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Modifiers change the characteristics of an effect.

Blatant is a Modifier that makes the effects and source of a power completely obvious to all observers. "Blatant" will be at the start of the sig call for the power it modifies.
Damage Effects are any effects that directly cause damage to another character. If you have a damaging effect that deals damage you may call less damage, however it only counts as an attack if it deals at least 1 damage.
Disable Effects prevent a character from defending themselves in any way (sleep, paralyze). Disable effects may immediately end upon taking damage or unresisted attack other than a drain health or energy power.
Enforced is a modifier that causes a Buff to no longer be freely resistible, instead it must be resisted as a physical.
Extend is a Modifier that increases the duration of a power, usually doubling it. Extend is usually placed on another power by using the Extend power, which also modifies the sig call of the power to include the word "Extended".
Instant is a Modifier that ensures the power does not have a duration and does not interact with the overwrite mechanism.
Persistent is a Modifier that sets the duration to 24 hours, and for overwrite purposes modifies the power to only interact with other Persistent effects.
Signaled is a Modifier that means a power has no specific duration and does not interact with standard overwrite mechanics. Signaled powers are designated by either a stated conditional or a hand signal. If the conditional is not met, or the hand signal ends, the power ends immediately. Any other Signaled effect overwrites a current Signaled effect. Signaled effects cannot exceed the standard duration for their effect type. If a power gains a signal, such as 'while I sing' in the Melpomonie power tree, the duration becomes signaled and the power no longer overwrites.
Special is a Modifier that identifies a power as not interacting with the overwrite mechanism.
Subtle is a Modifier which makes the effect and source of a power undetectable. "Subtle" will be at the beginning of the sig call for the power it modifies. If you resist a Subtle power you still know you resisted something, but don't know what the effect was (unless you have Magic Awareness) or where it came from. If you don't resist the power you'll have no idea you've been affected, unless the effect is damage, in which case you know you've been hurt, but not where the damage came from. Drain powers (such as subtle blood theft) don't count as damage, and their effects are not immediately noticed.


When struck for damage you may choose to take that damage to your Energy pool instead of your Health pool if you have at least as much Energy as damage taken. Use the "Filtered" call with this power.
Physical. Use the sig call “Aegis” and designate the target. Target is immune to all damage and Status for the next 60 seconds and all brawl or melee attacks deal at least 4 damage. Target can still be affected by Mentals, but will not take damage while under their effects. Use the Immune calling rules when struck. Irresistible damage does not penetrate Aegis. This power may not be used for at least 1 minute after the effect ends.
Aggravated Damage
Physical. You may call the described damage as Aggravated. Use the sig call “[number] Agg”. If a duration is not specified, this power lasts for a single attack.
Amplify Emotion
Mental. Use the sig call: "Amplify emotion: [described emotion]." The target must already be feeling the emotion described. The target becomes overwhelmed by the emotion described for the duration of this power.
Animal Form
Form. Carry a small animal prop wrapped in an orange OOG ribbon. When you use this power, take the orange ribbon off the prop, and put on an orange headband onto the target. The target now controls the animal prop as their character’s new form. While using this form, the character cannot use a weapon prop of any kind, and cannot deal weapon damage. They can still use mental, status, and self powers, and may deliver non-attack touch powers through the prop. While in this form and in the realm, the character in this form may not speak verbally. They may speak normally while in the umbra, or may communicate via powers such as Telepathy.
Other. Touch a target that you can see and call "You see me" - the target may see and hear you for the duration of this power. You may not touch each other as long as you remain on opposite sides of the Gauntlet unless you would otherwise be able to.
Other, Disable. Remove your white headband and enter the Realm. You are only partially there. You cannot use powers or attack while in this state. If you are struck by a damaging effect call resist (take no damage), immediately re-equip your white headband to return to the Umbra.
Apply Taint
Mental, Instant. Call "Apply taint: [amount] [type]" where the amount is the amount of Energy spent. The target receives that many levels of Taint.
Place your hands on an in-game shirt, worn or unworn (if worn, get permission from the player) - this item must not be tagged Armor. Make a 3 count of "Creating Armor", then spend the described amount for every 2 armor pool you wish to infuse the item with. This armor lasts up to 24 hours.. This armor, once lost, cannot be repaired. Attach a 3x5 to the shirt with: “Armor: [your name], [your character's name], [the start time], [the end time], and [the total amount of armor provided]”. No target may have more than 10 armor pool added this way.
Astral Projection
Drop a 3x5 card that states “All who see this card may read it”, [Your name], [Your character's name], and "Astral Projection". Then equip a white headband and travel as normal. While in Astral Projection, you may use any Mental or Status powers against targets in the Umbra but may not attack anyone physically, you also effectively have the Gauntlet Sight power active. If you would take damage from any source, lose 1 willpower instead. If your willpower reaches 0, go out of game, return to your body, then remove any headbands you may have on. You return to consciousness with 0 willpower. You may return to your native realm instantly at any time - there is no energy cost for this. When returning to your native realm, regardless of the reason, go out of game and return to where you left your body card, then remove any headbands you may have on and return to game. While in Astral Projection you may open doors as if in the Realm.
Increase that damage you deal with brawl and melee attacks by 1 unless otherwise specified. You may not increase your damage above 4. This ability stacks with other instances of Augment, but you cannot use the same source of Augment twice (each use must come from a different power tree location.)
Mental, Signaled. Hold your arm straight toward a single target with your palm out and fingers pointed upward, use the sig call "Avert: come no closer". The target may not move closer to you but can move in any other direction as long as you maintain the hand position. You may not attack a character you have Averted.


Beast Form
Form. Equip a mask designated by this power. This power lasts until deactivated unless otherwise specified. Falling unconscious while in this form reverts you to your natural form. Remember that while wearing an animal mask you inflict the Delirium effect on mortals. While in this form, gain the powers Augment and Resist: Status, 2 Energy, Self - if you have more than one Energy type, use your Primary Energy type for this.
Bestow Patron
Use the sig call: “Bestow Patron: [name]”. The target character changes their sheet Patron to the current Spirit. This ability can be freely resisted. Players with this ability used on them should turn in a 3x5 card at game-down with the text: “Bestow Patron”, [your name], [your character’s name], [the new Patron], [the player of that Patron].
Bind Fetter
This requires any non-magical Realm item, tagged or untagged, and a willing target. Touch the item and the target, call "Bind Fetter". Head to ST camp when possible with yourself, the target, and the item, and obtain a Fetter tag for the item.
Bind Foot
Status. Throw a packet with the call "Bind Foot". The affected target may not move from their current location.
Status, Disable. Throw a packet at the target and call "Blindness" - the target cannot see anything while this effect is active. The player is expected to keep their eyes open for safety reasons, but cannot use any power that would normally require sight. That is, they cannot throw packets, attack, or use any non-touch power.
Blood Bond
Other. Please see the Vampire section for Blood Bonds.
Blood Feeding
To feed from a target, place your hand on their shoulder and start a 3 count of “biting” - once completed, switch to “Draining blood [n]” where N is the total amount of blood drained so far. You may drain 1 blood per count. If the target can not spend energy as blood then they lose 1 Health per count. You gain 1 blood for each health taken this way; see the Vampire section for exceptions. When feeding from a character's health pool, you may not feed from the same target again for 10 minutes. Feeding from a Changeling causes Enchantment. This effect can be resisted with Willpower. The Changeling player must provide an Enchantment card.
Blood Healing
Vampires may also choose to restore health to another target with their blood. To do so, the vampire must cut themselves - A thrown weapon prop, a bladed weapon prop, or the vampire's fangs may be used for this (call "cutting 1, cutting 2, cutting 3" regardless of the implement, while pantomiming the action); you will take no damage from this process. Begin using the sig call "Giving Health" to heal the target by 1 for each blood given. Although conscious targets may choose to reject this health, unconscious targets must accept it. Successfully giving health this way incurs a Blood Bond. A target in the Dying state may have life restored to them through this mechanic. If they do you may choose to keep them Unconscious until awakened by any player (no damage required, roleplay shaking or otherwise trying to awaken them) or for 10 minutes, whichever comes first (notify the player). You may give blood above someone's maximum health, though they will not receive health above their maximum. More than 1 health in 10 minutes to a single mortal target will create a Ghoul; more than five in a single blood healing will cause the Embrace. Out-of-game consent is vital before taking these in-game actions. The player of the vampire is required to warn the player of the mortal about the imminent ghouling/embrace.
Blood of Potency
You may purchase Powers as if 1 generation classification lower, however any power purchased this way costs an additional blood to use.
Blood Sense
Other. By draining one blood from a target you may ask how much blood or health remains in their system, whether the target is under a Blood Bond, if the target is a Vampire, what Generation Vampire, or whether the target has ever committed Diablerie. You may not ask the Generation or Diablerie questions without first knowing the target is a Vampire. You may ask all questions from a single point of blood. If you are draining more than one point of blood you must drain a point between each question up until the last.
Body Wrack
Status, Disable. Throw a packet with the call "Body Wrack". Your target falls to the ground in agony.
Boiling Blood
Physical. Touch the target and call "Boiling Blood 2" - if the target has blood as their energy type they lose 2 energy and take 2 damage. Otherwise the target simply takes 2 damage.
Borrow Power
Physical, Touch. You may use a single power that you know the target has once. Use the sig call: "Thieving Talons - Borrow Power: [power name]". The target will respond with the cost. You must spend 1 of the called resource type - energy, willpower, health - immediately in addition to the cost of this power. Convert the resource type to your native type if possible. If you do not have an equivalent resource (mortals borrowing rage powers, etc...), you may not use the power. You may not use this power to borrow a power you already own, nor may you borrow Thieving Talons; you may have only one borrowed power at a time. Powers without durations (unlimited, always on) or self powers with durations longer than 10 minutes are reduced to 10 minutes. You may not borrow the same power twice in any given hour.
You may use the described power Cross-gauntlet. Use the sig call “Breach:” preceding your normal sig call. Unless otherwise specified, you may also use the power without the Breach call to use it in your current realm. If the power you are using over Breach has its own cost, you must also pay the cost of that power.
Break Catharsis
Mental, Instant. Use the sig call "Break Catharsis" and touch the target. If the target is in Catharsis, they immediately exit the Catharsis state.
Break Bonds
Touch your target, say “Break all Bonds” - if the target is under the effect of any bond-like effects then they are removed.
You may open Locks of the Class defined on your power descriptor line (or Class 1, if not defined). If a door, you alone may enter, closing the door behind you. If this power levels this amount increases by 1 for every second level you purchase in its associated power tree past where it was obtained, maximum 3.


