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Rite of Passage (2)

Requirements: 1 Shifter of the same type at or above Rank 1, preferably the highest ranked available.
Target: 1 Shifter cub
Cost: No Cost
Cast Time: 3 minutes with an extended period before completion
May contribute to: Honor
Purpose: A specialized version of the Rite of Accomplishment for moving a character from cub to Rank 1. This Rite acknowledges their passage into being societally an adult.

You may perform this rite for a cub of your same Shifter Type. The cub should notify those above them that they are prepared for their challenge, but may not initiate this Rite. The cub must have enough Renown for their character to achieve Rank 1.

Begin the ritual by calling the cub over and inviting any other characters present they feel appropriate to listen. “[target name(s)], it is time for you to join us as a [brother/sister] instead of a [son/daughter]. You must succeed at my challenge to do so.” The ritualist should then give the cub or cubs a challenge (either their own, or one obtained by an appropriate character). The cub should attempt to complete the challenge within a time limit (usually measured in a minimum of a few hours or days), provided in the challenge. If successful, the cub returns to the ritualist victorious and all shifters present should celebrate the cub’s ascension into adulthood. If they fail, the cub should return, head hung low and notify the ritualist. This ritual may only be performed on any one cub once per game.

If successful, the Challenger should visit ST camp and notify them about the Rank increase. While at ST camp you may purchase a single Gift if you did not purchase a Gift at check-in this game. Leave a note with check-in to subtract XP from your XP sheet, then return to game playing at your new Rank.

Please note that if ST camp feels that the challenge is not sufficient they may tell you that the spirits demand a tougher challenge. Complete that challenge before gaining your Rank.