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Playable, Unrestricted

Who are the Fianna

The Fianna are the Tribe of now. They represent the understanding that each day may be their very last many Garou feel. With this in mind they live and love to the fullest extent they know. The Fianna soar through the highest highs of every moment of their lives, and wallow in the lowest lows. Even as much as the Tribe cannot help but live in the moment, they find themselves woven like knot-work to the tales and traditions of the past. Living for now and honoring the past, they are the result of parent cultures from all over Europe that have held strong over time compared to their human relatives.

The Fianna View of The Litany

Garou shall not mate with other garou
It is up to us to watch each other, and that is why we have Kin and why we fight like hell to protect them. If two Garou can’t keep their hands off of each other, send one to a different Caern.
Combat the Wyrm Wherever it Dwells and Whenever it Breeds
It is why we are here, there is a job to do and we do it, where the Wyrm is, we go and when the job is done, we go home.
Respect the territory of another.
Why fight with another when we should be fighting the Wyrm. Territory is more than a place, it extend to our Kin and others Kin.
Accept an honorable surrender
This applies to other Garou, there are so few of us left. Fight for dominance sure, just don’t get pissed off and kill them.
Submit to those of a higher station
We are an unruly lot and that is a good thing, if we are always testing an Alpha, it keeps them on their toes. Sometimes we serve them better by giving them something to test their strength against.
The First share of the kill for the greatest in station
Never understood why this is here. The greatest in station is in that position because they are the best, and able to take the first share. Maybe it is a warning to young pups to not to get into a challenge they can't deal with.
Never eat the flesh of man or wolf
You don’t want to eat your friends and family. First it will drive you mad, it's Wyrmy. Two it scares the shit out of the Kin, and if they hear about it then there go your chances of getting laid. Third it taste godawful, and no amount of whiskey can take it away.
Respect those beneath you, all are of Gaia
We are here to fight the Wyrm, not for our own sake but to benefit everyone. If everything is gone but a few bold Garou at the end of the battle, it will be a hollow victory, remember why and who we fight for.
The veil shall not be lifted
We are fast and strong but we are outnumbered hundreds of thousands to one by the humans. Yes they are scared of us, and like us they know how to kill the thing that scares them. We have enough to deal with without dealing with humans.
Do not suffer thy people to tend thy sickness
This is the hardest part of the Litany to follow, your family and pack naturally want to care for you and look after you. That’s part of what being a Fianna is all about.
You may challenge a leader during times of peace
Alphas should be strong and should not be in that place if they aren't. Constant challenges make sure only those who are at their best stay alpha. It keeps the family strong.
You may not challenge a leader during time of war
Don't fight with each other when there’s any enemy to beat on, it is just wastes your energy. There is a time and place to deal with personal issues, after the enemy has fallen.
Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated
Or I’ll smash your fucking head in. You don’t let the bad guy into your home. that goes double for the other things out there in the night. No bloodsuckers, wizards or other things get anywhere near one of our caerns.

The Fianna Totem

Stag is favored by the Fianna, Stag is a primordial and ancient totem of nature and virility, as well as Master of the Wild Hunt. Stag occasionally comes to the aid of lost Garou or Garou in dire straits. Those Garou who follow Stag gain the abilities to survive in the wilds and an affinity with nature. While almost all Garou respect a Stag pack's affinity with nature and the Wyld, the Fianna especially respect those who follow Stag and often accommodate them with wine, lodging, and... other favors. Fae are far less likely to do mischief or harm towards those who pack under Stag, unless the pack commits some offense. Stag embodies what it means to be Fianna. Stag uses his antlers to fight and protect his kin, just as Garou do with our gifts. 

