Game 6.2 Update

by BlackLamb on Wed Oct 30, 2019 11:29 am

As you may know power has been on and off at the camp in October, currently it is on and expected to stay that way looking at weather projections stay on during our game weekend. But circumstances can change so we would like to remind everyone to be prepared for a power outage.

Some ideas on being prepared is to bring extra lighting, for navigating the site and lighting the cabins. Since the smoke hood can not be turned on we will not be able to cook in the kitchen and would want to minimize the fridge access. So pack some backup food that does not need cooking or cooling. We believe that the furnaces in the cabins do not require power so we should be good for heat at least in them but it would be good to have extra warm items like blankets and jackets.

Again we do not expect there to be a loss of power and game is still on this weekend. We look forward to seeing you all at game.

Rulebook S6R released!

by Ginger on Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:11 pm

The two big overhauls are Rank & Renown, and Becoming Something Else. Most of the rest is general cleanup, clarifications, and patches.


Some general cleanup in introduction.

Systems & General

- Clarified that a second lock tag will be provided only for both sides of one door, and no other purpose.

- Becoming Something Else and Character Sheet Changes have been simplified and clarified.

- Trapping is no longer coming soon.

- Human Aura merit clarified.

- Several instances of Shared Strength: Claws now includes Claws or Tentacles.

- All instances of Aggravated Damage now have an associated attack type.


- 0-level Faith ritual now correctly named Patron’s Blessing

- Granting’s Shared Strength has new cost/duration

Vampires & Ghouls

- Daimonion moved from player rulebook to ST only.

- Sense Blood renamed Blood Sense - not a sensory power


- Castigate Repair Soul is now self or other

Shifters & Kinfolk

- Rank and Renown have been overhauled and simplified. Tools are pending.

- Iron Riders Gun Breach is now 3G for 60 seconds of shots

- Shifters can now purchase one innate gift per level per innate tree-set, regardless of rank. (Players who have earned high rank powers the hard way will be compensated. Details pending)

Gaian Spirits

- Shape Object has been added to the Powers list where it belongs.


- Assorted formatting cleanup

- Clarified if your glamour pool is full, receiving an enchanted object has no effect.

- Dreamshape Breach is Mental or Status only

- Wayfare Teleport is self-only

- Beastly Form now comes with Caws


- Aura Sight is now Sense Aura, where it belongs

- Beast Form comes with Augment

- Sense Blood has been renamed Blood Sense, it is not a sensory power

- Bypass has been clarified to maximum 3

- Clairvoyance is cast on yourself

- Combat Healing no longer costs to activate, only per heal

- Enchant Object has been updated and clarified

- Frozen Form does not provide immunity to Revert Form

- Healing Storm has been updated

- Healing Touch requires Touch

- Incorporeal Body has been renamed Shadow Body

- Rationalize has been clarified

- Resist Toxin has been renamed Toxin Resistance, it is not a resist power

- Revert Form has been clarified as removing Frozen Form

- Shape Object has been added to the Powers list where it belongs

- Soul Walk has been updated and clarified

- Steal Health is a physical

- Sustenance has been added to the powers list where it belongs

- Toxicity has been clarified and updated


Special thanks to Chris B and Ralph, without whom this would not have been finalized.

Season 6 Dates!

by Ralph on Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:28 am


Today I spoke to the new Camp Director and I was able to get tentative dates for season 6.

However, that came with a big caveat that I need everyone to understand. Going forward, all Prospects Dates are to be considered tentative until at least 60 days out. The camp will not secure our dates until 60 days out in preference for larger groups.

The XOs will inform everyone when we have confirmed dates so you can make appropriate plans.

Without further ado; here are the Season 6 Dates.