Other. Raise your right hand into the air with a closed fist, look down. Any Umbral target may approach you and possess your body even if they do not have the Possession power.
Mental. Use the sig call: "Charm". The target takes a very favorable attitude towards you and will generally be disinclined to attack you. They will likely support your position when not counter their own, or do small things you ask. This effect ends after the duration passes or if you attack the target. If you have learned this power on one of your power trees, it may be used at no energy cost once every ten minutes.
Chimerical Creation
This power allows you to create a Glamour Fetish for the next game you attend. Write an index card with the Text: “Chimerical Creation, Description: <Prop Description>, Power: <Fetish Power>, Level: <Fetish Level>” and put it into a check-out box. When you receive the Fetish tag during check-in at the next game, reduce your maximum Glamour by 1 for each level of the Fetish, and your Maximum Willpower by 1 for that entire game.
Claim Item
Mental, Special. You may take a tagged item from another character. You must be able to see the actual item to use this power, the item cannot be in the target’s hand. Use the sig call: "Claim Item: You never had this", touch the item. The target does not remember ever having had this tagged item or that you took it. Other characters may. This effect lasts until the end of the game weekend.
Other, Irresistible. As Astral Projection, except that you equip an orange headband and may only visit a character who you believe is friendly to you, a target who you can currently see, or the thing defined on the power descriptor line. You may follow the target, listening and seeing what they do for up to 10 minutes at which point you must return to your body. While traveling to or from the target you may not overhear or oversee events. While this power is active you may not use any powers except for Possessing Heal - you are only able to follow, listen, and watch. This power is not usable in combat.
Mental, Instant. Remove any single Mental Effect or Dream effect or shut off a Derangement - if shutting off a Derangement it cannot be reactivated again for 10 minutes.
You may use 1 or 2 Claw boffers. While using these boffers you receive Augment (does not stack with Augment from War Form or Beast Form). You may defend with your Claws, but must have the Brawl skill to attack with them.
Cleanse Taint
You may remove 1 level of taint and 1 additional level of taint per energy spent above the base cost. To do so, call “Cleanse [number] [type] Taint” - if type is not defined, you may call “any.”
Cleansing Blow
Use the sig call: “Cleansing Blow: Agg from Taint”. Removes all taint from the target and deals an amount of aggravated damage equal to the highest taint level the target had on them.
Buff. Use the cloak hand sign: place your hand in front of your face, palm inward, fingers spread. You are considered invisible except to the power Cloak Sight. You cannot be targeted by a character who cannot see you, but you are affected by mass powers.You may not move your feet, speak, use any power which requires your character to speak, or take any aggressive action aside from Mental powers while using this power. This power has a 1 minute cooldown.
Cloak Sight
Buff, Sight. You may see any individual with the cloak hand sign up who is in a realm you can see; you are are aware they are cloaked, and can target them normally.
Combat Healing
Make the call “Combat Healing”. For the duration of this power and while you are conscious you may spend 1 energy and call “Healing Touch 3” to restore 3 Health to yourself. You may do this as many times as you like for the duration of the power. After this power ends you lose as much health as you gained this way. If this reduces you to 0 or fewer health then you will enter the Dying state at 0 health.
Mental, Signaled, Disable. Use the sig call "Command: [single word]" in conjunction with the command hand signal. The target must attempt to complete the command as given to the best of their understanding. The target must continue to attempt to enact this command for as long as the hand signal is maintained, or until they are out of line of sight from the user. Example commands are: “Dance”, “Duck”, “Come”, “Follow”, “Stop”, "Leave". If the command is nonsensical or impossible to achieve, the target may choose to either attempt to do so anyways, or may stand still and think about how they could do so for the duration.
You may wrap a number of tagged items described in your power descriptor line with an orange band, making them out of game. If the power does not describe a number, then you may do this with a single item. If someone searches you for tagged items you do not need to turn these items over. If you do this with a weapon and a concealed weapon check is used on you, you may answer “no” regarding that weapon. If you have other weapons on you, you must still answer “yes”. In order to use an item that was previously Concealed, you must first remove the orange band.
Confess Guilt
Mental, Instant. Use the sig call: “Confess Guilt”. The target must tell you what their character feels the greatest guilt over in-game.
Mental. Use the sig call: “Confusion” For the next 10 minutes the target cannot fathom what's happening around them - it is as if they are a child learning about the world for the first time. When this period ends the target returns to normal, forgetting the time they were under the Confusion effect.
Conquer Beast
You may expend energy to resist the Frenzy effect, to exit any Frenzy, or to voluntarily enter Frenzy. If you voluntarily enter Frenzy, you may exit at any time without needing to expend further energy.
Equip a distinctively orange and white striped headband - you may achieve this effect by twisting your white and orange headbands if you do not have another headband available, as long as the striping is clearly visible and discernible. In addition to the headband, you may optionally wear a green glowstick to help indicate this power in dark conditions. A character affected by this power exists in both the Realm and the Umbra at the same time. Characters who are Native Realm: Realm behave as they normally do in the Realm. Characters who are Native Realm: Umbra behave mechanically as if under the effects of Materialize. Being shunted ends this effect and returns you to your native realm.
Convert Blood
You may convert any Blood you receive into your innate Energy type.
Convert Essence
You may convert any Essence you receive into your innate Energy type.
Convert Gnosis
You may convert any Gnosis you receive into your innate Energy type.
Convert Health
You may convert any amount of Health into your innate Energy type at a rate of 2 Health to 1 Energy.
Convert Pathos
You may convert any Pathos you receive into your innate Energy type.
When you are struck by the damage type described you may spend energy to call "Resist, counter [resisted call]", where number is the amount of damage you would have been dealt. Your attacker takes that damage instead of you. This damage cannot be modified and can also be countered back.
Other. Upon having your health reduced to 0 you may call "Counterkill". Your killer's health is instantly reduced to 0. This effect cannot be resisted. Counterkill cannot be used in conjunction with other powers and must be the last power used. Using Counterkill reduces all of your character's pools to 0 and applies Aggravated Damage to your character.
Mental. Reverse the target Wraith or Specter's passions for 1 hour. Use the sig call: "Counterpassion: Reverse your passions".
Create Relic
You may go to ST camp with a prop and one or more Obolus tag/prop. You may create a Relic item (such as a weapon or other Umbrabound item) from this Obolus. You must have a prop to turn into this Relic. When creating a Weapon, please obtain an appropriate Weapon tag to add next to the Relic tag.
Creative Crafting
During game outside of combat, you may go to ST camp and buy any craft skill item at its base money cost to create.
Crimson Fury
Physical. Upon having your energy drained you may immediately respond with the "Enrage, Frenzy" call to your attacker. The Enrage effect is a Mental, Instant. You may make this call even if you could not otherwise make signature calls (for example, due to The Kiss).
Cure Ailment
Remove a single disease or poison effect from the target. If curing a disease effect, the target may destroy any disease cards they have on them. Touching a target while using this power to cure a disease prevents the remaining disease cards from being handed to you.


