Official Changeling Rarity Costs for Season 5.

by Ralph on Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:31 pm

As of the deadline (12:01am this morning) there are 11 people who have successfully signed up for a Changeling reservation. We are also assuming that there will be 2 Sidhe in play.

Therefore, All changelings will need to pay 22 points for rarity cost. Sidhe will need to pay 4 more for a total cost of 26. You may go into XP debt to pay this cost if necessary.

Please note: Brand new players also get this same cost, even if they did not reserve a slot, so long as the character debut is within Season 5.

Starting with Season 6, Rarity costs will be calculated as normal for everyone.

Welcome to Changeling!

ST Announcements Game 5.3 - Terra Incognita

by PeterS on Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:14 am

RAIN is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. Safety of the players takes precedence over anything else. If the rain is too heavy, we will not have a traditional “final fight” on Saturday and will instead have smaller encounters that can be held for interested groups on the other side of Town Hall. ST Camp will never penalize players for wanting to remain warm and dry. If you feel that plot is doing so, talk to us and we will work out alternatives. If to stay warm for a bit, you need to wear non-1800s clothing, come to ST Camp! You can do a shift as something wearing a tabard over a heavy hoodie for instance, or work inside on crafting or organizing.

Do not bring up recent personal events with Channing. Just leave that subject alone.

EARTHQUAKE! In the fiction of the game, there will be an earthquake on Saturday. This will be handled by an ST out of game screaming out “EARTHQUAKE” This is a medium-sized quake, something that rattles the walls but does not cause massive destruction to buildings. You might RP perhaps that a glass fell. Your character may have never experienced an earthquake before.

Submitting a Feedback after game now rewards you with information for your character, as if you did a downtime action.

There may be scenes in coming games that allow for information and plot effects with the use of skills in ways other than their mechanics, like using detection to “track” things.

Players should familiarize themselves with the rules for Stone Body and Dynamite. They may be used in unconventional ways this game.
Stone Body: Equip a red mantle. While in this state, you reduce all incoming damage to 1. You may not move faster than a walking pace, but you may otherwise attack and act as normal. While in Stone Body no damage is considered aggravated.

Dynamite - Dynamite - A special item crafted through Gunsmithing/Ammosmithing 5. Dynamite has multiple uses. The lighting mechanism consists of using a flame prop, Flint and Steel, or a power which lets you call fire damage and calling: "Lighting Dynamite", you may switch to only one hand after the call. Make an audible count of "Burning". Once the effect of your Dynamite fires off, destroy the Dynamite tag.
The combat use for Dynamite starts with holding the Dynamite prop in both hands and using the lighting mechanism with a 3 count, then remove the sheath (if there is one) and throw the dynamite at the ground with a bit of force. The discs should shatter apart. Call "Boom Fire 4". If it fails to explode, you may reset the prop and use it again.
A single stick of Dynamite can be used to destroy any tagged item. Place a Dynamite prop on top of the item or temporarily attach it to the item, then use the lighting mechanism with a 3 count while moving away from the item. After the count yell "Boom Shatter [name of item]".
10 sticks of Dynamite can be used to disable any Node for 24 hours. Place the bundle of Dynamite at the node and use the lighting mechanism with a 30 count and move at least 30 feet away. Any targets within 30 feet of the dynamite when the Burning count completes will take 4 Fire damage. Use the sig call of "Massive Explosion. Within 30 feet of Dynamite take 4 damage." - it's long, but it matters.

5.2 XP awards!

by Ralph on Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:19 am

I almost forgot!

Here are the XP awards.

Top Choice:
----David K
----Justin S
Best prop or deco:
Most addition to immersion:
----Peter S
Best Secret spilled:
WTF moment:
Non-Staff Game support:
----Justin C
----Peter M.

Changeling coming - Reserve now!

by Ralph on Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:39 pm

Dark Prospects is currently planning to release Changeling as part of the mid-season rules update. That means that the first changeling characters are planned to be available during the February game.

