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S4R2 Patchnotes

by Brian on 2017/12/11 at 19:43

The S4R2 rulebook has been published.

S4R2 Patchnotes:

EXTRA: While not in the rulebook itself, a number of rituals have been, or are being reviewed currently. Please check your rituals against the wiki to see if they have been updated. We will provide a more solid list of these rituals in another post.

----Umbra / Shadowlands / Astral Realm - this topic has been expanded to include more information about the Umbra and interacting with it - if you interface with the Umbra at all, please read this section.

----The ItemMaker link in the online rulebook has been fixed.

----Ritual limitations have been introduced - you may only be under the effects of a limited number of beneficial rituals at a time now.

----We've clarified the text for learning rituals, learning multiple rituals, copying rituals, and using rituals. If you are a ritualist, read this now. If you've considered becoming a ritualist, read this now.

----You can no longer regenerate from more than one node at a time - this also applies to people acting as nodes.

----The Glossary has been updated to include new effect types, modifiers, and a better layout.

----In particular, the Signaled Modifier has been applied to a number of powers. Signaled powers do not overwrite mentals that are not also Signaled, and require either a duration specifier, or a gesture.

----There is now a *working* link to the *current* restricted costs page in the rulebook. This has been placed before the list of the restricted values in the book.


----The Shifter Rites ability is now listed under Abilities in Universal Character Creation and is no longer listed in the Shifter sections - it still requires being a shifter or shifter kinfolk.

----The Connection background is now listed under Backgrounds in Universal Character Creation and is no longer listed in the Mortal Rules. It still requires Hedge Magic to take.

----Rules for purchasing connection have changed. You may have any number of Connection trees at 5 dots each. You may have no more than two Connection trees with fewer than five dots at a given time.

----Gunplay's Merciful Sleep has been updated to require a blatant sig call - you're pistol whipping someone. It should be obvious.


----The SupKin merit has been updated to be 5-7 points and clarifies that it does not grant any of the mechanical benefits in the Kinfolk section of the rulebook. For 5 points you're kin to a Werewolf Tribe. For 7, you're kin to a Fera type. The effect remains unchanged, but the rulebook has been simplified.

----The Psychic regeneration mechanism has been updated to be more in-line with Wraith. The new mechanism grants a list of powers, similar to those found in the list of built-ins for each sup-type.

----The Kinfolk merit has been altered. Instead of a 3 point merit with a 2 point merit for choosing a specific Fera type, this is now a 3-5 point merit. For 3 points, you're kin to a Werewolf Tribe. For 5, you're kin to a Fera type. The effect remains unchanged, but the rulebook has been simplified.


----Necromancy: Ash Path 3 replaces Umbral Body with Convergence. This is just a power rename. See the powers section for details.

----Obtenebration 4 War Form has been replacd with War Form + Tentacles. See the powers section for details.

----Presence 3 Unforgettable is now Unforgettable & Lover's Touch. See the powers section for details.

----Presence 4 Love has had its duration increased to 24 hours up from 10 minutes. A corresponding cost increase has come with this change. See the powers section for details.

----Presence EP: Paralyze now also includes the option of a Mass Paralyze for a blood cost.

----Presence EP: Short Temper has been replaced with Riot & Mass Quell Beast

----Portean 4 War Form has been replaced with War Form + Claws. See the powers section for details.

----Serpentis 4 Beast Form has been replaced with Beast Form + Tentacles. See the powers section for details.

----Serpentis EP: War Form has been replaced with War Form + Claws

----A new vampire Merit has been added called Observant Ritualist. This Merit allows you to use ItemMaker rituals, but does not grant access to any form of Canon rituals.


----built-ins Breach: Amplify Emotion, Passion Regeneration, and Sense Emotion (built-in) have been updated to clarify that they only work with your own Passions.

----Intimation 3 Unforgettable now has a duration.

----Keening 1 Breach: Instill Emotion no longer allows you to instill your own Passions.

----Outrage 5 Umbral Body has been replaced with Convergence.

----The Umbral Bullets Merit now grants the Umbral Bullets power. This power may make its way into ItemMaker or other resources in the future.


----built-ins Beast Form and War Form have been replaced with Beast Form + Claws and War Form + Claws.

----Metis 5 Umbral Body has been replaced with Convergence

----Ragabash 1 Beast Form has been replaced with Beast Form + Claws

----Fianna 1 Resist Toxin has been replaced with Beast Form + Claws - this power used to be in the R2 slot.

----Fianna 2 Beast Form has been replaced with Healing Touch 1-4, cost of 1-4 health (based on healing done)

----Fianna 4 Healing Touch + Clarity is now 2G (up from 1)

----Mixed Morph (merit) has received an overhaul. It now grants the Claws power for 1 of any pool resource (instead of just Gnosis). The first 3 uses of Claws used this way per day cost 0 pool.


----built-ins Beast Form and War Form have been replaced with Beast Form + Claws and War Form + Claws.

----Kieh 2 Beast Form is now Beast Form + Claws

----Kieh 3 Unforgettable is now 10 minutes instead of 1 hour.

