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Playable, Partially Restricted

What are the Bastet?

Bastet are part of the Fera and are all large shape shifting cats. Werepanthers from the area around India, Werejaguars from South America, Kyphur-cats from the area around Egypt, Cougars and Lynxes from North America, Weretigers from Asia, Lions and Cheetahs from Africa. The Werecats tend to be an odd combination of social (like people) and solitary (like cats).

How are the Bastet Organized?

Poorly, at best. Unlike the Werewolves, who generally have shared genetic backgrounds but can cross tribes, the Bastet are very highly structured and tied to their Tribes. Socially they have a very distinct structure, with their Rank names clearly describing how they think of each other. Usually Bastet tend toward territorial, and get together for their special Taghairms (cat-moots) on rare occasions to exchange Gifts (powers), secrets, stories, and ranks.

What Breeds do the Bastet have?

The Bastet come in three flavors when it comes to Breed; Homids, born as humans, knowing the human world better than the feline world. Felis, born as great cats, knowing the animal world better than the human world. Metis, born as something in between, creatures that are seen as “a sickness” by other Bastet. In Bastet society, Metis are treated as Bastet to be pitied, rather than embarrassments to their kind.

What role do the Bastet fill?

In the world of the Fera, each creature type usually has a specific role tied to it. The Bastet are a bit odd here, as they do not fill only one role – each Tribe fills its own specific role, and the Bastet themselves focus on acting as eyes, ears, and secret keepers beyond that. Secrets are almost a kind of currency among Bastet.

What's a Priyo, and how does it work?

Priyo is a non-mechanical element of the Bastet game – it usually describes the character's rough personality. Daylight Bastet wear their hearts on their sleeves. They're honest, open, and obvious in their actions. Night Bastet tend toward thieves, sneaks, and backstabbers. Twilight Bastet are highly varied – they're curious, they're playful, they're artistic, they're creative. The reality is, the Priyo is a very loose idea of what your character's personality looks like.

How do Bastet interact with realms?

Bastet are stuck in the physical world for most of their Ranks. While cats are often associated with the underworld in mythology, the reality is that they're very firmly stuck in the physical realm. Upon reaching Tilau (Rank 3), a Bastet can choose to claim a Den Realm. Dens give some special powers, but the most exciting of these is the first chance to actually go *to* the spirits using these Dens. Upon reaching Ilani (Rank 4) a Bastet can learn proper Umbra access, unfettered by a location.

What's this about Yava?

Yava are special flaws tied to each Bastet Tribe. These Yava are kept secret because if anyone knew them, they would be able to cause serious problems for the Tribe. Above any other secret, keep this one close to your heart and do not let others know.

Your First Year

During your first year as a Bastet, you are usually discovered by a Bastet at higher Rank. This higher ranking Bastet is referred to as a Kuasha (Mist) and their job is to teach you all about your new world, what it means to be Bastet, how it will impact your life, and what that means for you. At the end of your first year, the Kuasha will tell you all about your Yava, and insist that you keep it secret from everyone.

How Bastet Work
There are two Energy Pools among the Bastet, Gnosis and Rage. Gnosis is the typical mystical energy that drives Bastet Gifts. Rage is an energy that makes Bastet stronger and keeps them alive longer. Gifts are Bastet powers, the mystical things you can do as a giant murder-machine that plays with its food (which is totally *not* a bad thing to be).
What's a Jamak?
Jamak are special Spirit Familiars tied to Bastet – usually they choose from their Bastet-unique spirits, but that's clearly not required here. Unlike Garou, who form a pack-bond around spirits, Bastet form a very close personal bond with an individual spirit, who becomes their trusted advisor, confidant, and closest friend.

Bastet and Renown

Like most of the Fera, Bastet require Renown to rank up. The Bastet use Cunning – measured by creativity, trickery, and sneakiness, Ferocity – the rage-fueled passion with which the catfolk fight, and Honor – keeping to your word and doing what is right. Some Tribes value these over others, but in the end, you'll probably want some of each to best round-out your character's Rank.


  • Bagheera - Panthers from India who tend toward rigid structure in their lives.
  • Balam - Jaguars from South America who tend to be vicious and territorial.
  • Bubasti - Kyphur cats, originally from Egypt, always hungry and unable to return home.
  • Khan - Tigers from Asia, strong and warlike.
  • Pumonca - North-American mountain lions, tied to the land and territorial
  • Qualmi - Lynxes, curious and fascinated by puzzles.
  • Simba - Lions from Africa, fiercely territorial, rigid social structures, and firm about their place at the top of the pecking order.
  • Swara - Cheetah from Africa, messengers, seekers, travelers.


What do I call the Bastet Ranks?

  • 0) Cub/Kitten
  • 1) Tekhmet (Little One)
  • 2) Akaa (Truthchaser)
  • 3) Tilau (Accomplished Friend)
  • 4) Ilani (Wonder favored)
  • 5) Bon Bhat (Great Parent)

It's a good idea to look up other terms attached to the Bastet before coming to game, as they tend to use them among each other and to convey important ideas in conversation.

The Bastet use a system of laws called The Karoush to guide them.

Article by Brian