Mental. Hand the target a 3x5 card. The first line on both sides should be the word: “Daydream” - this does not count as a word for determining word counts. On one side, describe a dream that character would have. On the other, give a 10 word command. For the duration, the target should attempt to follow that command as long as it does not directly counter their nature. Someone is not likely to attack individuals they consider trusted allies, but they might be unable to attack when they would otherwise be aggressive. If the target is asleep, they may not resist this ability.
Deadly Strike
Physical. You may spend energy to strike for 4 damage with a brawl or melee weapon. Note that this is not an Augment ability and can be used even if you may not use Augment.
Death Ray
Damage. For the duration of this power, you may call any bullet fired from a gun as Element 4.
Mental. Give a target an active Derangement for the next 10 minutes. You may choose the Derangement.
Devour Body
Physical. Touch a Dying target, make an audible 30 count of "Devouring Body". Once you reach the 30 count, the target's body is destroyed. They must go immediately to ST camp. The user of this ability is restored to full health and restores 3 in all Energy pools they possess.
Physical. Please see the Vampire section for Diablerie.
Disable Item
Physical. Touch a tagged item on another player and call "Disable Item" - the target may not use that item for 10 minutes.
Physical. Use the sig call: "Disarm, drop your gear", while attacking. You must make a successful attack with this sig call to cause the Disarm. Targets struck with Disarm drop one weapon that is held in hand. If they have a second weapon and are struck with a second Disarm, they drop the second weapon. The same holds true for shields or magical weapons. If specified on the command line, you may call "Disarm, give me your weapon", instead of dropping, the target should pass their weapon to you.
Disguise Taint
No matter your taint level, you may respond to Sense Taint powers with any amount or type. It is highly recommended that you only respond with a value of the type requested, rather than answering with some other type.
Mental. Target becomes unable to feel emotions. This also prevents anyone with a Frenzy mechanic from Frenzying.
Mental, Instant. After using a power or causing damage to a target, point at a second target and use the sig call: "Displace: They did it" - the target of the original power is affected as though the power or damage came from the second target, even if they might not otherwise be able to sense that a power was used. Any resource or answer is returned to the caster.
Double Tap
Physical. This power may only be used on a target in the dying state. Aim your firearm prop at the target and make a silent 10 count, then fire a foam dart at the target. This dart must hit. Use the sig call "Bang, Double Tap." The target's death timer is halved. This effect stacks with Aggravated Damage and is removed as soon as the target has any health restored to them.
Drain Pool
Physical. You may drain the pool described in the power descriptor line. Once the sig call for this power begins, the user may not move from their current position. You may use your natural reach to maintain contact, but you may not lean to increase your reach. The target may move away from the user to disengage from this power, unless another power has immobilized them. Use the sig call: "Tapping 1, Tapping 2, Tapping 3, Draining [type] 1, Draining [type] 2…" If the target does not have that pool, they must respond with "No effect." If you have the named pool then you gain the same amount that you drain all at once after the draining call ends.
Mental, Irresistible. Place a 3x5 card on a sleeping target. The first line on both sides should be the word: “Dreamshape” - this does not count as a word for determining word counts. On one side, describe a dream that character would have. On the other, give a 10 word command. For the duration, the target should attempt to follow that command as long as it does not directly counter their nature. Someone is not likely to attack individuals they consider trusted allies, but they might be unable to attack when they would otherwise be aggressive. As the target is asleep, they may not resist this ability.


For the duration of this ability you may communicate Cross-gauntlet with the Sig Call: "Echo:" followed by the words you wish to send across the Gauntlet. This power does not let you use other powers cross gauntlet.
Physical. Throw a packet with the sig call: “[name of element] [amount of damage]” (Example: Fire 3). If the element is not defined, you may use any of the 4 Western elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) or the five Eastern elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Wood, Metal) - you must choose which elemental system you intend to use before ever using this ability and should not switch between them. If this power levels this amount increases by 1 for every level you purchase in its associated power tree past where it was obtained, to a maximum 4.
Elemental Form
Form. Equip a mask that clearly represents the element you are going to be using. You become immune to all damaging effects for the specified duration and may throw Element 4 for that element at no cost during that time. Call “Immune” when an effect you are immune to is used on you.
Elemental Immunity
Call out: "Elemental Immunity!" You are immune to any damage from any of the 4 Western or 5 Eastern elements for the duration of this power.
Elemental Weapons
Call “Elemental Weapons: [type]” As described in the power descriptor line. Described damage is dealt as that element and you are immune to damage from that element.
Emotional Regeneration
If you remain within 10 feet of a character who is under the effect of Amplify Emotion and feeling the emotion described, gain 1 Essence every 2 minutes. If you remained within range of an individual whom you used Amplify Emotion on for the full duration of that power then you may choose to grant the target 1 Essence at no cost to yourself. Increase this grant to 2 upon reaching Level 3 in the Psychic Granting tree, and 4 upon reaching Level 5 in the Psychic Granting Tree.
Empower Shadow
Mental, Instant. Restore the target Shadow or Specter to 10 Angst if they have fewer than 10. If they do not have a shadow, they may freely resist with either "Resist" or "No Effect". If they are not in Shadow, then they may resist as normal.
Special. See the Enchantment section under Systems: General.
Enchanted Sight
Buff, Sight. You may see into the Umbra from the Realm, but not hear.
Enchant Object
Create a 3x5 card with the following: "Enchantment, 1 hour - 1 WP to resist" - "You are Enchanted. Gain Enchanted Sight (see but not hear into umbra from realm) & Reduced Delirium (if affected by Delirium, respond as if your WP is at least 4) & Impunity toward [your name] (you may not attack unless they attack you first); 1 Willpower to resist. At the end of the effect Rationalize everything that happened while Enchanted and destroy this card. If resisted, destroy this card." At any point, you may offer any object to another individual. If they accept the object being offered, hand them the Enchantment card. They take the effects of the card unless they spend one Willpower to resist the entire effect. You may not store up enchanted objects; you may have only one ungifted enchanted object.
Energy Burn
Physical. By default, this power drains 1 energy then deals 1 damage for each energy drained. Touch your target and call "Energy Burn: [number]" where [number] is the amount total amount of damage you wish to do. Putting up to 3 additional energy into it will increase [number] by 1 per energy added. The target loses that much of their energy pool and takes as much damage as energy drained.
Energy to Health
While conscious the character may spend any amount of energy to regain the same amount of health. While out of combat you may use this power with no cooldown.
Energy Vampirism
Physical. This ability only costs to initiate. Use the counted call: "Draining Energy" to drain any Energy resource from your target. You may drain 1 Energy per Draining Energy call. Gain as much health as Energy drained this way. Because you are not drinking it, a vampire’s blood taken this way will not cause a blood bond.
Increases your damage with bows, firearms, and thrown weapons by 1 to a maximum of 4. This ability stacks with other instances of Enhance, but you cannot use the same source of Enhance twice (each use must come from a different power tree location.)
Mental, Instant. If the target is capable of Rage Frenzy, causes the target to enter Rage Frenzy - you will be the first target of their Beast’s onslaught.
Escape Bond
You may remove any mundane restraint (such as rope, handcuffs, a bear-trap, or a straight jacket), or you may remove a grapple or bind foot effect. If used out of combat, you may do so in a whisper.
Essential Transaction
Allows the target to exchange 1 in a pool with an amount from another pool. 1 Willpower and 2 Energy can be exchanged. 1 Energy and 2 health may be exchanged. 1 Willpower and 4 Health may be exchanged.
Mental, Instant. This ability has two uses. One, touch a target you believe is possessed, call “Exorcism: leave this vessel now” - if the target is being possessed then the possessor must leave the body and the target falls unconscious as if affected by Merciful Sleep. The second is usable only indoors. Use the call “Exorcism: All in the Umbra leave this room now” - all beings in the Umbra must do as commanded and leave the room. They may not return for the next 10 minutes as long as they remain in the Umbra.
This power has two uses. The first will Extend the duration of a power designated on the power descriptor line. Prefix your sig call with "Extend:". Powers modified by Extend may only be used with hostile intent. The alternate usage clears the Extend effect from the target. To use this form, use the sig call "Remove Extend" and designate the target. If the power has more than 10 minutes remaining then the remaining time is halved. Removing an Extend does not remove the effect itself.


Mental, Signaled, Disable. Use the sig call "Fascination: While we converse" or "Fascination: While I entertain". As long as you can maintain your end of a conversation or otherwise provide entertainment the target must keep their attention focused on you and may not attack you. You may not initiate power usage while this power is in use.
Fetter Sentry
Receive up to 5 special tags each game session. These special tags replace the tags on already tagged fetters (they cannot be used to create false fetters or new fetters). If the fetter would be destroyed, instead remove the tag and when the scene winds down, go find the person whose name is on the tag. That person takes 3 damage and restores the original fetter tag.
Fill Pool
Fill the pool listed on the power descriptor line.
Flawless Parry
Hold 2 weapons up in an "X" - you may call "resist" to any damaging attack directed at you. This effect can last no longer than defined on your power descriptor line. You may not attack as long as you are in Flawless Parry. You must have 2 weapons to use this ability.
Flog Soul
Mental, Instant. Over the duration specified, role play an attempt to repair the target's soul. You may use fire and brimstone speeches or help explain how they can reconnect with their humanity. At the end of that time notify the recipient that they may lower their Angst by up to 5, but must take the same amount of damage.
Flush Angst
Physical. Drain the target entirely of Angst. Your Angst pool immediately goes to 10 if the target had any Angst. Use the sig call: "Draining all Angst.”
Physical, Subtle. Throw a packet to deal up to 3 melee damage at range. Use sig call “Subtle Force [number]” where number is the number of damage you wish to cause. The target is aware they have taken damage, but not the source. This ability cannot receive a benefit from augment.
Force Delirium
Mental. Use the Sig call: "Force Delirium". The target is afflicted by the Delirium even if normally immune.
Forgetful Mind
Mental, Instant. Use the signature call “Forgetful Mind” - the target forgets the last 10 minutes of in-game activity.
Status, Disable. Use the signature call “Freeze” and throw a packet. If successful the target may not move their body for the duration of this power. Characters under this effect may move their head and speak, as well as use mental effects, self powers, and resist powers. Resisted effects will not end this power.
Frozen Form
Physical. Your target is locked in their current form for the duration of this power. They may not equip masks or mantles even if another power would allow them to do so. Revert Form removes Frozen Form in addition to reverting.


