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Literary Topics

Post by Brian » Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:37 pm

Please remember: These are not REQUIRED topics, just ideas to help you get started on writing. Also note, the month next to the challenge isn't when you have to write it, it's just there for identification. When writing to a Literary topic, please note in either the subject or on the first line what topic you are writing to.

EDIT 10/26 by Patricia: The new lit tracking system is LIVE! You can see which topic you've written for by clicking this link. ... sp=sharing
  • January 2015) Everyone got here somehow. What was the hardest part of the journey to Quarry Creek (as it exists now) for your character?
  • February 2015) Back home. Maybe you miss the area while it was wild, or you left family back on the East Coast. Write to or about where you came from.
  • March 2015) Your Future. What does your future look like, now that you've reached Quarry Creek?
  • March 2015 Part 2) Your first. Whatever first you like - it could be your first swig of whisky, your first love, or your first trip to San Francisco.
  • April 2015) Now that's funny. Give us something that really and truly amused your character. It doesn't have to be recent history, it can be some time decades ago (or in some cases, maybe even centuries) - or even just a thought about the future.
  • May 2015) - Why it's worth it. When the going gets tough, you need something to motivate you. Why do you stick around when the worst monsters come out to play?
  • May 2015 Part 2) - Irony. Not misfortune, but an outcome that was contrary to the intention.
  • June 2015) - The day after the storm. You survived the storm. There will be another one day, but for now you can breathe. What do you do?
  • July 2015) - Independence. Define independence from the perspective of your character. Whether it's of the nation, for the self, or of your people, there's something that your character comprehends as independence.
  • August 2015) - Trouble. When trouble came knocking, how did your character weasel out of it? Or did they face the music despite any risks that might have come with that?
  • September 2015) - A taste of destruction. Everyone has broken something in their life. Whether they destroyed someone's hopes, crushed an anthill, or burned a building to its foundation, what was your character's view on the first destruction they recall being responsible for? How do they feel about it now?
  • October 2015) - Campfire tales. Whether this is your story, a story you told, or a story told to you; a story about a heroic deed, horror and monsters, or just a tall tale, tell us your character's chosen campfire story for the month of October.
  • November 2015) - Pride. Some folk are proud of what they've become, others of the things they have, others just to be part of a great nation. Feel free to boast a bit here!
  • December 2015) - Metal. I've been reading books that focus around it - sorry. Even in the real world, though, metal is more than just a shiny rock. It's the force that started the Gold Rush, the material used to create the railways, to bolt ships together, to build a more durable world. What has metal done for your character?
  • January 2016) - The biting cold - We all know it's been cold! Imagine what it was like without real heaters and insulated glass windows. We all have the ability to escape the cold, even if we go camping mid-winter. Let's talk damn cold.
  • January 2016 part 2) - Change - When things weren't working right, how did you go about changing it? Did you change the world, or change yourself? How did it all come together?
  • February 2016) - Silence - whether you only find it in your sleep, whether your world fills with it some days, or whether it's simply something you seek at times to focus on yourself, how does silence impact your character?
  • March 2016) - (Ir)responsibility - Some of our characters are incredibly responsible, and others less so. What does your character do with their responsible side? How does/has responsibility impacted them?
  • March 2016 part 2) - Blood - this is a little late in coming. With the scent of blood in the air from session 2.4, with how critical it is to the vampires, how delectable to the shifters, how it must be missed by the Wraiths and how alien it is to the Gaians, it has meaning to everyone. Give me your story of blood.
  • April 2016) - Rain - we all had a crazy ride this last game with the insanely heavy rain, falling trees, and a few "please stay in doors" requests during the worst of it all. This literary doesn't have to be about that particular storm, but about those drops of water falling from the sky.
  • April 2016 Part 2) - Ritual - this can be any kind of ritual, from mystical, to morning, to mourning. How does this ritual impact the character; does it make them feel something specific? Or maybe it provides something they need to keep moving?
  • May 2016) - Pain - There are all kinds of pain, from your very first scrape to losing a limb to losing the love of your life. Show us that pain, whether it be your character's first true pain, that "10" on the scale, or what happened when they came down from shock.
  • May 2016 part 2) - Healing - Every wound heals with time. Tell about a time your character healed, what that struggle entailed, and how they draw on that power.