Game 1 - September 13-15

Game 2 - November 1-3

Game 3 - December 13-15

Game 4 - January 24-26

Game 5 - March 6-8

Game 6 - April 17-19

Let me know if you have any questions.



by Brian on Sun Apr 21, 2019 9:07 pm


I'm stickying this post here because it's recently been brought to our attention. It looks like currently has our registration emails blocked. I'm working on fixing the problem, but in the meantime, please use emails from other providers to register - we'll hopefully get this fixed soon, but *just in case*...

S5E5 Votes!

by Ralph on Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:54 am

Congratulations. The winners of S5E5 Votes are:

Top Choice:




Most Wild West Moment:


Lauren M

Matthew V

Best Faction Specific Moment:





Comedy Gold:



Sean R.

Interesting Story:


Sean R

Jennifer P.

Non-Staff Game Support:


Lauren M


David B.

Next game will use these categories!

Top Choice

Biggest Character Growth

Most Intense Moment

Best Addition to the Era

Best Conversation

Non-Staff Game Support

New face on Storytelling team

by Lindsay on Tue Apr 02, 2019 1:24 pm

For those of you who were not able to be there for the announcement at game down - we'd like to officially welcome Sean (player of Killian Fontain) as the newest member of our Storytelling team.

We look forward to what he'll bring to our game as one of our hard working STs!

S5E4 Votes

by Ralph on Mon Mar 18, 2019 10:57 am

Announcing the vote winners for "S5E4 - The Glamour of Gold"

Top Choice:



Most Wild West Moment:


----Matt V.

----Kaitlin C.

----Chris G.

Best Faction Specific Moment:


----David K



Comedy Gold:




Interesting Story:





Non-Staff Game Support (2xp each):

----Jennifer P.

----Justin C.

----Peter M.

Congratulations to all of you.

"S5E5 - Reinforcements" Categories will be:

Top Choice

Best Addition to the Setting

Biggest Character Growth

Favorite NPC

Most Heartwrenching

Non-Staff Game Support

S5E6 DATE CHANGE - New date April 19-22.

by Ralph on Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:50 pm


I just got word from the camp that they need to change our final date for the season. They have asked us to move to April 19-22.

On the good news side of things, this means we will no longer need to have a shortened game.

If you have multiple forum accounts...

by Brian on Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:45 pm

Please don't forget to link your accounts if you happen to have multiples. This ensures XP is tallied correctly for your accounts and allows you to quickly switch between them with a simple dropdown instead of having to log out/in repeatedly.

Thank you

S5R2.1 Released

by Ginger on Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:02 pm


Feeding on Changelings now causes Enchantment.

Change to Enchantment - Enchantment no longer causes forgetting; it now causes Rationalize.

Rationalize - A new power to protect the Veil and secrets. Currently only used as part of Enchantment.

Parrying - You may not parry packets, bullets, or physical ranged attacks.

Removed Trapping - Trapping is not yet ready for prime time; rules team has pulled it for now.

Minor changes:

Lucid Dreamer merit - changed to reflect new Enchantment rules.

Shattering Crescendo - fixed.

Clarity in Obeah tree - removed 30 second charge timer

All references to Iron as a special material have been replaced with Cold Iron.

Answers to questions, before you ask them!

Changeling Itemmaker: Coming soon! If you need Changeling Fetishes, (either the Item background or because you are a Nocker) please drop a PM to Rules Team and we will help you build it. Alternately, you may wait until the Itemmaker is ready, and collect your tag at a future date.

Trapping: also coming soon! It just needs more polish. We will publish as an appendix when it is released.

Gift of Enchantment and Enchant Object are two names for the same power. We will clean this up with the next edition.

Clarity will remove enchantment

Shaking off will remove enchantment.

Ending an Enchantment early (eg Clarity, Shaking off) does not avoid the Rationalize effect.

Enchantment does not interact with Mental Overwrite effects.

Changelings do not need to spend Glamour to enchant Vampires who feed from them.

Cold Iron is a special material, just like gold or silver.

Normal ‘metal’ weapons like swords and guns are not Cold Iron