Your target crosses the gauntlet and remains there, even if they would normally revert to the opposite side. When used on Other targets touch the target and use the sig call “Gauntletfallen: Shunt”, otherwise simply switch sides. If the target is Self then you may use Gauntletfallen while Dying or in the Dying state.
Gauntlet Grasp
You may pick up an item from the other side of the Gauntlet, or may attempt to open a closed door while in the Umbra. Locked doors are still locked in the Umbra. Opening doors does not cost Energy.
Gauntlet Lock
Physical. Your target is unable to cross into or out of the Umbra in any way for the duration of this power, even if another power would normally let them do so.
Gauntlet Sight
Buff, Sight. You can perceive across the gauntlet, into both realms at once. You are aware which side the gauntlet someone is on, or if they're in both. You may not target cross-gauntlet (including sensory powers) without Breach or similar.
Gauntlet Strike
Physical. You may use your melee or brawl attacks across the Gauntlet. You must call “Gauntlet Strike” before calling the melee attack damage.
Give Angst
Mental, Instant. Give the target 1 level of Angst if they have an Angst pool. Use the sig call: “Giving Angst 1”
Give Energy
Allows the user to give one of their primary Energy pool. If an energy type is not specified it is converted automatically to the recipient’s Energy pool. Use the sig call: "Giving Energy 1" for universal exchange and "Giving [pool type] 1" for specific energies.
Physical, Disable. Touch the target's shoulder, spend energy if required, and call out “Grapple,” the target becomes grappled. Neither character in a grapple can use powers that have the Physical tag or do anything to cause damage. A grappled character may break out with a 10 count of "breaking free". If you remove your hand from the grappled character's shoulder this also breaks the grapple.
Physical. Touch as many as 2 willing targets - they may not take damage as long as you remain in contact with them. They cannot attack, or use Abilities or Powers, but may break contact to do so. If you wish to bring them back to this damage immunity, you must spend another will. The user of this power may still be damaged.
When firing a gun you may deal damage to targets on both sides of the Gauntlet. To do so, call "Gunbreach: [damage]" where damage is the amount of damage you are dealing.


You may remain in the dying state for up to the duration of this power. Overrides Aggravated Damage.
Hardened Flesh
Call "Hardened Flesh" to activate this effect. You may not take more than 2 damage from each hit for the duration of this power.
Hanging On
Buff. When you are reduced to 0 health, make the call “Hanging On.” For the next 60 seconds, you may only move at a shambling pace and speak. During this time, you are immune to all attacks and cannot enter the dying state. You may not use powers, items, or otherwise attack. You may allow allies to affect you with healing powers and buffs. At the end of the 60 second duration, if you are still at 0 health, you fall unconscious and enter the dying state.
Has a Knack
During Check-in, you may purchase up to 3 items for only their base creation cost. If you use this ability to create an item which requires a recipe that you don’t possess, it costs double base money cost to create instead.
Hasty Escape
Cross your arms over your chest in an “X”. As long as you take no action other than moving away from enemy targets as quickly as you safely can you will take no damage. This power has a 1 minute cooldown.
Mental. Use the sig call "Haunting: The Voices Call". For the duration of this power your target must roleplay hearing voices and sounds that aren't there.
You receive the first 3 levels of the Medicine skill at no cost when you purchase this power. (Bandage, Assess, Stabilize)
Healing Storm
Plant your feet and make a silent 90 count. At the end of the count, spend the indicated energy and use the sig call "Healing Storm" to activate it. For the duration you may use Healing Touch 4, No Cost, Other. This power ends if you move your feet or spend energy for any reason.
Healing Touch
Touch the target and use the sig call “Healing Touch [x]”. The target of this power is healed for the amount designated on your power descriptor line. If this power levels this amount increases by 1 for every level you purchase in its associated power tree past where it was obtained, to a maximum 4.
Health Increase
Increase your maximum health by the amount given on the power descriptor line. This ability stacks with other instances of Health Increase, but you cannot use the same source of Health Increase twice (each use must come from a different power tree location.) This power also increases your current health if your current health is at more than half of your maximum pool.
Heart of Darkness
Physical. Call "Heart of Darkness: Immune to staking," and follow that by a 30 count while touching a vampiric target. For the next 24 hours your target is immune to staking. At the end of this effect, the target begins to lose maximum health at a rate of 1 per hour until they are reduced to half of their normal maximum health. This health can be restored by having the power used a second time. Either to return the heart (“Heart of Darkness: Returning heart”) or to reinforce the effect. If the target would be staked, they may call resist. At the same time, fill out a 3x5 with “Heart”, their character’s name, and the start time. If you or anyone else presents this card to the target and calls “Crushing Heart” the target must immediately fall unconscious as if effected by Merciful Sleep - this effect cannot be resisted. If you use the Heart of Darkness Power on a mortal, Werewolf, manifest Spirit or manifest Wraith, if the target does not escape the 30 count they are immediately reduced to 0 health and enter the Dying state. If used on a Wraith or Spirit not in the Realm, the target may call a free “Resist”.
Hidden Hunter
Attempt to actually put yourself somewhere someone might hide (off the edge of a path under a tree, around a corner from a fight, etc.) Make a 6 count of “hiding”, then spend your energy to cloak. As long as you remain in the same location, do not speak except to call bow attacks, or use powers other than Bowplay, you may re-cloak for no cost with no count. This power does not incur the normal limitation of cloak preventing you from re-cloaking when attacking.
Mental. You may ask the target a number of questions as defined on the Power Descriptor Line. They must answer honestly. Use the sig call "Give me Honesty:" before each question. Targets need not reveal character sheet information, such as supernatural type, powers, etc.
Hurt to Heal
Use the sig call: "Hurt to Heal" and designate the target. Whenever the target would take damage, they gain 1 Health instead.


You are immune to the effect in the title. Immunity effects with durations are exclusive.
When asked by powers if you have the energy type, health type, or supernatural Type described on the power descriptor line, you must answer as if that Type. When asked for other characteristics defining that Type (such as Tribe, Clan, Auspice, etc…) you may answer with any answer your character would know. You may also choose to answer any question that would identify your native Type with a negative response (“No”, “None”, etc.)
Provides a level of augment when using fist boffers (this cannot be used with weapons or any other form of natural weapons). You may hit for up to 5 damage this way.
Use the Sig: "Impunity, you may not attack me". Your target may not attack you for what you say no matter what you say to them, even if they enter Frenzy, unless already doing so. If the target is already attacking you, or already in Frenzy, we wish you the best of luck in surviving your ordeal. While not technically a Disable, this effect breaks on the same conditions as Disable effects.
Incorporeal Body
Moved to Shadow Body
Induce Catharsis
Mental, Instant. Touch your target, call "Induce Catharsis" - if the target is a Wraith or Specter then they immediately enter Catharsis.
Status. Use the sig call: "Inert: no Energy" and throw a packet. If struck the recipient of the packet may not spend Energy for the duration of this power.
Sig call: "Inflate cost: [energy type]". Target's expenditures of that energy type are increased by 1.
Use the sig call: "Inspiration: [target] gain 1 Willpower" - defined targets within 10 feet regain 1 Willpower.
Instill Desire
Mental. Use the sig call: “Instill desire: [an identifiable person or object physically at game]” - for the duration of this power the target will try to obtain that person or object, whatever that means to them. If the duration of this power is 'persistent', you may simplify the sig call to 'Persistent: Desire'.
Instill Emotion
Mental, Instant. Use the sig call "Instill Emotion: [name of emotion]". The emotion becomes the primary thing the character feels, pushing all other emotions to the side. This change in emotion may only be instant, but the effects last until external forces begin to impact that character. Making a character happy may only last until they turn to see their friend bleeding out again. Making a character angry may only last until someone offers them a kindness.
Instill Goal
Mental. In 10 words or fewer give the target a purpose to achieve. They need not act overtly, but must do everything in their power to complete it before the duration runs out. The purpose may not directly kill the target. If the duration is 'persistent', you may simplify the sig call to 'Persistent: Goal'.
Mental. Use the sig call: "Instinct: [animal]" - the target behaves as if they were that animal. This power may be treated as a Disable if the creature the target is given is incapable of defending itself.
Use the sig call "Invigorate: Double Healing" - any effect that would restore Health to the target has its value doubled for the duration of this ability.
Item Sight
If you are able to physically read the tag or 3x5 card on an item then you may read and understand its contents. This means that you must be within range to study the item. If you see that an item is tagged and you are standing near the person, you may ask to see the tag. The in-game effect is that the individual sees you staring at their item. A person using this ability is obviously and in-game studying the object in question.