In order to help us determine rarity cost, we need to know who intends to play changelings this season. Changeling will NOT have a zero rarity cost on day one; it will be determined by the number of reservations we receive. However, only those people who make reservations (and new players!) will be able to make changelings this season - but the rarity cost will be the same for everyone no matter which of the first 3 games they introduce the character. Rarity will then be recalculated and used as normal starting with the first game of Season 6.

So! Would you like to play a changeling during February, March, or April 2019 - either as an Alt or Primary? If so, please go here:

NPC Sign Ups

by Chris on Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:27 pm

St camp will be taking walk in NPCs as usual next weekend, but we also have some NPCs we would like to cast in advance. Contact Chris for additional information and to claim a spot.

Any time
Nosferatu - Recurring - NPC Gets its own mini game
Renown Spirits - Must feel confident in taking relevant notes for renown in a format that is legible and relevant. We may have a way for you to voice record, so you can type-transcribe at st camp.
Mortal Prostitute - recurring

Saturday Early Afternoon
One Werewolf, not meant for combat but it might happen. CoG Theurge

Saturday, pick your time
NPCs willing to “teach” skills or skill trees. Have some sort of lesson plan to make this engaging for PCs

Saturday Evening Big Fight - NPCs for the big fight will get an additional reward for missing out on PCing during the big show
1 person to facilitate and oversee PCs doing non combat tasks in town hall
As many combat NPCs as we can get.

XP Awards 5.1

by Brian on Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:21 pm

Thanks to all who voted for XP awards for Season 5 Episode 1!

Top Choice:
----Lindsay (Carlotta Hamilton & Caoimhe McArdell)
----Chew (Elias Hold)
Best supporting character:
----Ian (Pason)
----Aidan (Raphael Veruccio & portages the river)
----Cora (Sybil Boyer & Pearl Zenetti)
----Chew (Elias Hold)
----Patricia (Colette & Delphine Laskarina Bouboulina)
----gm5333 (Mizushima Thorvald & Two)
Best costume element:
----Justin S (Piper Lemieux & Buttons)
----Skinner (Vienna Childs)
Best schemer:
----Skinner (Vienna Childs)
----Joetor (Ephraim Westfall & Atherton Crisp)
----Myranda M (Annette Bellthorne)
----Peter M (Vengeant & Ernest)
Non-Staff Game support:
----Justin C (Sebastion Dawes & Samuel Bennet)
----Aidan (Raphael Veruccio & portages the river)
----Peter McMahon (Vengeant & Ernest)
----Victoria (Christina Nicolosi & Alex Swift)

Some ST announcements for 5.2

by Chris on Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:58 pm

The ST team just had a meeting over the course of several hours, and while we still have lots of work to do before game, there are some announcements we want to share with you.

Blinking Lights OK?: We are considering using blinking lights during an encounter to signify NPCs in the umbra, because that is more visually distinct than a solid light. If this would be bad for you in some way, please let us know or let XO know and we won't do it.

Plot Start Time: While game on is earlier, don’t expect much ST content to come out before 9 or 10 on Friday night. Most of our team can’t get to site in time to run content earlier than that. However, we might be able to send out non ST played NPCs.

Tell us you are IG: Please let ST camp know when you are in game Friday, so that we have a reasonable idea of how much of game is ready to play, and if NPCs want to talk to you, we know we can send them out.

Pen Pals: Are you interested in being an NPC pen pal with a character in game? Are you interested in your PC having a pen pal? Both? Please let us know and we will coordinate pairs with you and give the NPC half of the pen pal combo some information to include in letters.