  • June 2016) - Detachment - The World of Darkness is full of this, and it's in the real world as well. Vampires who realize that in order to save their lovers they have to step away from them. Werewolves who run from their families to protect them from their rage. Wraiths who have lost family generations ago. Mortals who are estranged from their families. Always, though, there's a reason, and you insulate yourself from the pain. What's your story?
  • July 2016) - BANG - Guns and dynamite and nitro, oh my. Whether your character remembers the first time they heard a gunshot and ran away as a wolf, felt the ringing in their ears as they stood near where a tunnel was being blasted, or stood to protect a family as that terrible sound rang out, tell us about that explosive sound.
  • August 2016) - Perfection - Many seek to attain it, some have felt it if only for a fleeting moment. What is perfection? How does perfection impact your character?
  • September 2016) - Dawn - All things have a beginning. The dawn of a new day, whether that be literal or figurative. Describe what that dawn means to you.
  • September 2016 Part 2) - A lasting impression. Not just a change, but something that comes to mind often as your character continues to experience the world around them. Who or what left a lasting impression behind for you.
  • October 2016) - Shiny Rocks - California is the golden state. Tell us about our favorite shiny Rock in the Dark Prospects setting.
  • October 2016 Part 2) - Unlikely Teamwork - With all of the crazy stuff going on right now, we're seeing a good deal of unlikely teamwork heating up in game. It doesn't have to be related to the current events at game, but tell us about an unusual and unlikely team-up your character has had.
  • November 2016) Gratefulness - Describe a time when your character felt grateful toward another being - whether it be flesh and blood, or spiritual.
  • December 2016) Drawing Conclusions - whether correct or incorrect, a conclusion drawn well before the truth actually came through.
  • December 2016 Part 2) Tall Tales - It's time to exaggerate as we end the year! Most stories are anchored in reality, but end up exaggerating further and further as time goes on. In the West, exaggeration comes far more quickly; Time to be a hero!
  • January 2017 Part 1) Domestic Animals - How has your character handled interactions with pets or livestock? If they can't interact with them anymore for some reason (like an internal Beast), do they miss it?
  • January 2017 Part 2) Wild Beasts - They're everywhere outside of the cities. Some drive our primal fears, some pique our interests. Tell us about your character's experiences with wild animals.
  • February 2017) The Flood - So we've done rain before, but we're not just talking rain here. We're talking the goddamn FLOOD.
  • March 2017 Part 1) The Night - Many characters in our world are creatures of the night. What does the night mean to your character?
  • March 2017 part 2) The Day - To some it's safety, to some terrifying, to some just a novelty. What does day mean to your character?
  • April 2017 Destruction - One of the Triat. The final death. Shatterings. Oblivion. Give us a story of sheer destruction your character has experienced.
  • May 2017 part 1) Creation - Has your character been responsible for any creation, great or small? Tell us about it.
  • May 2017 part 2) Stasis - The more things change, the more they stay the same - what is a that piece of normalcy your character clings to or expects.
  • June 2017) Art - how do creative forces impact your character?
  • July 2017) Magic - Many of us run around with magic powers. Others believe that they've seen magic when all they have seen are tricks. Tell us about your experience with real magic - something you just can't explain.
  • August 2017 part 1) Failure - Nobody is right all the time. Nobody succeeds at everything they do. Tell us how your character failed. What was the impact?
  • August 2017 part 2) Success - You made it! Let's hear about it.
  • September 2017) Being Alone - whether it was your choice or not, everyone ends up alone from time to time. Let's talk.
  • October 2017 Part 1) Ancestors - Those who came before you - whether it's a vampire's sire, a human's mother, a spirit ancestor, or whatever it is - how did your ancestors influence you?
  • October 2017 part 2) Descendants - How do you plan to influence the next generation? What legacy do you intend to leave behind?
  • November 2017) The Fall Season - This one's pretty self explanatory - when the leaves begin to fall. Does the fall season make you happy? Sad? Does it encourage you? Does it remind you of a time in your past? What does Fall do for you?
  • December 2017 Part 1) Luck - Remember that time that guy caught a bullet in his teeth? Damn that was lucky - what about you? Gotten lucky?
  • December 2017 part 2) Misfortune - With the good comes the bad. When your luck failed what became of you?
  • January 2018 part 1) The Peak - Physical or metaphorical - the high point.
  • January 2018 part 2) The Base - Physical or metaphorical - the low point.
  • February 2018 part 1) Impressions - How would someone from "back home" react if they saw who you are in Quarry Creek?
  • February 2018 part 2) The Railroad - it is coming, and it is bringing with it a whole host to advances and issues.
  • March 2018 Statehood - California is now a full fledged state in the Union! What does that mean for you? How does it change things?
  • April 2018 Faith - what it means to you, how it helps you get through, or perhaps - why you have none.
  • May 2018 part 1) Your Craft - many of us are smiths, or artists, or leaders; what is it about your craft that makes it part of your identity?
