New version of Character Sheets and Check-In

by Brian on 2018/08/11 at 05:13

Hello Prospectors - a new version of the Character Sheets tool has been uploaded and now has the Check-In functionality integrated and Rituals moved to their own page. We hope this new tool serves you well!

S5R1 Rulebook released

by Brian on 2018/08/11 at 05:11


- New section: "Consent to Physical Role Play"

- New mechanism added to Willpower: Shaking Off.

- New mechanic: Enchantment has been added to the rulebook. This is applied by Changeling NPCs currently, but will be expanded to Changeling PCs when they are introduced.

- Form and Body powers are defined explicitly under this chapter.

- Interacting with The Umbra clarifies that ranged weapons do not work in the Umbra, not just "no guns".

- We now clarify that Merit modification does not count as a Major character change. This means the partial rewrite players get when they first change do not apply to Ghoul or Kinfolk merit addition during game.

- A link has been added to the end of the Systems: Information chapter to see the current Restricted costs.


- Shaking off Mentals has been added to the rulebook. This new mechanism allows a character to, once per hour, immediately resist an active mental effect already on their character.

- A new section defining effects with Duration vs. Instant effects has been added. Importantly, if an effect has a duration, it may not be used reflexively.

- Immunity stacking has been clarified to include a note that while you may lose the immunity effect of a power, you may retain its other effects while these are active.

- A new section titled "Effects that Level and Effect Caps" has been added to the book. Maximum damage information is now in this section.

- Firearm damage cap is now 5 instead of 4.

- Form Power overrides have been added to the "Overriding Effects" section.

- Node Tick regeneration has been clarified. If you are benefiting from accelerating ticks and the affected pool goes down for any reason, your tick speed resets.


- Armor and Shields have received a minor revamp. We've done away with shield sizes. All shields now have 5HP. Shield and Armor repairs have had overall costs increased. It is likely these pieces of equipment will see additional changes going forward.

- The list of Effect types has been updated.

- The list of power Modifiers has been moved to just before Powers in the book.

- An additional signal has been added to the rules. Green glow sticks can be used to represent Convergence (the power that used to be Umbral Body)

- The crafting chart has removed Large and Medium shields. Small Shields have been renamed "Shields" here, and the craft/purchase cost is the same as Small shields used to be.

- A link back to the section under Systems: General for "what Restricted characters are" has been added.


- No mechanical changes. Updates to formats, text, and power names.


- No mechanical changes. Updates to formats, text, and power names.


- Blood Bond text has been updated. This should be non-mechanical changes, but the descriptions have been updated for clarity.

- The "Light Averse" weakness (Lasombra, Setite) has been updated to state the override effect for the Resilience power.

- Instances of Resist: status have been normalized to 2 Blood.

- Flawless Parry (Celerity EP) has been combined with Celerity 4.

- Counterkill, NC, 1x/day has been added to Celerity EP.

- Sepulchre Path L5 Turncoat has had Breach added.

- Presence 2 has had the new Charm power added to it.

- Presence 3 has been replaced with Love, 10m.

- Presence 4 has been replaced with a Persistent version of Love (24h)

- Presence EP Quell / Riot have both been increased from 1B to 3B, in-line with other Mass powers.

- Updates to formats, text, and power names.


- Updates to formats, and text - there should be no mechanical changes here.


- Built-In Gauntlet sight has had clarification added that it is only functional in Psyche.

- The Shadows paragraph has been clarified to state that you lose access to Gauntlet Sight while in Shadow.

- Mnemosynis Ingrained Detection 1&5 has been replaced with Resist: Phys/Dmg & Hanging On.

- Outrage 1 Resist Status has been normalized to 2 Pathos.

- Usury Ingrained Medicine & Sense Liability has been replaced with Sense Pool: Health and Sense Pool Energy.


- Bastet Felis R3 Bind Foot has been replaced with Sense Pool: Gnosis

- Balam R2 Terror has been replaced with Rage Regeneration.

- Balam R4 Poison has been replaced with Open Wounds.

- Swara R1 Resist: Status has been normalized to 2 Gnosis

- Bastet R4 Love has been switched to the 10m version.

- Bastet R2 Blindness has been replaced with Resist: Physical/Damage

- Bastet R4 HT&Clarity fixed - it is now correctly HT4+Clarity.