Killing Strength
Gain 2 rage whenever you cause a target to reach 0 health. You cannot gain Rage while you yourself are at 0 health.
Kith Form
Form. The Changeling pulls their chimerical form into substance. Each kith gains specific bonuses while their kith form is active. While in Kith Form, a Changeling loses their Fragile Magic weakness. However, if a Changeling drops to the dying state while in Kith Form, they immediately gain 1 permanent Banality, and they lose the mechanical benefits of Kith Form for the rest of the day (change out of Kith Form costuming at earliest convenience). A Changeling cannot gain Banality this way more than once per day. Use either a mask or other distinct costuming (such as removable beards or noses), represent your Kith. While in Kith Form gain Gauntlet Sight, No Cost, Always On, and Echo, No Cost, Always On.
Knit Soul
Willing Wraith target loses 2 maximum health for the remainder of this game session and reduces their Shadow level by 1.


Use the sig call: “Lifeline: Return here upon death.” Point to the target and one of their stationary Fetters. Upon reaching 0 health, the target Wraith immediately goes out of game and returns to that Fetter, returning to game at 1 health instead of entering the dying state and does not incur a Harrowing. This power ends once this effect occurs or at the end of this game session. You may only have one instance of this effect on you at a time.
Mental. Use the sig call: "Love me". The target is overcome with love, respect, and adoration for you. The target will protect you to the best of their ability, but will not necessarily sacrifice their life for yours. The target is inclined to do things you ask, short of inflicting harm to themselves or others.


Magic Awareness
When you resist any power that is used on your character you know what power was used. You do not know where the power came from. This power has no effect unless you resist a power
Hold your arms down and outward, palms forward. None may take any aggressive action against you. You may not run while using this power, you may only move at a walking pace. You may not attack while this power is active. This power has a 1 minute cooldown.
Mass Cloak
Physical. Place one hand from up to 2 targets on your shoulders, call “Mass Cloak”, then you and the associated targets use the cloak hand sign; place your hand in front of your face, palm inward, fingers spread. If either of those targets take an action or speak then they leave cloak. If you leave cloak, all targets leave cloak. If you wish to bring a target into cloak without leaving cloak, you may bring that target’s hand to your shoulder assuming you are able to. Cost is per target and must be spent each time you place a hand on your shoulder.
Mass Power
Use the described power(s) as mass powers. Targets should be described on the power descriptor line.
Remove your white headband and enter the Realm. You have full access to powers in this state and effectively are a living being. You become vulnerable to poisons, diseases, drugs and alcohol. While in the Realm you may be healed by any means that would restore health to a living being. Any passive Energy generation is halved while in the Realm.
You may hear individuals in the Umbra even when you are in the Realm. You may not see across the Gauntlet, unless you could normally, but you can hear just fine.
Place a marker (an orange 3x5 card) that states “[Player Name] / [Character Name] [Time], Meld”. Make an audible 3 count and go out of game. You may not return to game for a minimum of 4 hours and may remain out of game as long as you would like beyond that. This power may be used to sleep. This power may not be used in combat.
Merciful Sleep
Mental, Disable. Designate the target and call “Merciful Sleep”. The target falls unconscious for 10 minutes.
For no additional cost, you receive the merit from the Power Descriptor Line.
Mental. Call out "Monsters". The target believes they are surrounded by monsters. They may choose to react by attacking or hiding from them, but will do so indiscriminately.
Move Object
Move any object in the Realm. You may not pick the object up, but may knock it off of a surface or move it along a surface.
Muse Regeneration
You regain 1 Glamour per 5 minutes that you continuously observe a character creating art, such as writing, drawing, painting, performing music, or enthusiastically reciting a story.


Mental. Lasts 10 minutes or until task is completed, whichever comes first. Use the sig call "Obedience: [command less than 10 words]" in conjunction with the command hand signal. The target must attempt to complete the command as given. This power cannot be used to force a character to do anything that would obviously cause them to suffer damage, change their state of consciousness, or prevent them from defending themselves when attacked.
One Way Telepathy
Make an L shape with your thumb and forefinger, place the thumb at the center of your forehead and point at your target. They can elect to ignore the message if they wish. Speak in a whisper or very soft voice - your target will hear your voice in their mind. Others who see this should ignore your communication.
Open Wounds
Physical. Call “Open Wounds, cannot heal”. The target cannot be healed. This effect cannot be applied to any target at 0 Health, and is immediately removed when a target is at 0 Health.


Mental, Disable. Use the sig call "Paralyze" and designate a target. For the duration the target may not move their body. Characters under this effect may move their head and speak, as well as use mental effects, self powers, and resist powers. Resisted effects will not end this power.
Passion Regeneration
If you remain within 10 feet of a character who is under the effect of Amplify Emotion and feeling the emotion described, gain 1 Pathos per minute. Additionally, if you have a Pathos pool, while standing within the range defined on a Haunt or Citadel card gain Pathos at the appropriate rate as described on the Node card.
Passive Regeneration
While not in combat, gain 1 health every 60 seconds up to your maximum health. This ability only functions while conscious. If under the effects of Aggravated Damage, this health gain is slowed to 1 health every 5 minutes instead.
This ability cannot be resisted, but cannot be used in combat. Call "Subtle Pathogen", then hand your target 10 cards with the following text: "Subtle Pathogen, Disease: Your maximum health is immediately reduced by 2. For the remainder of game you cannot regenerate your own health without energy expenditure, and the Medicine skill will not have an effect. If you have more than one of these cards, hand approximately half of them to the next person who touches you or who you touch. Keep at least 1 card.” The caster of Pathogen is Immune to the Pathogen power for 10 minutes after use and may return any Pathogen cards handed to them during this time.
Pathos Healing
Once per minute, while sitting, spend any amount of Pathos to gain that much Health.
Persistent Echo
Hand a 3x5 card to an individual with the following text: "[name], [delay up to 1 hour], [melpominee power and effect], [duration of song if applicable]" - the target will receive that effect for the duration once the delay runs out.
Physical. Use the sig call: "Poison [damage]", touch your target - they receive the described amount of damage every minute for the next hour.
When you are in the Umbra, you may interact with a door as if in the Realm. Locked doors are still locked; warded doors are still warded and the stated effects and costs still apply.
Possessing Heal
For each minute you are following a target in either Clairvoyance or Possession you may give the target 1 health. This health is granted all at once when you end the effect. Simply let the player know once you leave Clairvoyance or Possession.
Mental. Place your hand on target's shoulder, call "Possession", and if the power is not resisted equip an orange headband, then for the duration you can give simple commands to the target - the target must follow your commands to the best of their ability. If you command the target to do something that would cause them damage they may expend a willpower to resist the command. You may not repeat a resisted command or attempt to circumvent the resisted command. While possessing a target the possessor may use any Mental or Status powers they possess except for Possession or Clairvoyance or any power that crosses the Gauntlet. Powers that have an actual verbal or physical component, such as Command, must be performed by the possessed. Upon crossing the Gauntlet, Possession becomes broken. The possessor is affected by any Mental powers, the possessed is affected by any other powers. You may possess possess a dead or dying target, when doing so, the target's death timer immediately freezes. Since the target has no health at this point, any damage dealt to the target instead harms the possessor.
Mental. Disable. Call "Paralyze; Premonition." The target is affected by the Paralyze power. Hand the target a 3x5 containing the text: “Premonition” followed by descriptions of ways the character may die - these should be quite grisly. These are the images pouring through the character's mind while Paralyzed. The Paralyze power cannot be used this way without the 3x5 card.
Thrown weapons receive all Augment and Enhance bonuses. You must have a thrown weapon or projectile dart/arrow to use this ability. As with both Augment and Enhance, you may not deal more than 4 damage in a single attack.
Protect Item
Target may call a single resist to any Shatter or Disable Item call on that item. If this effect happens then you know who used Shatter on your item, and that they attempted to shatter it. This effect lasts until end of game or until the effect occurs.
Blatant Use the signature call "proxy (full power call)" to indicate your pool costs are obviously being paid by another source. Because Proxy is always Blatant, you may include the call "blatant", but you do not need to. An individual proxy effect will only cover the costs of one pool, such as gnosis or willpower, but you may be under the effect of multiple proxies at once. The specified pool cost for activating powers or items is reduced to 0 while the proxy is active. This does not need to be a physical connection."
Punch Through
Physical. You may make a single melee or brawl attack for at least “4 Irresistible Agg”. If the player physically dodges the attack you lose the energy but the target does not take the damage. If the target is immune to damage then they take no damage.


Quell Beast
Mental, Instant. Use the sig call "Quell Beast, calm your Frenzy" and designate your target. The Frenzy effect is removed from that target.
Use the sig call: “Quicken, Double passive energy regeneration” - the target receives double regeneration from all time based and passive sources.


