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Playable, Restricted

Gurahl (Fera)

What are the Gurahl?

Gurahl are werebears and one of Gaia's children. Their lore tells us that they were Gaia's first guardians, but when they could not do it alone, Gaia created the Garou, to act more in the role of warriors, and less in the role of guardian and protector.
There are fewer Gurahl than other Fera, as there were great loses in the First War of Rage (effecting many in Europe) and the Second War of Rage (effecting those in the Americas). In order to survive, Gurahl began to hibernate, to hide from the Garou hunting them. A Grandmother or Grandfather would stay awake, to pass on knowledge for those awake and for those returning to wakefulness. An unknown number of Gurahl fell asleep never to wake. Many kinfolk and bears alike were lost to the rage of the Garou, who tortured those they captured for the secrets of the Gurahl.
There are any number of reasons for the War of Rage, and many grudges held on all sides. Gurahl largely believe that they were at fault for the War of Rage, for not giving the secrets of Resurrection to the Garou, but believe they were correct to withhold it due to the Garou's seeming recklessness.


Why do Breeds Matter?
There are only two breeds for Gurahl, Homid and Ursine. Homid are born of a Gurahl and a human Kinfolk mating. Ursine are born of Gurahl and a bear Kinfolk mating. Unlike some other Fera, there are no Metis; the mating of two Gurahl does not create a child. Breeds can also matter on an RP level, as someone born and raised with humans are more likely to be well adjusted in human society, while those born ursine may be less capable in human societies, with more aspects of their natural birth as a bear.


What are Auspices?
Much like the Garou, Gurahl auspices are tied to the phases of the moon. However, unlike the Garou, Gurahl flow through the phases of their auspices, so moving through two full circles of the auspices.
Arcas (New Moon): The tricksters, imparting lessons through their pranks.
Uzmati (Full Moon): These are the most warlike Gurahl.
Kojubat (Gibbous Moon): Preservers of legends, prophecies, and history of the Gurahl, a truly sacred responsibility in an ancient society that stresses oral history and performance.
Kieh (Crescent Moon): Conduits for the spirits, explorers of the Umbra, seers and oracles.
Rishi (Half Moon): It is the duty of the half-moon to mediate, counsel, and keep within them a balance between the conflicting elements.


What Tribes are there to choose from?
Forest Walkers: Black Bears from Eastern North America, mostly kinfolk in Native Americans.
Ice Stalkers: Polar Bears from the Arctic regions (few Homids).
Mountain Guardians: Mostly Grizzly Bears, based in western North America claiming kinfolks in Native Americans.
River Keepers: Brown Bears, mostly found in North America / Russia.


What are Gifts?
Gifts are the powers that Gaia gave to Gurahl. Her gifts are as varied as the Auspices are, but central to much of the gifts are defense and healing.

Article by Festindesang