Policy on Triatic Taint: NPCs that understand what Wyld/Wyrm/Weaver taint are and know the origin story of the Triat will share the following opinion: “there is no such thing as taint from the un-fallen Triat, allegiance to these powers does not manifest as taint. The reason that Wyld/Weaver/Wyrm aspected spirits have taint, even if allied with the unfallen Triat, is that the Triat are so thoroughly fallen that allegiance to them conveys some of their fallen taint.” NPCs will not all share an opinion as to what should be done about this allegiance/taint.

Opt In Conflict: ST team ran a poll a while ago asking if people wanted more inter faction conflict, and the player base was split evenly between yes and no, so we have devised a compromise. Please let ST camp know if you are interested in participating in the following content. Participants will be contacted by an NPC asking them to do something mildly detrimental to another participant in exchange for a reward. The requested actions will be small inconveniences or annoyances, and not harmful in a major way. In theory, this way we will give players who want conflict conflict, without drawing anyone in who doesn’t want in.

Cast NPCs: We continue to desire to cast recurring NPCs. If you are interested in having an NPC role that you can play frequently, please let us know and we will help you develop one. Is there a recurring NPC that you wished existed for you to interact with? Let us know and maybe we can give that idea to someone who wants to play a cast NPC but doesn’t have an idea for one. One upside to cast NPCs is that you can choose to work out with ST between games what your NPC will do, and then you can play them without even having to walk to ST camp. You could change in your cabin, play the NPC, change back in your cabin, and just submit your NPC report later.
Some recently filled cast NPC roles include: Cockroach, the Tremere Lord in San Francisco, a conservative Silver Fang, a wraith preacher, and someone from North Quarry Creek campaigning to have quarry creek choose a 3 Selectmen system instead of having a mayor. A cast NPC is just an NPC that comes back to town a lot and helps make the world feel bigger.

NPC reports due: If you want NPC XP in time to use it for Check-In at 5.2, NPC reports must be completed by our next ST meeting on 10/21.


by Brian on Sun Aug 26, 2018 9:12 pm

Hello Prospectors. We hope you had a lot of fun at our Season 5 Premiere. Our next game is a ways away on November 30th, but we hope most of you will be able to make it out again.

There are a few links we find useful to post up for use between games:
-- For starters, make sure you've completed any check-out cards for the most recent game. ( )
-- Support your fellow players by voting to get them extra XP ( )
-- Help out the Storytellers by:
-- -- Submitting NPC reports for characters you played. ( )
-- -- Submitting feedback the STs can use to improve plot. ( )
-- -- Sending in downtimes to set yourself up for the next game. ( )
-- -- Send in a request for spirits, or ideas for a guest plot. ( [email protected] / [email protected] )
-- Join us on the forums for role-play ( viewforum.php?f=3 )
-- Register and check-in for our next game. ( / )
-- Make an alt ( viewtopic.php?f=35&t=402 )

XP Awards 4.6

by Brian on Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:20 pm

Players voted and these are the results!

Top Choice:
Most Death-Defying!:
Most Touching Moment:
Best Improvised Conversation:
Best Schemer:
Non-Staff Game Support:

Please don't forget to vote between games at

Changes to Check-In and XP process (5.2+)

by Brian on Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:20 pm

Hello Prospectors

As the game grows we continue to work to improve the game for everyone. As part of that, we're going to make some changes to the Check-In process starting with Season 5, Episode 2 (S5E2).

All players must either use the online pre-check-in process or notify staff at least 1 week in advance if they need on-site check-in.
New players would be exempt from this requirement for their first 3 games.
Bonus XP granted for non-physical donations (articles, rituals, literaries, etc...) stops 1 week before game. Any XP earned from these tasks after the 1 week deadline apply to the following game.
Bonus XP for physical donations (food, drink, supplies) applies to the following game. This includes the cash donations made at check-in.
Your attendance XP is calculated into your current XP already, as it is considered "already earned."

While these changes are initially inconvenient, we hope that they streamline the check-in process, and result in faster, easier, smoother check-in processes for all. Thank you for working with us to make Dark Prospects an amazing place to play.