- Nuwisha are no longer permanently stuck in Cloak once they purchase the R1 Cloak power.


- Clarified text regarding tree purchasing - no mechanical change.

- Aspects have been clarified - no mechanical change.

- Roles have been clarified to remove the space ship operator.

- Defender 2 has had Cloak added.

- NPC Packmate benefit 1e/h has been updated to clarify that it doesn't stack if purchased more than once.


- Craft added to skills.


- Modifiers section has been added here.

- Aura Sense has been renamed Sense Aura for consistency reasons.

- Clarified text for ghouling/embrace under Blood Healing. Clarified requirements to receive consent before Ghouling/Embracing.

- Energy to Health has been moved to the right spot alphabetically.

- Borrow Power limitations have have been clarified.

- Cloak clarified - mass powers can still target Cloaked characters.

- Cloak Sight power has had additional text added for clarity.

- Command is now a Signaled Mental instead of last season's Status. This effect can not be used to clear Mentals with durations. If the power isn't possible to perform, the target may instead contemplate how to perform it.

- Convergence updated to include the new visual signal.

- Daydream has been expanded to fully describe the effect.

- Deep Sense has been renamed Sense Deeply.

- Drain Pool has been updated. The character doing the draining may no longer move once the effect begins.

- Elemental Weapons now correctly lists an Immunity in its description.

- Emotional Regeneration is now in the rulebook. Should have been to begin with.

- Gauntlet Sight clarified.

- Hardened Flesh requires a sig call to activate.

- Hanging on allows a character to be healed by others, but not by self.

- Instill Desire updated for Persistent effects.

- Instill Goal updated for Persistent effects.

- Love is no longer persistent by default. It can still be made Persistent via modifiers.

- Sense Item has been renamed Item Sight for consistency.

- Sense Magic has been renamed Magic Awareness

- Sense Watchers has been renamed Watcher Sight.

- Taint Fetter has been renamed Taint Item. Now with more description!

- Thieving Talons limitations updated.

- Unforgettable is now rolled into Love.


- New Power: Muse Regeneration allows a Changeling to gain Glamour from being near others creating art.

- New Power: Refund allows a character to call Immune to an effect, but return the resource the attacker spent on it.

- New Power: Animal form added.

- New Power: Charm (previously the L1 Blood Bond effect)

- New Power: Chimerical Creation - in preparation for Changeling. Allows Glamour Item creation.

- New Power: Creative Crafting added in preparation for Changeling.

- New Power: Enchanted Sight added - allows one to see across the Umbra without hearing.

- New Power: Enchant Object added in preparation for Changeling. Allows a Changeling to Enchant another character or pass Glamour to another Changeling.

- New Power: Has a Knack - in preparation for Changeling. Allows a character to craft 3 items at crafting cost regardless of whether they have a skill for it.

- New Power: Kith Form - allows a Changeling to gain access to their Kith powers at reduced cost.

- New Power: Rigging allows the creation of temporary items.

Possible price increase.

by Ralph on 2018/08/07 at 21:10

Dark Prospects community,

The Camp recently notified us that they needed to raise our price. To be clear, this is not because the Dark Prospects community has done anything wrong. The camp is overall happy with us as a group. Regardless, the increase is required. Unfortunately, this means we need to have a serious conversation with our community about what we want to do going forward.

Importantly, the August game's price is unaffected by the price increase, as it was negotiated before the end of last season.

We're looking at the following options for the future of Dark Prospects.

The first option is to increase the attendance fee from $35-$41 to $55-$61 per game, and maintain our plans to continue Dark Prospects into season 6 and beyond.

The second option is to maintain the current $35-$41 fee and plan to make the Season 5 Finale the end of Dark Prospects. In order to do this, remaining sessions will use the game's banked donations in order to cover the additional site fee.

It really comes down to how willing we all are to shoulder the cost. Please answer the following poll.

Season 5 dates!

by Ralph on 2018/08/07 at 21:05


We're excited to announce that we finally secured our first three sessions for Season 5 with Camp Harmon. Including the newly scheduled date our first three sessions are now:

August 24-26

Nov 30 - Dec 2

Jan 4-6

We're continuing to work with the camp to schedule the last half of the season.

Check-In is Hiring!

by Channing on 2018/07/24 at 19:22

Hello Prospectors!

