The Cold Nights Are The Longest (3,000+ Words)

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The Cold Nights Are The Longest (3,000+ Words)

Post by Nyx » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:31 pm

((Triggers: Child death))

Nyx was concerned when they had first set out on this trek, but she understood why they would want to. They wanted a new beginning, they wanted a chance to start in a new place and build a better life for their families. She wanted this thing as well, though the further North she traveled, the more she felt she would not find a place worth staying for very long. She would just have to travel further.
The most she could do was try and keep them safe on this journey, so they could find their happiness....

The path over the mountain had already been quite treacherous, most everyone had been lost to it's insatiable hunger, it was just her now, and two of the young ones, and they weren't even half way there yet...

They huddled by the fire for warmth, having found a spot far away from prying human eyes, Nyx had shifted down to lupus, and laid across the kinfolk's laps to try and keep them warm.
The cold of the snow was biting, and the flames just barely kept going. She had not yet mastered the fine art of making fire from nothing, and so she had given her jacket and overshirt to the kids to provide layers, and burned the only other things she owned to keep the flames going.
The two children snuggled into the Garou's fur, taking her warmth for their own, she didn't care though, if she could give them all the warmth in her body to make it through the harsh night, she would gladly freeze to death.
The snow bit through her fur like a hungry animal, and the children shivered. She thanked Gaia when the Kin were able to finally get to sleep, but as they whimpered in their sleep, tears rolled down her face, freezing over before they could fall off her muzzle.

As the icy night stretched onward, something moved in the distance, something bright... in a moment she was on her feet. She watched as fire approached, the flames taking strange shapes the closer they got. They seemed to be drawn to the small fire Nyx was tending... at first they merely looked, bird-like heads turning this way and that... but suddenly one stepped forward, foot directed towards the tiny flame. Nyx shifted, reaching out a hand without thinking, and grabbing it's "leg". The fire cut into her skin, and she bit her tongue so she would not scream and wake the young kin... it burned terribly, but she held tight, determined not to let the things step on her fire.

This only served to anger them, the things lashed out at her, balls of flame flying through the dark night air, and singeing her skin. Still she bit her tongue...
She stood the rest of the way, shifting to crinos. With tooth and claw she fought them, pushing them back from the fire.
She fought valiantly, but eventually they backed her against a tree. Surrounding her, the things looked at her with eyes filled with malice. She gritted her teeth, and looked around with a grim determination. Her eyes went up, looking into the tree branches, and a smile crossed her lips. She lifted her arm, which caught the things off guard, unsure what she was about to do. Rather than drive her claws into the things before her however, she rammed her elbow into the base of the tree behind her, shattering her elbow and sending a blanket of snow tumbling down from the woody limbs above. The snow covered everything beneath it, and snuffed out the fire creatures entirely.

She stepped away from the tree, holding her elbow she shifted back down to lupus and made her way back to the fire. The sun was just beginning to rise as she got close, finally, an end to the lengthy night, they had made it!

As she got close however... her heart sank...

The fire had died...

Panic set in and she went at a run, rushing to the kids, she nosed them, trying to rouse them from their sleep. When that didn't work, she shifted up to Homid. She trembled in the cold in nothing but a camisole and slip, her hands wouldn't stop shaking as she reached out, shaking them to get them to wake up... they would not wake up.
She continued to shake them, tears streaming down her face now.

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP DAMMIT! WE DID IT, WE MADE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT... YOU'RE GOING TO SEE CALIFORNIA, YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE IT OVER THIS MOUNTAIN... all you have to do is open your eyes, and we can go..." She was sobbing now, and her whole body shook. "...please.... just wake up..."

Nyx woke up...
She rubbed the tears from her eyes and shook the snow off of herself...
She was still on the mountain pass...
...she was still alone...
“I have a deadly nightshade, so twisted does it grow
with berries black as midnight, and a skull as white as snow
The vicar's cocky young son, came to drink my tea
he touched me without asking, now he's buried 'neath a tree.”

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Re: The Cold Nights Are The Longest (3,000+ Words)

Post by tinnaminor » Sat Feb 29, 2020 12:00 pm

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