Rage Regeneration
For the duration of this power every time you take damage you regenerate 1 Rage up to your maximum. While this ability is active you may not expend Rage.
Mental, Instant. The target will remember the most mundane and uninteresting possible explanation for the rationalized event or time frame. Upon reflection, nothing will have seemed particularly striking or out of the ordinary, nor needs to be followed up on. This power is intended to keep secrets and repair the veil.
Read All
You may read any and all written text, even if you may not use it.
Rebuild Item
Take a magic Item that has had its tag destroyed to ST camp, replace the tag with a new one.
Rebuild Soul
Choose a willing Vampire target with at least 2 Humanity (this does not work on other paths.) This character becomes a shell of themselves who will follow the user's every command - they will not speak unless spoken to and even then will respond in very few words. They may defend themselves but can take no aggressive actions. During this time, they are immune to all Frenzy mechanics. This effect must be played for 1 waking hour before it will wear off. This ability may only be used once per game. At the end of game place a 3x5 in the check-in box stating your name, your character’s name, “Rebuild Soul”, the target player and target character name. The target receives a humanity gain for no XP cost at the following game session.
While active you may redirect damage to a target designated by this power. Use the sig call: “Redirect [damage amount] [damage type]” and indicate the target taking the damage by gesturing their direction. The target may resist this redirection for free, in which case you take the damage. The target may reduce the damage, but if they resist it, you take the damage.
Use the call "Immune, Refund" to completely negate an attack, power, or other effect; any cost or limit associated with the attack is refunded: A Talen is un-consumed, energy is un-spent, a cooldown is not started, etc. The refunded power may not be used against the same target for 60 minutes.
Mental. Use the sig call "Reminisce: I am an old friend" - the target believes they have known you for a long time but does not know any details they may not already have known - they simply have vague memories of knowing you for a long time.
Remove Agg
Use the sig call “Remove Agg” to remove the Aggravated Damage effect from a target.
Remove Vulnerability
The damage type on the Power Descriptor Line may deal no more than 1 damage to you, and no longer applies the Aggravated Damage effect.
Repair Soul
Mental, Instant. Use the sig call: “Repair Soul: Lose 3 Angst”. Decrease the target’s Angst by 3.
Regain 1 in the described pool every 30 minutes as long as this effect remains in play and your character is conscious.
Exposure damage takes 60 seconds between ticks rather than 10, and takes 60 seconds for the first tick rather than 30.
You may call resist to the power(s) described on the power descriptor line.
On a Dead target (as defined in the power descriptor line) call: “Resurrection. Return to life” - the target may return to life at 1 health. The target’s health pool is halved for the remainder of game and they lose one point of PERMANENT Energy. Your Primary Energy pool is halved for the remainder of game. For each of the involved characters the effects linger through the next game they are present for if this power is used on the last day of game.
Revert Form
Special, Touch. Use the Sig Call: "Revert to True Form", touch the target. They are Forced to revert to their natural form. If a homid Shifter, Vampire, Wraith, or Mortal they remove any masks or prosthetics mantles, claws, or tentacles they have equipped. If a Metis or Lupus shifter, any Gaian Spirit, or anything else that naturally reverts to an animal state, they must equip their masks, prosthetics, mantles, claws, and/or tentacles as appropriate. Revert Form removes and cancels Frozen Form.
Make a silent 15 count. You may not use any offensive powers or speak while making this count. Touch your target and use the sig call: “Revitalize, your health pool is now full.” The target is healed to their full health value.
Receive a single free tag of any type once each game. Tags created with Rigging should receive a Rigging label, which has the word “Rigging” and the game or date written on it. When using Rigging to create a Fetish item, this item must be created using the ItemMaker during check-in and the caster must reduce their maximum Glamour and Willpower pools by a combined total equal to the level of the Fetish. This power may not be used to create a Fetish item that uses the same power more than once every 6 games. Tags created with Rigging expire and must be destroyed at the end of game.
Mental. Call "Mass Riot" Those within 10 feet should immediately turn on their nearest target and start arguing and/or fighting.