  • May 2018 part 2) Hope - sometimes, it is all you have to keep you going; sometimes it can be so twisted that it blinds you to reality.
  • June 2018 Joy - what is something that brings you joy?
  • July 2018 Nightmares - they can be all to real, and often find a way to creep into your waking hours as well.
  • August 2018 part 1) What makes the West "wild" to you?
  • August 2018 part 2) Misconceptions - everyone gets it wrong sometimes. What is a misconception others hold about you, or one you’ve found out you held about another?
  • September 2018 Rival/Rivalry - they can be mean spirited or the only motivation that keeps you sane in a mad world; sometimes, they can even be friends.
  • October 2018 The Other Side - the saloon, the Umbra, death, the Shadowlands, the other perspective in an argument...... so many meanings
  • November 2018 part 1) Smoke - where there is smoke, there is usually fire...... usually.
  • November 2018 part 2) The Infernal, or Hell, or the Abyss - perhaps the realm itself, perhaps simply your character's view of what eternal damnation may be for them.
  • December 2018 Fire - in the cold and dark of winter, this usually destructive element can in fact be the only thing that keeps the spark of life alive.
  • January 2019 part 1) Darkness - Winter is the darkest part of the year physically, and for some, emotionally as well. What is the darkness to you? How do you deal with the darkness inside you?
  • January 2019 part 2) Consequences - all of our actions have consequences, some are small and effect no one but ourselves - others.... others are large and far more sweeping and effective than we intend or expect. Tell us about a consequence that you hadn't planned for or an effect you hadn't expected.
  • February 2019 part 1) Love - love of family, romantic love, platonic love, love of drink, love of power.... there are so many different kinds of love. Tell us about a love you have.
  • February 2019 part 2) Sacrifice - this town has seen a lot of sacrifices in a lot of different forms, tells us your take on one, or of a sacrifice you have seen or made in the past.
  • March 2019 part 1) Spirits - perhaps this means Gaian spirits, perhaps ghosts, perhaps the kind of spirit that comes in a bottle. Tell us something about your character and spirits.
  • March 2019 part 2) Loss - the pain of the loss of a loved one, the annoyance of the loss of an important item
  • April 2019 part 1) Spring - it is a season of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings.... it is also a coil of metal or a sudden jump upwards.
  • April 2019 part 2) Facing your demons - Sometimes you have to turn and face what you have been running from, what you created, or just the darkness in your past.
  • May 2019 Engagement - that time when you are affianced but not yet married, or the state of being hired for a job, or just being too busy to accept an invitation... tell us about being engaged
  • June 2019 Breakfast - the first time you eat for the day... is it really the most important meal?
  • July 2019 The power of a pack - garou pack, sabbat pack, backpack....
  • August 2019 Heat - The heat of summer, the heat of passion, the heat of a good curry..... either way, tell how heat has effected you.
  • September 2019 part 1) Frustration - so many things can frustrate, tell us about what has frustrated you or even what you have done to frustrate someone else.
  • September 2019 part 2) Betrayal - either how you were betrayed, or how you betrayed another - or even a betrayal that didn't involve you but that you witnessed.
  • October 2019 Harvest - the Harvest moon, harvesting crops, a more sinister harvest or perhaps just how you reap what you sow.
  • November 2019 part 1) Reunion - they can be painful, joyful or sometimes simply wished for
  • November 2019 part 2) Letters - though the telegraph is taking off, letters are still the main form of long distance communication of the day. Share a letter, or how letters play a part in your character's life
  • December 2019 part 1) Fear - fear is a heady thing. It can cause the delirium, it can drive a good man to do bad things, it can cause distrust, it can make us into cowards.
  • December 2019 part 2) Christmas/Yule/Solstice/Hanukkah - what does the winter holiday season mean to you? Write about the holiday that applies to you.

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Re: Literary Topics

Post by Lindsay » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:21 pm

Lit topics part 2
  • January 2020 part 1) Current events - write about mortal mundane goings on from current time in game that are effecting your character.
    A war, an invention, a wedding, an election, a birth, a death - something non supernatural and preferably era specific.
  • January 2020 part 2) Politics - sept politics, mortal politics, family politics, state politics, national politics... there are a lot of ways to go here
  • February 2020 Family - what does family mean to you, or a story about your family, or how you built your family, or how you protect them, or how you don't have one...
  • March 2020 part 1) Leap of Faith - a step into the unknown, trusting another based on an ally's vouchsafe, fighting with another at your back for the first time...... write about a time when you took a leap of faith.
  • March 2020 part 2) Sun/Moon - both celestial bodies have great power for MANY of the denizens of our town - write a tale with one of them as the theme.
  • April 2020 Weapon(s) - perhaps an ode to your favorite gun, or your overall view on swords, or even how words wound deeper than steel

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