Every game we've ever played has been run for the playerbase. This one is no exception. When we set out to create Dark Prospects, we took a number of lessons that we learned from previous games and ran a bit further with them. White Wolf created a world full of creatures that everyone wanted to play, but when they did it, they created a lot of rare concepts. These rare concepts are often more exciting to players than the common ones, so we wanted to make sure we created a world in which those concepts could be seen. When we started looking at settings, we made sure that we chose one that fit this idea of the rare person; where cultures were budding and there were no norms.

Some games were using other settings where this would be appropriate, and we wanted to avoid a plain "Wild West" town - The West was interesting, but we felt that more purpose was needed, so we searched and came back with the California Gold Rush. In 1848, California was a place of new beginnings and a complete lack of norms. People were arriving from all around the world and with them came cultures and ideas that hadn't been common inside of the United States of 1848.

Beyond the setting, we hope to create a game that is heavily focused on the community. While we have a Lead and an Executive department - in charge of providing direction, leadership, and management - we also have a number of other departments each with their own focus. Each team will have a member on the Rules Team at any given moment and unlike other games with a broad reaching structure, we are designing the teams with the intent of interoperation. As players, consider yourselves along the lines of a Board of Directors. Staff will share many major elements of their philosophy with you, and in exchange, we ask that you provide input into these philosophies, your gameplay, and the rules in general. We are quite open to criticism around here!

We do hope that you enjoy your time in the setting and that you feel free and open to being part of the community.

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