Disable. Immediately remove your white headband to appear in the Realm. You may not move your feet, take any aggressive actions, or use any powers. As long as you do not do any of these things you take no damage and cannot be effected by any powers. If you wish to move your feet, take any aggressive action, or use a power, immediately replace your headband to re-enter the Umbra first.
Sap Blood
Status, Instant. Throw a packet, use the sig call “Sap 2 Blood” - the target loses 2 Blood if they use the Blood Energy type. If they do not, they need not call a resist, there is simply no effect.
Sap Will
Status, Instant. Throw a packet with the sig call "Sap 1 Will" - if your packet hits the target the target immediately loses 1 willpower if they have any. This power can be used while in Astral Projection.
Visit ST camp. Spend the described amount and notify the storytellers that you are using Scrounge. Receive a single-use item from ST camp. While at ST camp for the use of this power, you may not gain energy via any means.
Sense Aura
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Use the sig call "Sense Aura", you may ask the target their current strongest emotion, if they are supernatural, if they are your Type, if they are under a ritual effect, or if they have any magic items on them.
Sense Beast
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Use the sig call "Sense Beast, do you possess a Frenzy mechanic?". Yes answers by the target would include vampires, ghouls, and anyone with a Rage pool (even temporarily). Impostor and other deceptive powers allow a "no".
Sense Bond
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Use the sig call "Sense Bond, are you under the effects of a bond or bond-like effect?” The target must answer honestly.
Sense Deeply
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Use the sig call "Deep Sense" - you may ask the target three of the following questions: their current Willpower rating, if they are under a Mental Effect, how many ritual effects they are under, if they have Magic Susceptibility, If they have the Infernalist effect on them, or if they are under a Blood Bond, Charm, Love, or Obsession. Shifters, Gaian Spirits, and Kinfolk may ask if the target is Kinfolk. Vampires and Ghouls may ask the target's Path, Path rating, if they have committed Diablerie, or if they are a Ghoul. You may use this power multiple times on a single target to ask 3 questions for each expenditure.
Sense Desire
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Use the sig call: "Sense Desire" - target must tell you their strongest current desire.
Sense Emotion
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Ask the target if they are currently feeling the described emotion.
Sense First Form
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Use the Sig call: "Sense First Form", target must answer "Man", "Metis", "Beast", or if a Gaian Spirit, the thing that they are a spirit of. If they don't have an additional form, they answer with what they appear to be. In most cases, this will be "Man."
Sense Liability
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Use the sig call: "Sense Liability: Are you under any negative effects?" - the target must answer yes if they are under any harmful Mental, Status, or Physical effect. You may not choose to use a more precise call.
Sense Passions
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Use the sig call "Sense Passions", target must respond with any passions they may have. If they do not have Passions they may freely resist with either "Resist" or "No effect".
Sense Pool
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Use sig call: "Sense:" followed by the name of the pool, as described on the power descriptor line, the target should reply with their current Pool level or “Resist”, or "No Effect" if they don't have that pool.
Sense Supernatural
Mental, Instant, Sensory. If a type is not specified on the power descriptor line then you may use the sig call: “Sense Supernatural: Are you a supernatural creature?” - you may not ask the type. If a type is specified, you may ask “Sense Supernatural: Are you a [type]?” - the target must respond truthfully. A supernatural creature is any character not written on a Mortal character sheet. If "any" is listed in the power description, or if multiple supernatural types are listed, you must choose one type each time you use the power.
Sense Taint
Mental, Instant, Sensory. Sig call: "Sense Taint: [type]", where the type is listed on the Power Descriptor Line. If the target is affected by that type of taint then they must answer with what level. If "any" is listed in the power description, you must choose one type each time you use the power.
Sense Triat
Mental, Instant, Sensory. You may use Sense Taint: Wyld, Sense Taint: Wyrm, and Sense Taint: Weaver all in one call. Target must respond with the levels of each.
Shadow Coax
Mental, Special, Touch. Touch a target, as long as you remain in contact with that target their shadow is in charge of the body. This does not increase the target's Angst. If they do not have a shadow, they may freely resist with either "Resist" or "No Effect".
Shadows by Firelight
Mental. While telling a story, spend the required energy, touch a target, call "Firelight Shadows: Join my Story:" and name a character in your story. The target takes on the role of that character and performs the actions described. Characters in the story may not cause actual harm while taking part in it and should call all damage as 0. The effect ends if you pause in your story for more than 10 seconds, if the target takes damage, or if your story reaches a total time of 10 minutes. All targets must be able to hear you while you tell your story.
Shadow Body
Equip a black mantle with a silver rim. You become immune to Elemental and Physical damage and may only attack with Brawl based weaponry. You may not use Medicine or Resist: Mental while in Shadow Body. While in this form you may only move at a walking pace. Call “Immune” to any effect you are immune to. You may not use this power while in Frenzy, and entering Frenzy while in Shadow Body immediately ends the power.
Mental, Special, Touch. Touch a target who has a Shadow, use the sig call "Shadowspeech: [question you wish to ask]" - the target player should respond to the question as their character's Shadow. If they do not have a Shadow, they may freely resist with either "Resist" or "No Effect". The target character should not recall being asked or answering the question. Must remain in contact for the duration of both the question and answer.
While not in combat you may step into a shadow, go out of game, immediately travel to any other shadow within line of sight, then return to game. During this travel time you may not open any doors, nor retain any information you overhear or see.
Shape Object
Misc. Create a temporary umbra-bound relic using your energy. Objects created this way will last 1 hour or until they leave the user's sight, whichever is shorter. The object must be mundane and non-mechanical (nothing that requires a tag). Indicate your object is umbra-bound by wrapping it in white mesh or attaching a white ribbon. If you hand this item to anyone else, tell them it is spiritcrafted and if they leave your sight they must wrap it in orange ribbon, or go out of game briefly to return it to you. You may optionally attach a label that says "Shaped Object" and includes the end time. Items created with this power are created from the user's being - moving too far from the user or keeping it present for too long will cause the item to dissolve.
Shared Strength
Grant the allowed power(s) to another target for up to 1 hour unless otherwise specified on the power descriptor line. Shared Strength may only be used to grant one power per use. The cost listed is to use the Shared Strength power itself. You must also pay the cost of the power described. In the ItemMaker, this means the cost of the unmodified item. In a power tree, this is the cost of the power in that tree. If the power is not located in that tree, there is no additional cost. If the power can be used multiple times during that hour, you must spend energy per use you wish to give. Notify the player with sig call: “Shared Strength: [power name] [number] uses [time]”. The target does not *need* to use the power if they do not wish to. You may not give Shared Strength as a power. Shared Strength is freely resistible.
Physical. Destroy a tagged item by touching it with a physical attack. Use the sig call "Shatter."
Shattering Crescendo
Physical. For the duration of this power you may throw a damage packet for "2 sonic" once every 5 seconds.
Short Temper
Mental. Touch a target, call "Short Temper". The target begins looking to start a fight or argument over any little thing.
Mental, Instant. Force another target into or out of the Umbra. If the target is entering the Umbra you must be able to provide the white headband.
Silent Voice
Offer a white 3x5 card to a target of your choosing. The target may read the card in its entirety but need not do so immediately upon receiving the card. The card must start with the text: "Phantom Speaker, you hear a voice:" followed by the full text you wish to convey. As 3x5s are not physical objects in the world of our game, the message cannot be intercepted intentionally or otherwise.
Mental, Signaled, Disable. Hold your arm straight toward a target with your index finger pointed straight down and use the sig call "Snarl: Kneel before me." The target must kneel in place, is unable to attack in any way, and cannot speak louder than a quiet voice unless prompted by the power user. This power additionally ends if the user steps away.
Soul Walk
Count to 10, then equip a white head band to enter the Umbra. All damage that counts as aggravated to Wraiths counts as aggravated to you. You may return to your native realm instantly at any time simply by removing the head band - there is no energy cost for this.
Mental. Your target must be a Wraith, notify them that they are now bound to a card for 10 minutes, place the card. The Wraith must remain within 15 feet of the card for the next hour and cannot pick it up or move it.
Staking Arrow
Physical. Use the sig call: "Staking Arrow [damage]”, where [damage] is the amount of damage you can do with your arrow. If you hit a vampire target then they take no damage, but are staked. If you hit a non-vampire target, deal [damage].
Steal Health
Physical. Touch a target, call “Steal Health 1”, the target’s health is reduced by 1 and your health is increased by 1.
Steel Fur Body
While in Beast Form equip a silvery mantle. For the duration of this power reduce all physical ranged damage (bullets, arrows, Force) to a maximum of 1.
Stone Body
Equip a red mantle. While in this state, you reduce all incoming damage to 1. You may not move faster than a walking pace, but you may otherwise attack and act as normal. While in Stone Body no damage is considered aggravated.
Subtle Blood Theft
Mental, Instant. Drain 1 blood from your target without the count call. Use the call "Subtle Blood Theft 1" to do so. You may only drain 1 blood from any 1 target once every 10 minutes this way. Please note that this power can be used in combination with Blood Sense. The target will not feel pain from this or notice the effect for at least 10 minutes. Because it immediately enters your system it is not considered swallowed - you will not incur a blood bond or be forced to frenzy via this type of drain. If the target does not use the Blood energy type they will instead lose a point of Health.
Summon Spirit
Mental, Instant. Use the sig call ”Summon Spirits, Appear to me”. Any Umbral Beings in the room are immediately drawn to the caster and made to Appear as with the “Appear” power in the Realm next to the user. An additional point of energy must be spent for each target beyond the first. Targets not naturally from the Realm who are brought into it this way may not use powers except for Astral Projection, Materialize, Shunt (Self), Traverse Gauntlet, or Convergence. Upon being struck by a damaging attack, they take no damage and immediately return to the Umbra. The target cannot deal damage to themselves in this state.
Suppress Emotion
Mental. Use the sig call "Suppress emotion:" followed by an emotion you believe the target is experiencing - the target finds themselves unable to feel that emotion for the duration of this power.
Physical, Gain additional blood for every 2 blood drained while feeding. This additional blood only applies to actual feeding, not to blood gained through other means. This additional blood rounds down.
Swollen Tongue
Status. Throw a packet and use the sig call: “Swollen Tongue”, if it connects the target is unable to use words; they cannot use powers with spoken sig-calls (such as Obedience) or Rituals. If under the effect of this ability, you may make noise, but not words.