Typical Fianna Rite of Passage

First is the Fastening, this is a time when a young Fianna is taken from the modern world, away from temptation, to learn what it means to be Garou and, more than that, Fianna. During this time they are not allowed to drink or shag, until they earn their Rite of Passage. For the Rite, the Cub must recite any one of the 12 great sagas of the Fianna tribe, on demand, no matter what auspice, Galliards have greater pressure than any other because stories are the heart of being Fianna. Each Fianna is expected to remember the history and carry it on. Then there are tests of physical prowess, for example, defending yourself with a stick while buried up to the waist, defending a wooden log over a stream against all comers, being the first up a cliff while being pursued by three other Garou, tracking a target for three day without them knowing you're there. Next is sacrifice, a young Fianna is expected to craft to win something of great value and the sacrifice it to the Caern totem. Lastly, spending time in the Umbra, and completing a task from Stag or his brood to prove their worthiness. After completing all that there's the party, a great celebration. Then the Rite of passage ritual is performed so that Stag might greet the new Fianna and the Triat  We are fighting for a world in balance once more. Life is a form of balance, the Wyld gives us birth, the Weaver give us family and the Wyrm release us once our days are done.  We need to kick the living hell out of the Wyrm, so it’ll go back to doing its proper job like the beating cur that it is. We need to get the Weaver back on our side, for the ties of family and packs are her doing. When she is back in her place, those ties will be the wonderful thing they once were. Family is everything to the Fianna

Fianna and Kin

Kin matter! Kin remind you that there is more to life than struggle, We are warriors, sure, but warriors need something to fight for and they remind us why we fight. Gaia is mother to us all, humans, wolfs, and garou. 

Fianna and the Fae

As the tales go, in the earliest nights of Ireland and the Tribe, the Fianna and the Fae shared blood relations. The mercurial nature of the Fae made the ties with the Fae as varying as the moods of the Fianna themselves. However, when the homeland was in danger by dark forces the pacts held true and the Fianna and the Fae sacrificed and spilled blood together to drive evil from the land. As a result, most Fianna have some knowledge of the Fae and the old myths surrounding them. Some Fianna even claim to still bare hints of Faerie ancestry to these days. To say that Fianna still trust the Fae would be a stretch. The Fianna know better, but they also know that in desperate times the Fae can be called upon as fierce but capricious allies. 

How the Fianna view other Tribes

The Black Furies: Fierce ladies, nobody can deny their lust for battle, passion and reverence for history. The even watch over their Kinfolks with a determination that puts a few Fianna to shame. We feel they are missing half the picture, men are fine things, truth be told. Gaia love her sons and daughters equally, the Furies would do well to remember this
The Bone Gnawers: When in town, we hang out with the Bone Gnawers, simple as that. They’re welcoming, they're not stuck up, they’ll help you out, and you’ll hear some great stories round their fires. Shame about the muck they call a good drink. A lot of tribes look down on them, but they take the fight to the heart of the scabs and find the hope in every city.
The Children of Gaia: much of what they stand for one could agree with, Unity between the tribes, about bloody time. They simile and joke as much as the rest of us, and they are welcome into our homes anytime, but they lack passion. Give them some good whiskey to light a fire in their bellies.
The Get of Fenris: If you are in a fight, then you want a Fenris at your back, we learn that from hunting the Wyrm Howlers together. We had some problems with them in the past, they stole a bunch of caerns from us. We are here to fight, just not each other.
Iron Riders: Iron Riders can't see beyond the Weavers Webs, If they can just stopped fantasizing about jumping the weavers bones and got back to using her tools to heal the damage done to the Wyld.
The Red Talons: They guard their kinfolk with a passion that exceeds our own, and they fight the Wyrm with a dedication that matches the Get. If they could only get over their hatred of humanity. Mother made us half human for a reason, they do well to remember that.
The Shadow Lords: They play thing a little close to the vest and we are pretty straight forward, card on the table type, it not that we don't trust you it we prefer that you to be a bit more open about what you're doing.
The Silent Striders: They have stories of places place we might never see or battle we

could not expense. We go out of our way to welcome them when them come, but shadows and evil often come close on their heels. Celtic lore warns us of Owls, as an omen of bad luck.

The Silver Fangs: It saddens our hearts, but their time has passed. If they want to keep ruling the nation, and lead us to the Final Battle, it is past time they proved it. We loathe a tyrant who demand our obedience rather than wins it.
The Stargazers: Don't run out on your family. Family is everything, you need a pack at your back, but if they want to leave, let them. It not like they are much use to us while they were here.
The Uktena: Share your burden, there are thirteen tribe for a reason, so that we CAN help each other out. if you can't learn to ask for help when you need it, then you are a greater risk to us all.
The Wendigo: They don't like us, no they really don't like us. They won't talk to us, wont work with us, want nothing to do with us. But between seeing a Caern fall and taking it from their hand.. We tried to help, we made the choose we had too, we are willing to move on, if they are ready to forgive.