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Rite of the Spirit Bond (2)

Requirements: 1 Shifter of any sort, and 1 willing Gaian Spirit
Cost: 3 Gnosis from the Shifter and 3 from the Spirit.
Cast Time: 1-3 minutes
May contribute to: Wisdom, Cunning, Cleverness
Purpose: Allows a spirit to become a Familiar to a single Shifter

You may use this rite on another Shifter if you wish, it need not be used on yourself.

Enter the Umbra and then begin the ritual by drawing a circle on the ground - both individuals should stand inside this circle, facing each other. Both characters will need to see this rite so they know they have dialog. Open by stating “Even before our first stories, our kinds have been closely tied to each other. With this act, we bring these two closer than most.”

If performing for another character, ask both to repeat their parts of the ritual after you. The shifter should say the words: "Friend [spirit name], I wish to tie our destinies together so that we may both be strengthened." The spirit should remind the shifter of its Ban so that they may decide whether they wish to live by it. The Spirit should reply “Then strengthen me, as I strengthen you.” After this the requesting shifter should give 3 Gnosis. The spirit then returns 3 Gnosis to the shifter.The bond is thus initiated but not completed.

At game-down, turn in a 3x5 card with the words:

Rite of the Spirit Bond
Ritualist: [your character] ([your name])
Character: [target shifter]
Familiar: [target spirit]

At the following check-in the shifter should change the Patron on their character sheet to the name of the new Familiar, even if they already have a Totem - the Familiar should always be the listed spirit here unless the bond is broken. The shifter may now purchase the Spirit Familiar background. Familiars should expect to be treated as beloved friends, not superiors unless the Familiar Ban is something like "Must obey my every word."