I just wanted to remind everyone that the Check-In Department is hiring! We are looking for a third person to help us every game. A general description of what we would need from anyone interested includes:

-several hours worth of time in the week leading up to each game

-getting to the game site around 1-2pm to be available for game prep and set up

-being willing to miss potential game play Friday evening

-being available to occasionally help players through the rest of the weekend

**Please note** Most of the work processing tickets is done online prior to game so it is not required for anyone interested to be local to the Bay Area. So long as you can arrive early on Fridays of games, we can make it work!

Please PM any interest to the XO's on the Dark Prospects website. Feel free to ask here, PM me, or PM the XO's with any questions.

IMPORTANT- ST notes for playtest

by Chris on 2018/07/24 at 15:53

Playtest Notes From ST

PLEASE READ -Philosophy of a Playtest:

A playtest is not a day game. The purpose of a playtest is to stress test the new rules and get a feel for how they work in play. That said, our rules are not built solely for combat, they work in a myriad of ways when it comes to role play situations and slow times at game.

The easiest way to incorporate those other rules impacts is to have a story and player characters at the playtest. Also, it is more fun for more people, and incorporates people who are less rules minded.

The ask from ST camp is as follows: Please consciously make meta decisions to incorporate the rules. For example: Many of us are inclined to resolve situations entirely with RP. In an ongoing or a one shot larp, this is fantastic. In a playtest it is less so.

For a playtest, we really need to test rules and system. Thus, if you have a choice between resolving something with RP or with the system and mechanics, whenever is practical, please choose the system. Especially if it is a new part of the system.

When building and playing characters, to the extent that is practical, please treat this as a playtest with a story and not as a one shot day game with test rules.

Pre-Game Character Ties Workshop:

Having just belabored the point about this being a playtest and not a one shot, we would also like to facilitate character ties at the playtest. This is both to simulate a game that has been going for several years, and to help people dive right into RP interaction as smoothly as possible as the playtest begins.

To that end, we are going to run a character ties workshop for anyone present at game start who wants to join. Players are more than welcome to pre arrange additional character ties beforehand, these connections are just a way to kickstart the game.

Each player will write their name on a piece of paper, and place it in the hat during any rounds they like. During each round each player will draw a name from the hat and have a certain tie with the person whose name they drew. The 2 players can then define the details of that relationship.

Round 1) Work with the person you drew to define a seriously antagonistic relationship you have with each other. This means each person will have 2 such enemies, the person they drew and the person who drew them. Remember, you can opt out of any rounds you like.

Round 2) work with the person that you drew to define a mildly antagonistic relationship you have with each other.

Round 3) work with the person that you drew to define an allies/friends relationship with each other.

Round 4) inform the person that you drew that you owe them a favor, and work with them to define why you owe them what.

Setting and Characters: Your characters are all attending a large annual fair that is held west of Sacramento. For one reason or another you did not attend last year, even if you are normally a regular. The fair is large enough that even people who have been coming regularly for years don't all know each other.

Character Sheet Request: please make two versions of your character sheet. For one, consider only raw power/effectiveness in your build. For the other, focus your build on rp choices and theme. You may begin game using either one.

Tags: feel free to make your own with scratch paper as appropriate.

S5 Playtest at Ed R. Levin park on 8/4/2018

by Brian on 2018/07/19 at 04:32

Traveling on either Interstate 680 or 880, take the Calaveras Road exit in Milpitas. Drive east towards the foothills along Calaveras Road. Calaveras Road passes through the southern portion of Ed Levin Park.

As you enter Ed Levin Park, the road forks - stick to the right to remain on Calaveras Road. The Oak Knoll Group Area is on the right shortly after this fork. Time to come.

Use the page at to learn more about your playtest experience. The playtest rulebook can be found at viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3458

Map to park:

S5 Playtest Rulebook

by Brian on 2018/07/19 at 04:10


- A new mechanic has been added: "Shaking Off" mental effects - this allows a character to, once per hour, remove a mental effect from themselves that they have already taken, as if they were just now resisting the power.

- Ghouling is no longer listed as a major change and does not allow a sheet rebuild at the time of merit addition - you do, however, gain Potence when becoming Ghouled.

- The Changeling Enchantment mechanism has been introduced to the main rulebook.

