Mute flaw

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Mute flaw

Post by Lyra » Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:04 pm

Does the Mute flaw prevent any vocalizations of any kind (such as growling or howling), or just intelligible human speech?

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Re: Mute flaw

Post by Dakota » Fri Mar 13, 2020 3:53 pm

I would think, and forgive me for intruding i just know our rules team is currently on a break until it changes over. I would think that the mute flaw would signify a loss of vocal cords, while the reasons for being mute can vary in many forms in think this flaw is meant to signify the physical loss of speech such as through lack of vocal cords.

Without them you would be able to whistle and the like, but howling and growling would not be possible, be a weirdo like me and try to growl without engaging your vocal cords, you get something but most folks would not see it as a growl, but definitely a threat.

I would think the way this would effect changers and their ability to heal and shapechange would be similar to any other flaw based on injury.

I would suggest clarity to this rule to whomever takes over within the rules team.

Instead of (Mute* - 2 Point Flaw - You may not speak while In Game and must find other ways to communicate.)

Something Like (Mute - 2 point flaw - You may not speak or make any sounds that require the use of vocal cords while in game. you must find other ways to communicate)

Unless of course i am entirely wrong and those other ways to communicate include growls and howls, in which case adding that non speech forms of noise are still ok would also be helpful.

Happy to be of help if i can.
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Re: Mute flaw

Post by Brian » Fri Mar 13, 2020 7:04 pm

In the real world there are many forms of mutism, and some have nothing to do with physical damage. A case could be made for some vocalizations, however I would argue that with the flaw’s purpose, preventing vocal communication, clear sounds with meanings would likely be against the spirit of the flaw. If your howls and growls conveyed meaning, I would argue they are against the spirit. Monotone grunts, howls or growls, used with no connection to the situation may be acceptable, but if a howl becomes a yes, a growl becomes a no, and a grunt becomes a “fire when ready”, the flaw should be bought off. You are communicating vocally at that point, even if it’s not communicating in comprehensible words.

Of course I’m just providing a counter-argument to Lester here, not making any sort of ruling on behalf of staff.

More on mutism:

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