Power: Astral Projection

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Drop a 3x5 card that states “All who see this card may read it”, [Your name], [Your character's name], and "Astral Projection". Then equip a white headband and travel as normal. While in Astral Projection, you may use any Mental or Status powers against targets in the Umbra but may not attack anyone physically, you also effectively have the Gauntlet Sight power active. If you would take damage from any source, lose 1 willpower instead. If your willpower reaches 0, go out of game, return to your body, then remove any headbands you may have on. You return to consciousness with 0 willpower. You may return to your native realm instantly at any time - there is no energy cost for this. When returning to your native realm, regardless of the reason, go out of game and return to where you left your body card, then remove any headbands you may have on and return to game. While in Astral Projection you may open doors as if in the Realm.