Imagine that you came to California for the gold. Maybe you're a merchant most days, or maybe you're a soldier, but today you're a prospector. Everyone gets excited when the rivers gleam. You've been down at the water's edge for some time now, pan in hand, and are now making your way back toward town with a fist-sized bag full of gold in hand.

You get a sudden sensation of being followed and turn to see who it is. From the corner of your eye you see something, but it's gone again before you can prove it was there. You pull your knife and look closer, trying to find whoever is stalking your find, but there's no one to be found. When you turn back to see a silhouette against the moonlit sky. Suddenly there's movement all around as the very shadows seem to envelop you. You attempt to scream but there's no noise to be had. The shadows close in and the silhouette moves toward you inhumanly fast - you're certain you're going to die, and you clutch your purse with the last of your breath.

Suddenly you shake yourself awake slumped over a saloon table. You feel chill and your skin looks pale, even to yourself. A friend from town slaps you on the back with a hearty laugh and you smile half-heartedly, searching yourself for your find. The one that doesn't seem to be on you. Was it all a dream caused by drink, or did something really happen? The bar girl taps you on the shoulder and hands you a drink "This came fully paid." - can you ever be entirely sure?

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Welcome to our world.

Dark Prospects is a weekend long role playing game taking place in a mid-1800s California that could have been. We play out of Camp Sylvester in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, where the California Gold Rush had a major impact on the people and land. Become a mortal surrounded by monsters or a creature of the night in the 1800s.

The game system is designed to allow you to be your character for the entire weekend, spending as little time out of character as possible. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced player or you're new to gaming, we're looking forward to helping you become part of our world.

Dark Prospects allows character concepts built from Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse (including some from the Changing Breeds books), Wraith: The Oblivion, and some of their sub-books. We are located in the South Bay near San Francisco, California.

Due to real world liability and themes in the World of Darkness we can only accept players age 18 and up.

Take a look at the Introduction for more information.

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