----Kieh 4 Love is now 24 hours instead of 10 minutes. A corresponding cost increase has come with this change.

----Nuwisha 5 Umbral Body has been replaced with Convergence.

----Shadow Seers 5 Umbral Body has been replaced with Convergence.


----Updated the GS rules to clarify that background items are based on LEVELS in the background, not points spent on the background.

----Perceiver 2 Sense Pool: Energy (any) removed the (any) - you do not get to ask about specific pools, just the target's "Energy" poo..


----Amplify Emotion no longer requires own volition for emotional manipulation. The target must still already be feeling that emotion.

----Avert uses the new "signaled" modifier. You cannot attack a character you are currently using Avert on.

----Beast Form no longer includes Claws or Tentacles. The powers are activated separately - this is so that players can choose to Visage away one piece of the power without the other if they so choose.

----Claws can now be used in conjunction with War Form and Beast Form (and often is!)

----Convergence has replaced Umbral Body in the rulebook to avoid power name confusion. We have also updated this power - you no longer require a twisted headband, but must use an orange and white striped headband - the twisted headband is a valid stand-in for this.

----Extend has been updated! Extend is now a two-part power. Part 1 extends the duration of an effect, as it did previously. Part 2 allows you to halve the duration of any Extended effect with a duration greater than 10 minutes.

----Fascination now uses the Signaled modifier and includes verbal components to specify when and how the effect remains active.

----Force has had the "subtle" modifier added to it.

----Give Energy now clarifies that if the energy type is not specified, it's "Giving Energy". If the energy type is specified it's "Giving ".

----Instill Emotion no longer has a set duration. The Instill is instant, however the emotion should remain active until something actively changes your emotional state (a power is not required for this... looking at a dead body might jar a character's emotional state just fine)

----Love is now a Persistent (24 hour) effect. Instead of a 3 point bond effect, this now applies a 2 point bond effect.

----Lover's Touch is new. It's a physical effect that provides a 1 hour 1 point bond effect.

----Passion Regeneration has been updated to be more universal.

----Pathogen now includes the Subtle modifier / sig call.

----The Proxy power has been added to the rulebook - Proxy takes Pool from an external source to grant a power. See the Rulebook for more information.

----Revert Form now calls out claws and tentacles. This power is in for a more in-depth review before S5.

----Sense Emotion has been made more universal.

----Snarl is now a Signaled power and includes a new hand sign (hand toward target, finger pointed at the ground). The cowed target may only speak in a quiet voice unless the power initiator tells them otherwise.

----Turncoat now includes: "After the effect of this power ends, the target may come to the conclusion that their actions were somehow manipulated, but not necessarily how or by whom without reason."

----Umbral Body has been removed from the rulebook and replaced with Convergence.

----Unforgettable is now a short duration (10 minute) standard mental effect with a 2 point bond instead of 1 point.

----War Form no longer grants Claws or Tentacles automatically.

XP awards 4.2

by Ralph on 2017/12/04 at 17:11

Hey folks, here are the awards for 4.2

Top Choice:

----alexalys ( 180 / Alex Kurtz )

----Ginger ( 121 / Ginger )

----Cora ( 126 / Cora )

Best In Genre:

----Dakota ( 242 / Lester )

----indianaknoppel ( 256 / David )

----Jennifer ( 251 / Jennifer )

----Skinner ( 116 / Lauren Skinner )

Scariest Story:

----Twoey ( 62 / Twoey )

----Justin ( 54 / Justin )

Best Trick:

----Margot ( 102 / Candice )

----Cora ( 126 / Cora )

----caitiehoney ( 265 / Caitlin )


----BlackLamb ( 76 / Brent )

----tinnaminor ( 120 / Maria )

----Deflare ( 261 / Joseph )

Non-Staff Game Support:

----Joetor ( 127 / Joseph Torres )

----PeterS ( 64 / Peter )

----Skinner ( 116 / Lauren Skinner )

Additional shout-out to Patricia who also placed in this category - but was ineligible due to being just being made Staff before that game!

NPC advance sign ups available december

by Chris on 2017/11/28 at 19:09

Dark Prospects Players,

We have several pre scheduled times we would love to have NPCs.

Saturday early afternoon, 5+.

Non vampire pcs please.

Saturday 11:30a (moot time). 3-5

I would like to assign some recurring cast npcs for garou. This would be a non combat shift, but the characters may need to fight in the future. Please sign up only if you are willing to re play these characters later. This is a great chance to use any costuming you have that you don't get to use regularly, id like them to not look too much like every other NPC that goes out.

Saturday late afternoon (after the moot). 3-5

Light to no combat.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested, and we can talk more about it so you can opt in/out.

I also encourage people to let ST know when they are likely to swig by, so that we can try to have something for you. Any notice is helpful notice.

As always, walk ins are welcome.

There are also NPC shifts available helping us organize, sort, and document st camp.

XP Awards, 4.1

by Ralph on 2017/10/24 at 17:37

Apologies for not posting these before.

