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Welcome to Dark Prospects!

This page is intended as quick-start list of links and notes to get you into game as quickly and easily as possible.

Required Reading

While we understand that the Dark Prospects Rulebook and Forum can be a bit daunting, certain parts are required reading, because they contain information every player is expected to be aware of.

  • The Coming to Game Forum thread
  • The FAQ Forum thread
  • The first four chapters of the Rules, which explain all the basics and universal information.
  1. Introduction
  2. General
  3. Conflict
  4. Information

Important Resources

Here are some additional resources you'll want to review during the character creation process:

The Character Questionnaire
As part of building your character, you must contact the Character Guides to discuss your character history and ensure your character concept will fit into the world of Dark Prospects. Answering these questions can help you flesh out who your character really is. It's never too early to contact the CGs and get this process rolling. Email your answers to [email protected].
The Character Builder (character sheet system and character management tool)
Once you know what you want to play, you can build a character with the builder tool virtually without touching the rulebook. It handles your points costs and has the powers listed in the dropdown fields on the builder. You can see the dropdowns on the character builder to learn all kinds of things about the characters you can play.
Keep in mind while building your character sheet, how it will go together with your backstory. Consider why a character has a certain skill, where they picked it up, and how it impacted their growth even before they arrived in Quarry Creek. In general, build your backstory and your character so that they work well together.
The Main Rulebook
This contains all of the rules you'll need to build your character and play the game. When browsing the rulebook keep the section on Power Descriptor Lines (or PDLs) in mind.
All players need to read through at least Chapters 1-4 in the rulebook, which cover general systems, equipment, magic items, and information about rare/restricted character types.
Start Here Forum
A forum designed to help ease players into the game. Pay special attention to the Coming to Game thread and the FAQ thread - both are full of important information.
Requests Forum
Want to start with extra experience points? You can donate items, food, cash, or time to the game - check with a staff member to find out what's needed. Periodically, donation requests are posted publicly for everyone to see and claim. Physical items are listed in this forum. Food donation list usually goes up a week or two before game. Sometimes departments will list specific requests. If you're familiar with the setting, we still need some articles written. If you're magically inclined we almost always need more rituals. And during uptime, you can report to ST camp and volunteer for an NPC shift.
Setting Page
Introduction to Dark Prospects, California History and Gold Rush, World of Darkness overview, and information on social issues in the 1800s. Also linked from this page is non-mechanical (non-rules) information for many of the playable character types.

So, what can you play?

Here are links directly to the "Building a..." section of the rulebook for each character type:

Fera (werecats, wererats, werebears, wereravens, and werecoyote)
Gaian Spirit

Some character types are restricted and have a per-character cost to limit their numbers. This cost can be paid with earned exp or with the character's freebies. This page is updated dynamically with costs for the current game.

Once you've selected your character type, load them up in the Character Builder. This should bring up the basic template for your character type. Every character type has a "building a..." description in the rulebook. At the top of the Character Builder page should be the XP your starting character has available and which section to spend it.

The top lines on the left page are the character vitals. Check the rules for your specific character type to learn more about the vitals, then use the dropdowns to make your selections.

The dropdowns in the power sections of the character builder on the Tree selection lines let you choose a tree by name, as well as what type of tree it is - Innate, Non-Innate, Technique, Skill, etc... By default, the left page handles your Innate and Non-Innate powers, while the right page handles your Techniques and Skills. Please read the rulebook for more information on Techniques, Abilities, and Skills; read the "Building a..." description for your character type to determine available powers.

More than a list of powers

Every character is a person with a backstory, someone who has known successes, failure, joy, and disappointment. All characters must be approved by the Character Guides (CGs) before they enter game. The CGs job is to help you build a substantive, fully-fleshed character who fits well into the setting. Character approval is an interactive process between the CGs and the player, so the sooner you send in your questionnaire and backstory, the better. The Character Questionnaire is located in the Start Here forum, and should be emailed to [email protected]. If you arrive on-site without an approved character, you'll need to pull a CG out of game to work with you.

Your first check-in

We use an online check-in system to handle most of the character check-in process. You are not required to use it your first game, but it will make life much easier and checkin faster. You can use the form to handle things like in-game income, crafting, and item purchases, as well as purchase character sheet changes with XP. Our check-in team uses the form to get your character sheet, in-game money, and tags ready; so all you have to do on-site is sign a release form, pay your registration, have your weapons and rituals approved, pick up your packet, and get into game!