- Interacting with the Umbra has been clarified regarding ranged weapons

- Duration and Instant effects have been clarified. If a power has a duration, it may not be used reflexively. Powers with durations must be active when an effect is taken in order to counter the incoming effect (immunity, vitalsigns, etc...)

- Immunity non-stacking has been updated to clarify how a temporary overwrite works (Aegis overwriting Elemental Form immunity)

- Effects that Level and Levels Caps section has been added. Firearms now deal a maximum of 5 damage instead of 4. All other mechanisms, unless explicitly called out, cap at 4.

- Effect Types are getting a revamp, as we move toward defining all effects as having a specific type - this is part of the Psychic ItemMaker project, and may impact the regular ItemMaker as well. New Types include Buff, Sensory, Sight, and Restorative.

- Modifiers have been moved down to the Powers section. We are working to better integrate the Modifiers section of the book.

- A new modifier, Persistent, applies to all 24 hour effects.


- Medicine has been cleaned up a bit, no mechanical changes.


- The Blood Bonds section has been updated. The description of Blood Bond levels have been moved into powers, and the Vampire section now references these. See this section if you believe this may impact you.

- The Light Averse weakness now includes a caveat - if you take the Resilience power, it is no longer negated completely, but reduced to 30 seconds.

- Animalism 3 (Resist Status) cost increased to 2 (in-line with other instances)

- Celerity 3 (Resist Status) cost increased to 2 (in-line with other instances)

- Celerity 4 (Enhance) now also includes Flawless Parry, which has been moved from an EP to this tier.

- Celerity EP (Flawless Parry) has been replaced with Counterkill for no cost once per day.

- Sepulchre Path 5 (Turncoat) is now Breach.

- Presence 2 (Terror) now also includes Charm.


- Ghoul pools have been clarified, and the feedback timer is now incurred by Psychic Granting as well as feeding.


- Outrage 1 (Resist Status) cost has been increased to 2 (in-line with other instances)

- Usury IA (Medicine: Assess, Sense Liability) has been replaced with Sense Pool: Health, and Sense Pool: Energy

- While not in the rulebook itself, Till tags must be updated with new versions. A player cannot have more than 1 Till attuned to them at the same time.

- Mnemosynis : Detection has been clarified


No significant changes.


- Felis 3 (Bind Foot) has been replaced with Sense Pool: Gnosis

- Balam 2 (Terror) has been replaced with Rage Regeneration

- Balam 4 (Poison) has been replaced with Open Wounds

- Swara 1 (Resist: Status) cost increased to 2 (in-line with other instances)

- Bastet General 2 (Blindness) has been replaced with Resist: (Physical,Damage)

- Bastet General 4 (HT4&Clarity) has been fixed - it is now HT4+Clarity (in-line with other instances)

- Nuwisha who take R1 Trash Is Treasure are no longer stuck cloaked with no way out.


- Tree-purchase order has been clarified.

- Aspects have been clarified - please read up.

- The NPC Totem Power that provides energy regeneration no longer stacks.


- For purposes of the Playtest, Changeling rules have been introduced into the main rulebook. We will be removing this section for S5R1. Once we hit 50 players, Changeling will get added to the rulebook at the next rules release (S5R2/S6R1)


- New modifiers have been added - these now include Blatant, Enforced, Extend, Instant, Persistent, Signaled, Special, and Subtle.



The following changes were made to provide greater consistency for determining how a power works.

- Sensory powers that provide an ongoing effect have been renamed, and now include "sight" in the name.

- Sensory powers that provide an instant effect have been renamed, and now include "sense" in the name.

- A number of new powers have been introduced as part of the Changeling ruleset. These powers will remain in the rulebook regardless of when the Changeling rules are introduced.


- New power: Animal Form added for Changeling. This grants a small animal form.

- Aura Sense has been renamed Sense Aura

- Energy to Health has been moved to the "E" section.

- Blood Sense is now Sense Blood

- Borrow Power now includes the same response as TT - targets should give the cost. On top of the BP cost you must now spend 1 of whatever the power resource is (energy, health, will, etc...) when the power is borrowed.

- New power: Charm is equivalent to L1 blood bonds.

- Cloak Sight now clarifies that you can target a character you can see with this power, and are aware that they are cloaking.

- Command is now a Signaled Mental

- New power: Creative Crafting added for Changeling. This power is still being updated. It allows a Changeling character to buy items at crafting costs from time to time.

