Dark Prospects Playtest 5.01

As we come up on our summer playtest period we wanted to get some information to you, our players, for building your characters. We've created an updated (for the playtest) Character builder, which you can find below, and you'll find information on building your characters as well.

  • Attending a playtest is worth 2XP.
  • Writing a Playtest Report is worth 1XP
  • What is a playtest?
    • A chance to try out untested mechanics or interactions for Dark Prospects
    • A chance to experiment with new concepts and ideas
    • A way to ensure we do what we can to improve balance before rule changes go live
    • A one-shot game using the Dark Prospects setting and upcoming rules as a fun way to test everything.
  • Any new mechanics should be clearly written or described before game, so you know what to expect.
  • We ask that you not play one of your regular player characters during a playtest. It can be difficult to remember that you learned something during a playtest and not during a regular game, so to avoid that issue we want you to play something unique.
  • Any characters played at a playtest should not be turned into a player character (see above) - altering a concept between PT and the regular game is fine.
  • Rarity costs are not a thing during the playtest.
  • Below you'll find a list of characters I'd like to see built at this playtest. Concepts claimed by other players will disappear from the list, but you can change your claimed character at any time. You may create any character and do not need to use the rough concepts below as your guideline.
  • For the sake of this playtest, we're going to ask players not to take on secondary characters.

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