 2017 Part 2) Wild Beasts - Selena Fengari [no spoilers]

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January 2017 Part 2) Wild Beasts - Selena Fengari [no spoilers]

Post by hlipsky » Wed Feb 05, 2020 10:10 am

[Or maybe it's more like Wyld beasts in this case...]

I will find a stick for playing fetch with Shadow! And I do! A stick that stays in the other place when I drop it! I pick it up, drop it, pick it up again! It stays! Shadow can play fetch with this stick! I can fetch the stick for Shadow without tiring myself out! I must show Shadow!

I ran very far to find the stick. It is a long way back to Quarry Creek. I don't mind. The woods are pretty. I like the woods. They are full of good things. Like sticks! And good smells. And sometimes candy. The woods at home never had candy. Or maybe they did and I didn't find it? I like these woods. I like running!

So pretty. I run through the woods. Ooh, a butterfly! I want to smell it. But it's so fast! Goodbye butterfly! Oh, that was the wrong direction. That's okay. I like running in the woods. Back to town!

The woods smell nice. That moss is so soft. Roll, roll, roll. What was I doing? Right! Stick!

Ooh, a river. Cold feels good on my paws. Lap, lap, lap. Water is good. Oh no, stick! Come back, stick!

I got the stick. I check. It's the right stick! The special stick! Why did I want the stick? That's right, for fetch! With Shadow! Back in town! Run through the woods. Back to town!

Run, run, run. Smells. Smells good. Pretty woods. Why run? Stick! Town!

Run, run, run. Nice breeze. Run, run.

Sleepy. Nap? Nap.

Wake up. Stretch. Streeeeetch. Stick? Stick! Town!

Run, run. Town!

Town! Town hall!

Moira! MoiraMoiraMoira! Hihihihihihi! Moira!

Moirathrowstick! Throw! Throwsticknow!

Sounds? Selena? Is me?

Moirathrewstick! Gottagetstick! Stick!

Stick! Whytakestick? Wantstick! ...Smell? Food smell?

Soup! Mm soup!


...Stick! Gottagetstick!

...oh no. I'm in the human place. And not in my human face. How?! I got so excited by the stick. I forgot. Oh no. My mother would be sad at me. People are sad at me now. I made my friends sad. Oh no. Oh nooooo.

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Re: January 2017 Part 2) Wild Beasts - Selena Fengari [no spoilers]

Post by Lyra » Wed Feb 05, 2020 10:55 am

Oh noooooooo :(

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