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Playable, unrestricted

What are Hedge Mages?
Mortals, over the years, have learned how to take advantage of some magics in the world. Hedge Mages don't truly know magic, but they know how to use pieces of concentrated magic called Talismans. Talismans are charged by pumping Essence into them.
Do Hedge Mages have organization?
Hedge Mages are loosely organized, at best. They can never be truly supernatural, and not everyone seems to be able to learn to focus energy through Talismans.
What are Talismans?
Talismans are concentrated energy turned toward magical ends. Each one holds a certain number of charges, and with some work any given Hedge Mage can recharge a Talisman. They are incredibly versatile magics, but limited by the charge mechanic.
What do Hedge Mages know about the supernatural?
Very little. They know that real magics exist, but don't fully comprehend their origins. As such, Hedge Mages are often willing to steal and destroy true magics to fuel their Talismans, for a taste of supernatural power. Many others consider Hedge Mages to be parasites due to this kind of behavior.

Article by Brian