Once per game you may temporarily join any Werewolf pack without requiring the ritual to do so. This effect lasts the remainder of the game, and you receive the full benefits of being a member of that pack. You need not have permission from the pack or totem to do this. If asked what you are doing at a pack or caern activity, simply respond: "Tagalong."
Taint Cap
You have a maximum Taint level of 3 rather than 5.
Taint Item
Apply the Taint Effect to an object. Apply a temporary label with the text "[type] Tainted" to the object in a visible location. This effect is permanent until the object is cleansed.
Taint Reduction
Reduces taint level by 1 from any source.
Take Weapon
Mental, Instant. Call "Give me your weapon" - the target hands you a tagged weapon (not natural weapons) from one of their hands.
Mental, Special. Use the telepathy hand sign, hand with first 3 fingers closed, thumb and pinky spread. Look into the eyes of your target - the target may refuse Telepathy by simply not returning the gesture for no cost. Speak in a whisper or very soft voice - your target will hear your voice in their mind. Others who see this should ignore your communication.
Physical. Touch the target, call "Teleport: [location]" where the location is defined on the power descriptor line. The target must go out of game, then go to the nearest of that defined location type they know of. If you are within 10 feet of that location and there is another one, then they may choose to go to the next nearest.
You may use 1 or 2 long brawl boffers marked as tentacles. While using these boffers you receive Augment. In order to deal damage with Tentacles you must have the Brawl skill. You may use them to defend even if you may not deal damage.
Mental. Use the sig call "Terror: Run from me." The target must flee from you and must attempt to remain away from your presence for the duration.
The Kiss
While feeding from a target, state "Invoking Kiss". The target should feel a sense of euphoria and will forget the 30 seconds before you began feeding and the time it takes you to feed. While under the effects of this power the target cannot act on their own. They cannot move, use powers, skills, or speak to anyone except you - if speaking to you, they must speak in a near-whisper. They will remember a pleasant sensation, but will not necessarily know why.
Thieving Talons
Physical. You may use a power that you know the target has for the next hour for 1 energy plus the target's cost. Touch the target and use the sig call: "Thieving Talons: [power name]". The target should respond with the cost. Convert the resource type to your native type if possible. If you do not have an equivalent resource (mortals borrowing rage powers, etc...), you may not use the power. You may not use this to steal a power you already own, nor may you steal Borrow Power; you may have only one stolen power at a time.
Think on That
Mental, Disable. Use the sig call: “Mediate on: [subject]” where the subject is something you know has happened that this character knows about - can be a past action, something the characters affected, or failed to effect.
Third Eye
Expose a third eye (drawn or prop) on your forehead. For Valeren, this eye must be red, while Obeah eyes should generally be natural colors. Reduce blood costs for Obeah and Valeren powers by 1 but add a 15 second cooldown. With this third eye exposed the skills granted by Healer heal for twice as much and you may choose to spend 3 Blood instead of a Will for Obeah or Valeren powers.
Variable. For the duration of this power, whenever you experience the condition described at the end of the power descriptor line you may reply "Thorns: [Effect]"; the effect will be listed on the power descriptor line. You may filter the incoming strike, but may not resist or immune out of the effect in order to use the Thorns call.
Tool Usage
Other. After a 10 count of "attuning" the character gains the ability to use a single, specific, non-magical item that they do not have the Ability for. The ability to use this item lasts the duration of the power.
Total Insanity
Mental, Disable. Touch your target, use the sig call "Total Insanity: Collapse". The target should immediately drop to the ground and gibber or otherwise cease to make any sense. They must remain in this state for the duration.
Touch of Rage
You may give 1 Rage to the target, even if they do not normally have a Rage pool. This Rage will last until the end of the current game or until used. A target cannot have its rage pool brought above its normal maximum of 10 through use of this power. A target which normally does not possess Rage may not be given more than 5 total rage through use of this power. If giving Rage to a target that normally does not have Rage, the target gains a frenzy mechanic, and their health feeds vampires blood at double rate and incites frenzy. Additionally, a target given Rage gains each of the following powers: Enrage, 3 Rage, Self, 60 seconds, when this effect ends, your rage pool is set to 0.; Augment 1, 1 Rage, Self, 60 seconds.; Healing Touch 1 (does not increase), 1 Rage, Self.; After 10 minutes in the Dying state you may spend 1 Rage to regain 1 Health.; Hanging On, 1 Rage, Self, 60 seconds.
Your blood is dangerous to drink. When someone feeds from you, lose a point of blood (or health if you have no blood) as normal, but respond to the feeding with “Resist, 1 irresistible damage” - the individual feeding will not gain any blood and will instead take 1 damage. This effect cannot be resisted. This effect also applies to the Devouring Soul call as well.
Toxin Resistance
Target reduces all poison and toxic damage taken by 1. Target may ignore the side effects of Drugs and may not be affected by Alcohol. If under the effects of a Drug or Alcohol when this ability is activated then the target must immediately remove both the beneficial and detrimental effects, however, the 4 hour minimum limit between effective doses of Cocaine or Opium remains.
You may give or take the energy type specified from a willing target. To do so, use a tapping 3 count followed by a draining or giving count for each energy given. You may also fill or empty an Energy Storage Fetish of the energy type specified while not in combat.
Trash is Treasure
Target may use any single untagged weapon as if it were a basic tagged version of the same item. If another player asks to see or use the item they should note that it lacks a tag and is thus unusable. Gaian Spirits may use any item they bring back with Trash is Treasure in any realm. Firearms still do not work in the Umbra. You may only use any given untagged item once per weekend this way, though it can be used by another person when you’re done. We won’t hold it against you if you accidentally use the same weapon twice because someone hands you something you already used but didn’t realize. Just try to keep it in mind. You may extend the duration of this power to 6 hours with the expenditure of 1 Willpower.
Traverse Gauntlet
You may equip or remove a white headband to enter or leave the Umbra. This ability costs 2 Energy indoors, 1 Energy outdoors, or no energy in a place of power. If you are touching a window, mirror, or node card, you may step across immediately. If not, you must make a silent 10 count.
For 60 seconds you may give precise commands to an unconscious, dying, or dead character. These commands should be whispered. Start these 60 seconds with the sig call: "Tremens: Act as I command" - the target cannot speak, stand up, or walk, but may do things like "roll onto your back", "sit up", "lift and lower your right arm", etc.
Mental, Special. Instill a trigger in the target with 10 or fewer words. When that trigger condition is met, the target receives the effect described on the power descriptor line. Unless specified in the sig call, this effect cannot last beyond the end of game. The Trigger ends when the triggered power begins.
Trust Me
Mental, Persistent. Tell the target a story, end the story with sig call "Trust Me: You believe this." All who heard the story will believe that your story was true until the end of the current game session.
Truth in Lies
This power provides a foil to Honesty. When commanded to give an Honest answer through powers or rituals you may answer with a falsehood.
Mental. Sig Call: "Turncoat, you are my ally" The allegiances of the target switch entirely. The target must attempt to fulfill the goals of the user of this power by whatever means are available. The target must defend and heal the allies of the power user, and attempt to defeat the enemies of the power user to the best of their ability. The target will be inclined to follow the orders of the power user, but will act to the benefit of the power user even when orders and objectives are unclear. This power cannot force a character to directly injure themselves or to kill another fallen character. This power ends when the target is dropped unconscious. After the effect of this power ends, the target may come to the conclusion that their actions were somehow manipulated, but not necessarily how or by whom without reason.


Ultimate Logic
Mental, Persistent. After 10 minutes of conversation with a target, use the sig call: "Ultimate Logic: [10 word statement]" - the target believes this statement is true until end of game, or until significant evidence is presented to them otherwise. This effect can be broken by Clarity.
A character with this power may designate targets (as defined on the power descriptor line) - notify them that you are Unhidden to them. For the rest of the game weekend, those targets are allowed to see you, even if in a realm they cannot normally see, and even if you would normally be hidden from their sight (through, for example, cloak)
While in Cloak, spend the required energy, you may choose to move. If you leave Cloak then this power ends. You may use this power with Mass Cloak with no cost increase.


Target must go Out of Game for no more than the duration and no less than 1 second under the duration. This does not break Mental or movement impairing effects, otherwise the target may move as normal during the time they are OOG.
Vaporous Body
Equip a white mantle. You are immune to Damage and Status effects, may only use non-offensive or Mental powers, and may not use any power that is considered “Physical”. You may not use Medicine, Resist: Mental, or any effect which is tagged as Physical while in Vaporous Body. While in Vaporous Body, you may walk through any door, even if locked with a level 3 lock. Call “Immune” when you are hit with an effect that you are immune to.
This effect lasts 60 seconds. Use the sig call "Ventriloquism: Repeat after me, [short phrase]". The target must repeat the phrase verbatim in a loud, clear voice. For the remainder of the effect, you need only say “Ventriloquism: [phrase]”
After a 10 count, you may alter your outward appearance; equip or remove any mask or prosthetic including mantles that represents another power. You may wear any other mask or prosthetic that you wish; if you equip an item you do not get the benefits of that power. You may remove any mask, mantle, or prosthetic that you wish; if you remove an item that is a requirement for a power, pause any timers and suppress all effects of the associated power. The power returns at its original timers when you release Visage, requiring you to restore any props required. You may also remove any costuming requirements while this is in effect. Using this power *only* to remove costume requirements has no cost. If this effect was used on you, you may cancel it after its minimum duration.
Send the target to ST camp to obtain a Vision. Instruct them to provide your name and request a Vision.
Mental. You may give a target a different answer to any diagnostic question. Touch the target and state the sig call “Alter Vitals” followed by the status, such as "If asked your health levels, you are at 10." "If asked what happened to you, you fell on a rock." Or even "If asked any diagnostic question, the answer is 'no'". Each imprinted answer incurs the cost. The effect lasts for 10 minutes unless otherwise specified.


War Form
Form. Equip a mask designated by this power. This power lasts until deactivated unless otherwise specified. Falling unconscious while in this form reverts you to your natural form. Remember that while wearing an animal mask you inflict the Delirium effect on mortals. While in this form, gain access to the powers Resist: Mental, 3 Energy, Self and Aggravated Damage, 1 Energy, Other, 1 brawl attack - if you have two Energy Types, use the Primary with these powers.
Ward Door
Attach a 3x5 card to a door with the following text: “This Door Is Warded [start time], [duration], Spend [cost] to enter”. Unless otherwise specified, this power lasts for 2 hours. You may expend additional energy to increase the duration by 1 hour per energy spent. None may not pass through this door from the warded side without spending the required pool or being invited. In order to invite another character, you must remain within touch range of the door. If the power descriptor line lists a type and target cost, adjust the text to: “This Door Is Warded against [type] [start time], [duration], Spend [cost] to enter”. The target type must spend the required pool to pass through the door from the warded side or be invited.
Ward Walking
For the duration of this power, you may pass through wards that would otherwise affect you as if they did not exist.
Watcher Sight
You may see characters in orange headbands who are either following another individual or are stationary. This allows you to see individuals using Clairvoyance or Possession. If a player is out of costume or obviously not playing a character, this power does not allow you to see them. A player wearing an orange headband who is truly out of game (if you're not sure) may clarify their out of game status by flashing or maintaining a second Out Of Game signal.
Status. Throw a packet with the sig call “Weaken”. If it connects your target receives no benefit from Augment effects for 60 seconds.
Wither Limb
Status. Your target loses the ability to use one of their limbs. If holding weapons in both hands or a weapon and shield they must drop one of them. If holding a 2-handed weapon, you may not use that weapon. If holding only one weapon or shield, drop that piece of equipment. Being struck a second time by this power affects the opposite limb, but the original limb returns to a functional state.
Wraith Magnet
Mental, Instant. Call “Wraith Magnet: Wraiths come to me!” all Wraiths in the room or within 10 feet must come to you. They need not be friendly once they arrive.
Written Word
You may use any written communication tool to communicate with individuals on the other side of the Gauntlet.
Mental, Instant. Use the Sig Call "Wyrmcall: Wyrm creatures show yourselves!", all wyrm tainted individuals within 10 feet must focus all of their attention on you until either you fall into the Dying state or for the duration of this ability.
While attacking a Wyrm Tainted target you may call “Wyrmfoe 5” damage with any attack you may perform. You must first determine whether the target is Tainted with the Sense Taint: Wyrm power.


Use the sig call "Zombie, do my bidding" against single dying target, this immediately freezes their death timer for the duration of the power, a command (such as "Defend me") must be given when the target is placed in the zombie state. A zombied character has 10 health and cannot use powers. Zombies are immune to mentals while active. Reducing the target zombie to 0 health removes the Zombie effect.