Ritual:Incorporeal Passage

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Incorporeal Passage (3)

Requirements: Thaumaturgy, Rituals 3
Components: A small mirror, paper, a writing utensil.
Cost: 1 blood
Cast Time: 3 minutes

Create a level 3 Thaumaturgy Circle.

Sit in the center of the circle. Arrange the components around the circle, with one on each point.

Meditate for 60 seconds.

Using the mirror, draw an image of yourself on the paper. It does not have to be great, but it should be identifiable as you. Include any characteristic features.

Recite the following:

"I commit my image
to this paper,
As it is consumed,
I shall be naught but vapor."

Then erase the picture, destroy the paper, or otherwise obliterate the image.

Spend 1 blood.

Upon completion you are immediately under the effect of Vaporous BodyVaporous Body: Equip a white mantle. You are immune to Damage and Status effects, may only use non-offensive or Mental powers, and may not use any power that is considered “Physical”. You may not use Medicine, Resist: Mental, or any effect which is tagged as Physical while in Vaporous Body. While in Vaporous Body, you may walk through any door, even if locked with a level 3 lock. Call “Immune” when you are hit with an effect that you are immune to., No cost, Self, 1 hour. You must carry the mirror in one hand, and you may never step backwards or sideways, though you may turn freely. You must always step forward when you move.

This ritual will end immediately if you stop holding the mirror.