- Daydream has been clarified to include the full details of how the power works, instead of simply referencing Dreamshape.

- Deep Sense has been renamed Sense Deeply.

- Dreamshape has been clarified.

- Emotional Regeneration has been moved to the correct area.

- New power: Enchanted Sight has been added for Changeling. This power gives Gauntlet Sight sans audio.

- New power: Enchant Object has been added for Changeling. This power allows a character to create objects that will Enchant any character who takes them.

- Gauntlet Sight has been clarified to state that you may not target cross-gauntlet unless your power breaches - yes, this includes sensory sense powers.

- Hardened Flesh now requires a sig call to activate.

- New power: Kith Form has been added for Changeling. Kith Form grants access to specific Changeling benefits.

- New power: Has a Knack added for Changeling. This allows additional downtime crafting.

- Sense Item is now Item Sight.

- Love has been clarified to include its full effect text. It is now a standard mental, but can be modified to become Persistent.

- Sense Magic is now Magic Awareness.

- Sense Watchers is now Watcher Sight

- New Power: Muse Regeneration has been added for Changeling.

- New power: Rigging has been added for Changeling. This power is in flux. It currently allows temporary Item creation.

- New power: Refund

- Request Spirit Rapport has been renamed Sense Spirit Rapport

- Taint Fetter is now Taint Object, and by default can taint any Aspect - the Taint Fetter power in Wraith now specifies specifically that you can taint only Fetters, and that it only allows Wyrm taint.

You can see these changes with more detail here: ... -s5r1.html


- A new version of the character sheets has been completed. This version moves Rituals onto a separate page from the main sheets. At the moment, this additional page is not printed when a sheet is.

- The check-in tool has been integrated into the new version of the character sheets. The new check-in tool will only be available to approved characters, and does a good deal of automatic calculation to help make your lives, as well as the lives of the CI/CG team easier.


While not active yet, there are a bunch of other changes headed this way. Highlights include:

- We will be introducing new Rituals to help flesh out many character types that currently lack them.

- We're working on a new system to manage Renown, so ST doesn't need to feel quite so tied to it. This new system uses the website, and is intended to be primarily managed between games. More details to come as the tool approaches a usable state.

- In-game player-controlled traps

Important Season 4 Finale One Week Away

by BlackLamb on 2018/04/27 at 16:55

Game 4.6, the season finale, is only one week away as of today! Please register and pay so we have a good idea of who will be there. If you have a new character get them into the CGs so they have have a chance time to work with you on them in time for game, at this time complicated characters may not get approved.

Camp will be providing most of the food this game but we need all your help keeping dishes clean and have the kitchen ready for the camp's cooking staff. You can earn XP doing this so please sign up for a shift cleaning the kitchen and dishes mid game. viewtopic.php?f=24&t=3370

Along the lines of the camp cooking food the XO's need an alergy and food restriction list from you if there is something the camp should be careful of. Please PM the XO group ASAP. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3369

Register and pay here and remember if you pay an XO in person with cash or check you will receive a $1.00 discount. Also today is the last to pay at the discounted rate of $36 on April 28th the rate will be $41.

Pre-check in at Pre-check in will allow you to get into game faster by quickly picking up you packet, tags, and in game money already set aside for you. It will also make things MUCH easier on the Check-in Staff.

If you have any characters that still need to be processed, you can talk to your character guides at [email protected] and fill out your character sheet at . Not sure what to send them? See this forum post: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=402 .

Important Links:


Pre-Check in:

Online Character Sheet:

New Character Questionnaire: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=402

Important announcement about Season 4 Finale!

by Ralph on 2018/04/18 at 07:21

Prospectors! We have received word from the Camp that on the Sunday of our game, we are likely to have some folks who are running in a marathon who may end up using part of the site. Specifically they may use the parking, bathrooms up by the pool, and the lodge (and bathrooms near there.)

We may also need to do some unusual things with parking - but I won't really know more until we get onsite.

However, in appreciation for our flexibility, the Camp has decided to give us a gift!

The camp will be providing meals to our group, starting with lunch on Saturday. That means lunch and dinner on Saturday, as well as breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

As part of that, I need a list of any food alergies anyone may have that I can present to the camp. Please PM the XO group if you have any alergies we need to be aware of.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or post here.