Top Choice:

caitiehoney ( Caitlin )

Ralph ( Ralph )

In Character:

Jennifer ( Jennifer )

Twoey ( Twoey )

indianaknoppel ( David Knoppel )

Saddest Story:

MaxJB ( Max )

BeckyW ( Becky )

Best Supporting Character:

indianaknoppel ( David Knoppel )

Bishop ( David Bishop )

PeterS ( Peter Svenson )

Surprising use of a power:

Pohizzzle ( Patrick Donald OHara )

Justin ( Justin )

Non-Staff Game Support:

PeterS ( Peter Sevnson )

Joetor ( Joe Torres )

Patricia ( Patricia )

New Storyteller!

by Justin on 2017/10/23 at 18:47

We announced this at Listen Down during this past weekend, but here's an announcement for those who didn't make it:

Please welcome Alice to the roster of Storytellers!

As always, we are still recruiting - if you want to join up, please feel free to send in a Guest Plot or full-time-NPC, or talk to us!

Poll from St camp

by Chris on 2017/10/14 at 16:00

Players of Dark Prospects,

The ST team very much wants to run the type of game that our players want to play.

To that end, I have created a poll with some questions about what you want out of game. It would help us a lot if you do a few things for us.

1. Take the poll and answer the questions.

2. Look at the questions themselves. These are the sort of things we are thinking about. What other things should we be thinking about?

3. If you have particularly strong feelings about a question, help us figure out how to make your desires a reality.

4. Consider writing a guest plot or trying out for storyteller.

You may notice that many of these questions relate to combat, since that is my skill set as an ST.

You may also notice that the only required question is player name. That is because we don't want anyone's answer to be just a statistic. The better we understand your individual play style and desires, the better we can deliver that game to you.

Staffing changes in Check-in!

by Ralph on 2017/10/08 at 18:49


We have a few changes for the check-in staff for this coming game.

First - Becky is taking a break now to enjoy just being a player. The XO's want to thank her for all the work she did getting Checkin up and running and helping for so long!

Second - we are welcoming two new Check-in folks to help get things running. Welcome Chris G. and Patricia to the check-in team!


Raffle Results!

by Justin on 2017/08/28 at 02:13

Hello, Prospectors!

After sorting through 1511 tickets, our raffle is finally complete!

Our lucky winners are:

Mystery Grand Prize: 158940

Mystery Prize #2: 158691, 158543

Mystery Prize #3: 158144, 159058, 159018

Mystery Prize #4: 159425, 158637, 158083

Mystery Prize #5: 158917, 158595, 158901

If you have one of these tickets, feel free to PM staff to hear what you'll win!

If you have more than one of these tickets, let us know also - we'd much prefer for twelve prizes for twelve winners than twelve prizes for one winner!

Thank you!

Character Sheets

by Brian on 2017/08/20 at 18:34

A few of you saw me all giddy about new character sheets at game. You can check them out at - the major changes you'll see are the "notes" lines, as well as the lines that handle your pools. Pools have been simplified down to one box and 5 dots per pool. The general idea here is that if you get a new sheet at the beginning of a season, you can reuse the sheet throughout the season while only filling in the dots to indicate "add this many", but we'll update the number in the online sheets. It lets you have a clean, unscratched-out sheet while still buying things as you go, but it's easier to read than the "How many dots did I fill in on here?" sheets from before. It also condenses the lines down and gives us space for those "notes" lines I mentioned previously. I hope the new sheets are a positive for you!

We continue to update the various tools for Dark Prospects, and hope that you find all of our changes make the game a bit easier to play.

ST Camp Announcements for Game 4.1

by Justin on 2017/08/17 at 01:31

Hello, Prospectors!

ST Camp has a couple of announcements for this coming game:


In-game stuff first!

First - for the most part, it's been a surprisingly peaceful summer. Things still have background weirdness, but there hasn't been much in the way of trouble around town.

Second - over the summer, the Hayes Bakery caught fire; the town mobilized to put it out and successfully kept it from spreading, but there wasn't much but an ashy shell. A new building was built over the foundation, and funnily enough it looks a lot like the old building.

Third - there is news of Doctor Wugamawoo's Traveling Carnival visiting various towns and camps in the area, and rumor has it that they're coming to Quarry Creek soon!


Next up, some OOG announcements:

- If you want to pre-arrange an NPC shift with us, alone or in groups, please contact us! We can make this happen.

- We plan to divide Town Hall into halves, going forward - both places will be accessible under normal circumstances, and anything you hear between the walls, you hear between the walls.

- Being outside Saturday after dark is likely to be veil-unsafe again, this game! If you specifically want your character to remain veiled despite NPC activity, contact the STs and we can figure something out.

- If you are playing a Shifter, ST Camp would like to talk with you regarding Renown! Feel free to stop by ST Camp, even before game! (If you aren't playing your character that game, that's okay - we'd still love to check with you. If you won't be at game this game, you can contact us via PM or check in next game; otherwise, we'll try to get to you in uptime.)

If you have questions, shoot us a PM or talk to us at game!

Look forward to seeing you at game!

~ Justin